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10 Fastest Growing Compliance Solution Providers 2017

The leading provider of end-to-end, integrated software for Financial Services Industry: Capital Banking Solutions

thesiliconreview-samer-hanna-ceo-capital-banking-solutions-17Integrated software is the new big tide that is bringing together the discrete systems in banking operations, and business functions in financial institutions which are rapidly thriving. Financial technology software is the rapid and continuous evolution of the industry. Along with the technology innovations, banks are dealing with challenges of growing regulations and compliance requirements. In fact, changing customer behaviors and demands such as an “anywhere, anytime paradigm,” is impelling banks to provide an unbeaten user-experience.

After several years of success with Capital Outsourcing in the IT outsourcing and consulting services, the company has decided to changes its path and grow in another way and the group entered into business partnerships and merged with several other IT players to establish Capital Banking Solutions (CBS). Using the experience with big banks in the EMEA and Mid Atlantic regions, the company decided to venture into the field of integrated banking solution.

About CBS

Capital Banking Solutions is a leading provider of end-to-end, integrated banking software for financial institutions across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. The company offers a suite of integrated and modular products for retail, corporate and private banks, as well as financial institutions.

Ranked amongst the top vendors by IBS Intelligence, Capital Banking Solutions has attained double digit growth helping over 200 customers worldwide, including Bank Audi, Bank of Africa, Banco Sabadell, Credit Suisse, Rothschild, Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank, Al-Khaliji Bank, and Aruba Bank to manage all of their front office and back office IT needs, expand to new markets and meet local compliance and regulations.

Products & Services - For bankers. By bankers.

By the banking expertise, Capital Banking Solutions provides comprehensive solutions that cater to the needs of a modern financial institution and its multiple business segments. The services include: Banking Consulting Services, Compliance Services, Technology Services, Cloud-based Hosting, and Application & Technical Support.

The company offers a suite of integrated and modular products for retail, corporate and private banks, as well as financial institutions. The products, comprises of Capital Banker, Capital Private, Capital Digital and Capital Compliance, are adapted to different markets.

Capital Banker is the first and flagship product of CBS. It is an integrated universal banking solution designed and built around a customer centric approach and concepts.

The company also provides a full portfolio of extensible software modules that integrate with Capital Banker to bolster key functions:

  • Capital Private for Front Office support of the Private Banker or Family Office
  • Capital CRM for Customer Relationship Management, especially designed for Private Banks and Family offices
  • Capital Portfolio for Portfolio Management
  • Capital Compliance for Risk Management & Compliance
  • Capital Digital for Omni-Channel Support
  • Capital Office for Bank Office Automation

Capital Banking Solutions is continuously investing on research and development to always enhance the products and keep them on track with the market changes. The current main focus is on developing a true omni-channel offering, up-to-date compliance solution and a rich reporting and business intelligence solution.

The melody of success

Success never comes sans challenges and struggle. No company has ever been built without facing challenges. Just like every other struggle story, Capital Banking Solution has also faced challenges during its initial days. Retaining key employees required substantial investments. And Building the right team for the job was a real tough challenge.

The sheer success of Capital Banking Solutions is largely due to its team of Banking experts and technology professionals. The experience as Bankers has facilitated the communication between the company and its clients. The employees are remarkably passionate towards technology, hard work and dedication. The company has built its growth since 2006 throughout 4 continents: Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia by acting locally throughout the offices in Dubai, Paris, Geneva, Monaco, Abidjan, Miami, New York and Beirut while providing a universal product offering.

The company sells, develop, implement, train and support the best of breed Universal Banking Solutions. CBS is known for its 100% success rate in implementing its proprietary banking software and solutions. The banking solution leaders have not let down a client until today. Capital Banking Solutions endeavor to maintain a robust platform that can respond to the daily regulatory and business changes for banks.

Overcoming challenges for customer satisfaction

There is no question mark, that transforming CBS to a multinational group of companies and in parallel maintaining growth is a huge challenge. CBS understands every challenge and strives to stay on track keeping an eye on the market changes, empowering its employees by increasing their technical knowledge, and cooperating with the partners and customers in finding the best ways for going forward and upward.

The passion to contribute to the disruption in financial technology is the main drive behind the past, current, and future path. Clients expect CBS to deliver the best quality of products coupled with the best quality of service and the CBS team works very hard on a daily basis to live up to the customer expectations.

Meet the master

Samer Hanna is the Co-founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Capital Banking Solutions. Samer is an active entrepreneur in the Information Technology industry for more than 22 years. He has been in the Financial Technology sector since 2006, leading the success of Capital Banking Solutions as an industry leader and a global player through lightening organic growth and three major acquisitions. Prior to that, Samer has co-founded and led Capital-Outsourcing, a pioneer in the IT Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing industries. Samer has also co-founded, invested in, and sits on the board of several startups in the MENA region, spanning a range of industries, including technology, real estate, and hospitality (Orange Holding).

“We combine our rich history of banking expertise with innovative, proven software solutions and a comprehensive portfolio of professional services, to deliver full service solutions that meet the highest standards.”