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The leading Biometric Manufacturer: Touchless Biometric Systems


Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) is a Swiss company and one of a few leading biometric manufacturers and solution providers. For resellers TBS products can be sold as a full system solution or embedded as a biometric-subsystem into their own security solutions. Large integrators such as Allegion, Honeywell or Kaba trust on Swiss made TBS products because of their flexibility, reliability and design.

Most of today’s biometric manufacturers concentrate on one particular product and try to sell it to their customers. Contrary to this approach, the inventor and owner of the unique touchless and 3D finger scan technology, Touchless Biometric Systems is a one-stop-shop, providing clients with a strong biometric system infrastructure

TBS believes in choice and not only focuses on its own sensor technology, but identifies the world’s best sensors and integrates those into its terminals and system. The company’s resellers and end-customers value the option to pick exactly what they need (from convenience to highest security) for every door from a complete portfolio – all products having the same look & feel, the same configuration options and cooperating neatly within the same installation. This in turn reduces average purchase as well as handling and maintenance cost and on top of it, extends the product life cycle.


  • 2003: Incorporation of TBS
  • 2004-2008: Research Activity within an important research project in the US (Civil and Criminal Investigation)
  • 2009: Market Launch in access control and T&A Applications

Worldwide unique fingerprint technology
Talking about how satisfied clients are with the company’s offerings, CEO, Alex Zarrabi said, “I believe that the best testimony is a choice of our recent success stories, approved and supported by our customers. In the past we were responsible for quite some highly challenging projects. Not every installation worked from day one but with our continued support and flexible reaction on customizing requests, it ultimately became a success.”

TBS offers a complete portfolio of hard- and software for any biometric application, embedded in a highly secure, powerful and flexible biometric infrastructure. Innovative high-performance devices combined with an extremely flexible and modular biometric infrastructure makes TBS a specialist for the handling of very large and complex projects. A complete portfolio of biometric devices in combination with seamlessly integrated anti-tailgate or video surveillance offers the suitable choice for every application and location.

The company’s flagship product is its extraordinary, contactless 3D fingerprint technology. Thanks to the increased image quality, more fingerprint details can thus be captured and greater recognition capabilities can be achieved. This is also aided by differentiation between the most difficult fingerprints and identification in very large databases with up to 10,000 users. The technology also works under harsh conditions such as those on a construction site.

Chalking out plans for the days ahead
TBS believes that what sets the company apart from others in the market is the time-tested fact that TBS not only offers readers but a system solution, that can be easily combined or integrated as a biometric sub-system into any other security software.

“Our wish is to enable and spread the Swiss standard of security to the world. We design premium solutions and keep the costing competitive. We relentlessly enforce three core values in our products and solutions: design, functionality and hospitality. As a result, our readers have been distinguished for their design, they offer what is probably the highest flexibility solution thanks to our unique TBS Biometric Infrastructure, and clearly our after sales service is central to our recognition”, said Alex. That said, the company who has made its presence felt in Europe and the Middle East over the years is now looking forward to further expanding its operations and presence in Asia and the US.

Knowing TBS
Office Locations: Pfäffikon (Zürich), Dubai

Countries of Export: Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Southern Europe; Central Europe; Northern Europe; North America; Middle & South America; East Asia; Southeast Asia; Middle East; Africa; Oceania And Others

Sectors served: Government, International Corporations, Banks, Datacenters, Airports, Infrastructure, Education, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors

Resellers: around 100 resellers worldwide, among those Allegion, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Kaba, and Interflex.

Meet the team behind the company’s success
Alex Zarrabi (CEO), has been active in the field of Security for many years, starting with research on hyperbolic lens cameras in Japan, then onboard General Electric Security, IndigoVision, and Alpine Switzerland, before joining TBS. He studied mathematics and graduated from the Swiss Institute of Technology – EPFL and other institutions with mobile phone, satellites and network engineering specialities. At TBS, he is closely relying on a team of experienced leaders comprising: Daniel Kohler (Chairman), Torsten Meister (CTO), Philippe Niederhauser (Head of Sales & Marketing), as well as a strong R&D and support team.