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The leading digital ad creative marketplace: Boost Media

thesiliconreview-tim-krozek-ceo-boost-media-2017Our Expert Marketplace of professional designers and copywriters create ads for you fast Global, curated, and thoroughly vetted.

Boost Media was established to empower advertisers with a way to provide rich, personalized creative at scale. For years there have been incredible investments in technology platforms to focus on optimizing keywords and bids. Yet at the heart of these, campaign creative had simply been an afterthought, executed through Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI), ad templates and other non-unique production approaches. Boost Media set out to change that. The firm believes humans are at the core of creativity, not machines. Though machines have their place too, and we have built the world’s most sophisticated platform to write, test and report on ad creative.

As advertisers quickly are realizing the huge opportunity in rich, personalized creative, Boost has been at the forefront of this wave. Boost Media believes Creative is truly the last frontier of optimization. By marrying the best in campaign management technologies with Boost, the leading creative optimization platform, advertisers will be able to achieve something extraordinary: an end-to-end solution for digital advertising optimization.

Today, Boost Media is the leading Creative Optimization Platform and has delivered more than $1 billion in optimized digital ads for enterprise brands. With Boost Media, marketers can source, test and optimize ad creative across search, social, image, and mobile. Boost also provides unprecedented insights that let marketers pinpoint which creative strategies are working and why. Based in San Francisco, Boost is used by more than 100 leading global brands to drive performance and mindshare.

Why Boost Media? What Makes It Different?

First impressions count, right? Problem is that most ads are almost identical and don’t distinguish the product or retailer in any way. Ads like these are usually created with Excel templates that can churn out thousands of identical ads, regardless of the product or audience. This template-based approach is unfortunately all too prevalent in digital advertising, and predictably results in subpar campaign performance and lost mindshare.

Boost is the only cloud-based, people-powered platform that helps advertisers and agencies create, refresh and manage compelling Ad creative at scale. The firm can help create, test and optimize your ads, for both text and image formats, across all digital channels – search, social and display.

The results are improved campaign performance, a richer customer experience and unique insights on what works for your audience.

Source High Quality, Diverse Ads: Create emotionally engaging ads with diverse and scalable creative sourcing from a marketplace of expert writers and designers.

Scale Ad Creative Testing: Automate Ad creative testing at scale to leverage insights and have faster reaction times to the market.

Differentiate Yourself From The Competition: Stand out on the crowded search results page by differentiating and improving the creative messaging.

Gain Peace of Mind: Our platform monitors and reports issues and opportunities in the creative layer across all of your ad groups 24/7.

Learn Actionable Insights: Leverage powerful reporting tools to gain valuable insight into what’s working with your creative messaging and learn suggestions for what you should be doing next.

Increase Your Paid Search Profitability: Focusing on optimization increases consumer engagement, thereby increasing revenue and generating more conversions.

Boost Expert Marketplace™

Since 2009, the Boost Expert Marketplace™ has delivered over 250,000 compelling ads to household brands and optimized more than $1 Billion in digital ad budgets.

On-Demand Creatives

Developing ads for new product lines can be challenging, especially when your copywriters and designers don’t have particular expertise in those products or buyers. With Boost, you can tap into a network of 1,000 handpicked writers and designers to quickly develop or update ad creative.

Run Multi-Lingual Campaigns

Most brands have an international or multi-lingual component when it comes to marketing and advertising. However, just translating ad copy from one language to another is often counterproductive because cultural nuances and colloquialisms can be critical aspects of persuasive communication. As such, most companies struggle with developing, refining and testing multi-lingual messaging. With its international creative network, Boost can help advertisers cross the language and cultural divide, and be that much more effective, authentic and competitive globally.

Match Campaigns to Creatives

Your products are likely being marketed to specific demographics, but your in-house creative team might not have the time or resources to fully research and understand each target demographic. By using the Boost Expert Marketplace™, you can include specific writers and designers who fit your audience personas to a tee. With Boost, it’s like having your customers write for you. Not only do you gain unique insights, but also, messaging that truly resonates with your audience.

Built-in Compliance Layer

Developing and refreshing Ad creative for thousands of products or multiple geographies is no easy task. With Boost, you can provide specific guidelines to our network, enabling them to develop the most effective creative for your business. Whether it’s developing creative for a regulated market or ensuring your brand guidelines are followed, our network takes your needs into account and an internal approval layer ensures compliance with your specific guidelines.

Greet the CEO

Tim Krozek, CEO: Tim Krozek is the CEO of Boost Media. Prior to Boost Media, Krozek was responsible for Efficient Frontier's global revenue and client acquisition efforts. He helped grow the original 15-person team to 220 employees and more than $40 million in revenue. Efficient Frontier would later be acquired by Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE). He also ran’s global sales and business development, program management, and client services. He later managed's revenue generation efforts for its brand, agency and publisher business.

Krozek is a true San Francisco Bay Area native. He attended UC Santa Barbara and focused on the field of Business Economics. Later, Krozek earned his MBA at Cornell University.

 “The Boost Optimization Platform increases advertiser profitability by using a combination of humans and software to drive increased ad relevance at scale.”