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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2017

The Leading Provider of Comprehensive Communication Solutions for Retailers and Supermarkets: LNL Systems

thesiliconreview-mark-barnes-ceo-lnl-systems-17We take the time to understand our clients'business requirements and work closely with them to develop a successful communication program.

Founded in 2009, LNL Systems has emerged as an innovator and leader in the retail-technology industry. The leading provider of comprehensive communication solutions for retailers and supermarkets, LNL Systems offers highly configurable products that enhance sales floor communication, efficiency, security, and management control.

The company’s omnichannel solution, FlorComm offers a suite of products, which utilizes store cameras, sensors, and data to offer an integrated path to improved teamwork, greater efficiency, and control. The specialist of sales floor communications, FlorComm includes supplemental devices which help to make associates more accessible and productive.

LNL Systems: Powering the Smart Sales Floor

Based in Massachusetts, LNL has an exclusive focus on smart sales floor technology to improve the shopping experience and leverage staffing. Through collaborative planning, staged rollout, and superb after-sale support, LNL ensures that customers see an almost immediate ROI.

FlorComm is LNL’s signature service that includes training your sales force to use an integrated suite of products to create a Smart Sales Floor. This integrated solution has FlorCall buttons on the sales floor to summon assistence; FlorAlert in-aisle annunciators match staff availability to customer traffic; FlorChat radios are both push-to-talk communicators and PBX phones for external calls. This interface incorporated with beacons adds another advantage to the omnichannel solution. When a customer’s app comes in proximity to the beacon, a notification will be able to trigger customized alerts.

As information flows in from your local “Internet of Things”—motion sensors, security cameras, thermostats, and beacons—FlorAlert sends immediate customized messages to associates’ devices. This optimizes coverage for understaffed areas, discourages shoplifting, and monitors entry doors and cash offices. FlorAlert directs the right staff to the right spot at the right time, which in turn offers new upsell opportunities and helps close sales of complex products.

The crown jewel of LNL: FlorLink SmartHub

FlorLink SmartHub is a one of kind IoT product. The first “Retail IoT Platform”, FlorLink SmartHub activates the Internet of Things on your FlorComm Smart Sales Floor. This disruptive product transforms alerts from in-store sensors and online orders into actionable messages for retail associates and managers and into analytical data for executives.

With the arrival of FlorLink SmartHub, major retailers now have an affordable platform on which to multiply the value of every device on the sales floor—and from which to extract actionable business intelligence.

The AAA’s of FlorLink SmartHub:

Awareness: A customer enters an unstaffed department that features a complex, high-margin product. Within seconds, a message goes out to all FlorChat communication devices, Smartphones, and tablets, summoning the nearest associate.

Alerting: Your website forwards an order for local pickup. Attached to the store’s wired network, FlorLink SmartHub transmits a pre-recorded voice or text message to all FlorChat-equipped associates and/or a digital sign: “Order waiting to be picked.” Whoever’s available goes to the office, prints the order, picks the SKUs, tags the customer name, moves the order to the pickup area, and

Agility: A customer has a product question or needs fitting-room assistance. When she presses a FlorCall button, FlorLink SmartHub tracks how long it takes for an associate to respond. A Bluetooth beacon welcomes a customer by delivering a relevant promotion to his loyalty app as he walks by a display. When he taps into the app for more information, FlorLink SmartHub relays the request to FlorChat communication devices, Smartphones, and tablets.

Offering Solutions for Retailers in a Diverse Range

The company’s goal is to deliver innovative, high-quality products and comprehensive services to its clients. With years of experience helping retailers in a diverse range of apparel, specialty, multi-department, and grocery categories, LNL offers an unmatched perspective on equipment choices for specific business goals, technical integration for headache-free rollouts, and staff training to maximize the investment.

A Renowned Clientele List

LNL Systems’ retail partners include Gucci, Michael Kors, Hermes, Buckle, Reebok, Foot Locker, Stop&Shop, Louis Vuitton, Staples, Under Armour, Coach, to name a few. LNL is dedicated to creating an energetic, profitable business that puts its customers first. To achieve a successful implementation, the company applies a seven-factor methodology scale to any implementation target:

  • Analysis: Determining custom implementation needs
  • Evaluation: Product testing at several store locations
  • Deployment: A chain-wide program tailored to staffing and timing
  • Training: Pre-sales staff familiarization and customer service
  • Support: Store-level, call-in technical help
  • Reporting: Monthly shipping and warranty-status data
  • Warranty: Defective products replaced during and after warranty period

“When we contacted some of LNL’s current customers, we heard nothing but extremely positive feedback. Since selecting LNL as our communications partner, I can confirm that they have met and exceeded our expectations.”

- Under Armour

The CEO Corner

Mark Barnes, CEO: Barnes is responsible for the company’s wellbeing - from budgeting and forecasting and building strategic partnerships with hardware and software partners to ensuring that customers continue seeing a return on their LNL Systems investment. He collaborates with employees to create an honest, customer-centric culture that works toward LNL’s success in both retail and technology sectors. Barnes founded the company in 2009 and quickly became the largest Motorola two-way radio partner in North America.

“We deliver the most comprehensive portfolio of smart devices, platform integration, and analytics that retailers use to profit from the Internet of Things.”