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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2017

The Leading Global Software Technology and Systems Integrator: Adacel

thesiliconreview-gary-pearson-ceo-adacel-17Adacel produces state-of-the-art simulation and training solutions, advanced speech recognition applications and operational air traffic management systems.

Aviation is a complex world and these words describe the men and women that face its daily challenges. Against a backdrop of ever-increasing traffic volumes and competing demands for air traffic efficiency and safety, these traits don’t come easily. They are built on a foundation of skill and knowledge only made possible by the very best of training. Adacel provides you the tools to make this happen. Simulation is the key and its systems unlock your capability to train better…train faster…and train more cost-effectively than ever before.

Adacel is a leading developer of operational air traffic management systems, speech recognition applications and advanced ATC simulation and training solutions. The Company’s products are widely used throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

Adacel develops simulation and training systems for military and commercial use, focusing on delivering a higher standard of realism to the training environment. The Company is the leading supplier of air traffic control (ATC) simulators for basic and advanced ATC training and for research and modeling of air traffic procedures. Adacel’s product family includes a tool for aviation phraseology proficiency training, automated ATC environments for flight simulator training and simulation systems for security operator training, airport driver training, police de-escalation training and tactical voice applications. Products range from high-definition simulators to smaller, rapidly deployable systems. Adacel is recognized as a leader in their field having won many top industry awards for innovation and program excellence over the years.

Adacel: Dynamic, Confident, Intuitive, Dedicated

Adacel is also a world leader in real-time, satellite-based air traffic management automation solutions. The Company’s Aurora ATM platform supports all air traffic domains including oceanic, en route, terminal, approach and tower domains. Aurora capabilities include 4D profile protection, automated conflict detection, monitoring and control by exception, separation based on individual aircraft performance and equipage, dynamic airspace allocation, Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC), Air Traffic Services Inter-Facility Data Communications (AIDC), and surveillance incorporating radar, automatic dependent surveillance contract and broadcast (ADS-C and ADS-B) and multilateration.

Adacel has pioneered the integration of speech recognition into simulation products, serious games, and operational systems; and holds a number of patents on applications to optimize speech processing. Adacel’s advanced Lexix speech recognition products are available in many of Adacel’s systems, but can also be integrated into third-party products using Adacel’s Lexix SDK and comprehensive Lexix Dialogue Editor. Adacel’s Embedded Speech Recognition Service (eSRS) can be used to add a Voice User Interface (VUI) to any system controls and is used in Adacel’s Voice-Activated Cockpit (VAC) control interface for aircraft.

Product Portfolio

ATC Simulation: MaxSim is Adacel's line of high-fidelity simulators for civil and military ATC training and air traffic procedures testing and validation. The simulators emulate control tower and IFR control unit environments with sophisticated functionality to support the most intricate training requirements and procedure evaluation.

Air Traffic Management: Aurora air traffic management systems; Adacel is helping Air Navigation Service Providers transition to the future with operational air traffic management systems that improve airspace efficiency, enable higher levels of service to airspace users and reduce controller workload.

Voice Activated Cockpit: VAC is a specific product application of Adacel’s embedded Speech Recognition Service (eSRS) technology. It combines a Direct Voice Input (DVI) interaction with a text-to-speech response system into a cockpit user interface that in effect enables the pilot and the aircraft to talk to each other.

Speech Recognition: Lexix is Adacel’s line of advanced speech recognition products and services designed specifically for simulation and command and control applications. Lexix components are used in many Adacel systems, but Lexix also offers an SDK to enable 3rd party vendors to integrate speech recognition into their own applications.

Support Services: Adacel's Global Support Services is pleased to provide an Extended Support Plan called Simcare. Simcare can be whole life support for your Adacel product. Adacel’s help desk is also available to support your “how to” questions.

Homeland Security: Adacel is committed to providing industry-leading training solutions to the security personnel responsible for protecting the nation's critical infrastructure. Facilities such as military bases, transportation systems, fuel supply depots, railway networks, nuclear power stations, airports, and harbors are the lifeblood of the country and pose inviting targets.

ATC Environment: Adacel’s ATCiB completes the flight simulation experience by adding realistic virtual traffic and synthetic air traffic controllers to create a higher quality training environment.

Greet the Chieftain

Gary Pearson, CEO: Gary Pearson was appointed Chief Executive Officer for Adacel in October 2015. Gary joined Adacel in 2001. In his initial duties with the Company, he led the development team responsible for the functional content of the USAF MaxSim Tower Simulation System bringing Adacel’s ATC simulation products to the forefront of the industry. Pearson was appointed Vice President, Advanced Programs in 2005 and in 2008 added overseeing the Product Management team to that portfolio where he continued to be at the center of Adacel's product initiatives. In addition to directing the development of existing product lines, Pearson was responsible for defining new technologically advanced programs to take Adacel’s proven technology into associated market sectors. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer for Adacel in June 2010 and served as Acting Chief Executive Officer from June 2015 until his official appointment to CEO in October 2015.

Before joining Adacel, Pearson was a product development manager and test group leader in the ATC simulation industry. Prior to this, he was an air traffic control officer and qualified air traffic control examining officer in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and a flight manager responsible for day-to-day specialist cargo operations for a European air cargo company. Earlier in his career, Pearson served in the Merchant Marine.

“We have built a strong international reputation for its products and services through a commitment to technological leadership and customer support.”