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10 Best Healthcare Companies 2019

The Leading Genetic Testing and Digital Health Company – Prenetics


Health Reimagined

Prenetics empowers individuals with valuable health information. With a simple saliva sample, individuals can discover how their genes affect their diet, drug response, disease, and cancer risk. This information enables people to make health a choice, by living healthier and proactively preventing diseases.


Prenetics understands trust and accuracy is very important. So it owns and operates its own DNA laboratory with international quality standards and effective protocols in place for handling samples and DNA test processes. The firm has had external validation completed by the Core Facilities Genome Sequencing Laboratory (CFGSL), with proven genotyping accuracy of 99.9%.

  • Prenetics uses state-of-the-art DNA detection technologies to test each sample
  • The quality of the samples are checked frequently as they move through the process of analysis
  • DNA is extracted from cells in the saliva to be processed through a genotyping chip, which is a highly reliable method of DNA analysis
  • It uses validated science to develop reports with accurate and up-to-date information
  • The information and opinions of the company’s experts are provided based on established scientific and medical research
  • External Quality Assurance Programs: CAP, WHO, QCMD


Nutrigenomics is the study of nutrition and genetics which helps the company to discover the different ways that individuals respond to food based on their genetic make-up. While all humans are genetically very similar, we all have slight differences in our genetic profile which set us apart from other people. These tiny variations influence the effect that nutrients have on our bodies and how we metabolize the food that we eat.

Personalized nutrition hinges on this two-way relationship between food and our genes. On the one hand, the foods we eat can affect the way our genes are expressed. On the other, our genes are able to influence how our bodies respond to these foods.

With the advances in nutrigenomics, tailored diets can be developed which complement a person’s unique genetic profile. Not only will this optimize the health of the individual, but it may also work on a larger scale to help prevent society-wide diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Pharmacogenomics is the combination of pharmacology (the science of drugs) and genomics (the study of genes), which provides information about how your genetic profile affects your response to drugs. Pharmacogenomics could help prevent potential adverse reactions to drugs, which could range from wasted time and money to life-threatening events. There are a number of variations in your gene that influence the way you respond to drugs.

Most of these variations have to do with enzymes that metabolize one or more drugs. Some variations could indicate a strong chance that a particular medication will result in toxicity, while other variations could mean the effectiveness of a drug is vastly reduced. Choosing the right drug and dose based on genetic screening results could lead to significant improvements in treatment results.

Inherited Cancer Screen

Hereditary cancer is any cancer that is caused by a gene mutation. Cancer genetic screening assesses the likelihood of you developing certain hereditary cancers in your lifetime by analyzing specific changes (or mutations) in your genes. Only cancers for which genetic associations have been widely accepted by the global medical and research community are included in this test.

No genetic screening test can tell you with certainty that you will or will not develop certain cancers. However, understanding your risk profile can help you begin to take steps to lower risk through lifestyle changes, screening and other options as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Family Planning Screen Explained

You and/or your partner may be carriers of genetic conditions without knowing about it. If both of you are carriers for a certain condition, there is a 25% chance that your baby could develop a condition. Some of these conditions have early treatment options, while others may require life-long care.

Based on your risk profile, Prenetics provides specific recommendations to help parents think about how and when to take measures to maximize the health of their expanding family. Knowing your risk profile before or early in pregnancy allows you to consider your options with time to make choices together with your healthcare provider.

Introducing the Leader

Danny Yeung | CEO

Danny Yeung is the Chief Executive Officer of Prenetics Group and sets business strategies and vision. Prior to Prenetics, Danny led multiple investments in DNA Genetic testing companies as Founding Partner/Investor at SXE Ventures. Previously, Danny founded uBuyiBuy in 2010, which was subsequently acquired by Groupon. Prior to Danny leaving Groupon in early 2014, Danny served as CEO of Groupon East Asia, having scaled the business to a size of over USD $130m annually, overseeing a staff of 350 and being highly profitable. Danny’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 25 when he ventured into franchising Hong Kong's award-winning dessert chain Hui Lau Shan into the USA. After exiting Hui Lau Shan, Danny successfully ventured into hospitality furniture and executed multi-million dollar projects with MGM City Center, City of Dreams Macau and Venetian. Danny is currently a Founding Partner at SXE Ventures, Board Member at Parabase Genomics, Limited Partner and Mentor for 500 Startups. Danny received his BS in MIS from the University of San Francisco. Danny’s life motto is “Play Hard, Work Harder”.

“We make smarter choices about your health, family and future.”