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30 Fastest Growing Companies in Asia 2017

The leading provider of end-to-end HR transformation solutions to attract, develop and retain the talent best fit for business: Rolling Arrays Consulting Pte Ltd

thesiliconreview-manu-khetan-founder-ceo-rolling-arrays-consulting-pte-ltd-2017“We continuously build value for our customers by delivering customized solutions that enable them to attract top talent and retain happy employees that drive their bottom line.”

The massive and unprecedented changes in the global business environment are demanding organizations to focus on developing new HR capabilities that do not just support the business strategy but also enable business growth. Transforming HR to deliver such forward-thinking capabilities can help companies respond more timely and effectively to changes in the business environment, expand their global footprint, and increase revenue and margin resulting in improved competitiveness, profitability, and growth. With the massive shift in focus from making HR organizations more efficient and effective, to linking HR policies and practices to organizational strategy and creating business values through appropriate HR services, Rolling Arrays provides guidance to its customers in identifying the process gaps and streamlining the HR processes against best practices.

Rolling Arrays is Asia’s premier award-winning HR Transformation Company (HR System Implementation and HR Process Improvement), headquartered in Singapore with offices in 7 countries. Since its inception in 2009, Rolling Arrays has successfully delivered more than 150 HR transformation projects for more than 70 blue-chip clients across Asia. A consultative approach to HR Processes, HR Functions, and HR Software is Rolling Arrays core expertise and the primary catalyst for its success.

Rolling Arrays, the Trusted HR Transformation Partner

With an entrepreneurial passion, Manu Khetan, started the rolling adventure keeping in mind the love for people and technology and kick-started SAP HR practice. In 2010, the dedication started paying off and Rolling Arrays was awarded SAP Partnership. In 2013, Rolling Arrays became SAP Gold Partner and earned ‘Innovation through RDS’ Award for its exceptional and innovative work in the HR sector. In 2014, Rolling Arrays won the ‘SAP Best Cloud Partner Award’ for its contribution in delivering successful SuccessFactors implementations and licenses sales in Singapore along with ‘Best BPO Partner Award Singapore’.

In 2016, Rolling Arrays won 2 prestigious awards by SAP, i.e. the ‘Cloud Champion Award South East Asia’ and ‘Best Cloud Partner Award in Indonesia’. Rolling Arrays kick-started its ‘HR Transformation Consultant Training Programme’ with IMDA, Singapore to train graduates to be HR Transformation Consultants. In 2017, Rolling Arrays expanded its presence to UAE with numerous successful SAP SuccessFactors projects.

Innovating the way of HR transformation

Rolling Arrays’ Team of Subject Experts guide customers on reducing costs and improving operational effectiveness through HR process and system improvements, shared services, outsourcing, employee self-service, integrated change management and support services. The firm strives to help attain the strategic objectives for performance and growth that HR transformation can deliver. Rolling Arrays ensures the successful execution of HR transformation projects using various HR solutions, best fit for client’s business requirements like SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, Rhombus, Unit4 Prosoft, Workforce Software, Concur, Roll Pay and other HRIS products.

“HR Transformation is what our clients know us for. We started here, and we continue to lead here because it’s so critical to a company’s success”, the company said. Its business-driven approach turns HR-centric projects into strategies for driving real business results that are aligned with the company’s direction. Rolling Arrays has designed a Unique Working Model which assures smooth implementation of complex HR transformation projects within the stipulated budget and time. Its proprietary ‘Unique Working Model’ directly helps the clients to optimize the resources and increase the ROI. Its Center of Excellence (CoE) will ensure the successful execution of HR transformation project, providing end-to-end transformation service to fit our client’s stringent requirements.

Offering best practices that matter to business

There are HR consulting companies and there are HR system implementation companies. HR consulting companies don’t talk the technical language and HR system implementation companies don’t talk HR language. Rolling Arrays bridges this gap. Each of its consultants is expert in HR consulting and system implementation, so they understand the HR needs and translate perfectly into HR system. Due to this unique mix of skills, IMDA, Singapore collaborated with Rolling Arrays to help graduates train to become an HR Transformation Consultant who has knowledge and experience in both HR consulting and HR systems. Rolling Arrays has trained around 15 graduates from universities like SMU, NTU, and NUS since 2016.

Present and future focus areas

Rolling Array has always kept its focus on optimizing HR processes to simplify HR transformation journey for companies in achieving the desired business result. It has also built its own HR software by the name of ‘’Rhombus’’ that focuses on employee productivity, rewards, engagement, and recognition in the simplest and most beautiful way. For future, the company would like to keep adapting new techniques to achieve HR transformation for the customers along with building & enhancing its existing tools.

Let’s hear it from their clients

“Rolling Arrays strives to meet our expectations with the necessary skills and professionalism. The team members are capable and responsive to our requirements.”

- Chee Nian Tze, Group Human Resources Director, Robinsons

“The RA consultants were very very patient with us as well as very accommodating and friendly. I really enjoyed this journey with RA, although it was a tough period. I have gone through similar automation and my experiences with implementation consultations were not good, but RA changed my mindset about consultants. I definitely have no hesitation to recommend RA to other companies.”

- HR Head, JFI

Knowing the thought leader:

Manu Khetan, Founder & CEO: A recognized HR Transformation Leader, Manu has more than a decade of rich experience in HR Processes, HR Functions, and HR Software. With a reputation for adopting futuristic HR automation techniques, Manu’s work has been instrumental in establishing Rolling Arrays as one of the most trusted HR transformation solution provider in Asia Pacific with offices in 7 geographical locations including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Dubai, and South East Asia’s Cloud Champion of the year award in 2016. Prior to Rolling Arrays, Manu has worked for SAP Labs in Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, and India and thereafter consulted for various blue-chip clients worldwide.