50 Leading Companies of the Year 2017

The Leading Provider of Platforms and Solutions in the Investment Research and Related Client Servicing Arena: ANALEC

thesiliconreview-indy-sarker-ceo-analec-2017“Our offerings help broker-dealers to raise productivity and cost competitiveness as well as improve their revenue generation prospects.”

ANALEC believes technology and software can go a long way to fight the structural decline facing full-service broker-dealers and help them reset their business models to remain sustainable. Founded in 2003, with offices in New York, London, India and Singapore, ANALEC’s innovative technology solutions focus on the authoring, compliance, workflow and content distribution challenges of the investment research business; as well as the client service management challenges when it comes to managing institutional investor clients.

The principal team that started ANALEC came out of the capital markets space, having spent years at larger global organizations serving investor clients globally. The software and technology solutions for the investment research processes and the client service functions were being very poorly deployed to capture efficiencies and improve the client service experience. The Team clearly saw a need to disrupt technology solutions in the area of investment research management and client servicing CRM. This gap in the market gave birth to ANALEC.

Rendezvous with Indy Sarker, CEO of ANALEC

Can you talk about your first product?

We launched our first product ANALEC ResearchWise; a complete end to end investment research management solution for banks and brokers that involves delivering capability to support analysts to drive their analyses, author reports; streamline workflow management and meet both internal and regulatory compliance norms. Over the years, we have added numerous additions to the platform, keeping in line with emerging technology and changing needs at our customer end.

Was your first project successful?

We received a very enthusiastic response in Asia when we launched our product suite and began our pre-marketing efforts. Within a span of 6 months, we had two of the largest banking groups in the region (out of Singapore and Malaysia) sign up for our capabilities. Since then we have grown our customer presence on the product across Asia, Australia, and the United States.

Briefly, talk about the responses you have received from the clientele.

Over the last 14 years, we have had various responses to our offering in the marketplace. The responses have been very positive considering our product suites are extremely domain specific and address various embedded challenges in our customer organizations. We have also received feedback that has led us to add various capabilities to our suites over time. As a company, we are deeply invested in innovating and adding to our capabilities driven by our internal innovation roadmap as well as customer feedback.

Discuss the challenges you faced.

We faced various challenges in the initial years; given that we were a closely held company without any institutional level funding to support our ambitions. One of the primary challenges was to attract and retain top talent that not only brought the relevant expertise needed for the business but also passionately believed in our long-run vision and game-plan. The second challenge was to make important priority related decisions in order to deploy our limited financial and other resources in the most efficient manner to deliver us the best results in both the near and medium-term.

What are the strongest facets of ANALEC?

  • People: By far the greatest asset and the key building blocks to an enduring future. We work very closely with our customers supporting their ambitions and needs over time. All of this requires people with amazing talent and positive energy!
  • Strong Work Ethic: I believe we have over the years built a very strong work ethic that is built on mutual respect, highest quality standards and an aspiration to be world beaters.
  • Value System: This is really core to our existence and binds each one at ANALEC. Our value system ensures we engage our customers and prospects ethically and in a transparent and fair manner. We ensure our stakeholders (be it team members, investors, suppliers etc.) all get treated fairly and with respect.
  • Domain Knowledge: Our domain knowledge of capital markets goes a long way to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and remain competitive.
  • Customer-Centricity: We believe our success over the years has been due to our continued focus on our customers and keeping a close eye on their needs and aspirations.

What is the roadmap ahead for the company?

We are working on a strategic level to add to our product portfolio. However, our immediate 2-year focus is to significantly expand our customer presence in North America and UK/Europe. We are extremely excited about the progress we have made thus far in the US, and are poised exceptionally well to vastly accelerate our customer acquisition levels over 2018 in both the US as well as UK/Europe. Coupled with that over the course of the next 2-years we are looking to add further to our offering in order to broaden our customer universe from an addressable market perspective.

Magnificent Client Manifestoes

“ANALEC’s deep knowledge of the investment research and sales & trading space makes them stand out as a service provider in the marketplace. They are extremely receptive and swift in meeting our requirements.” - Managing Director, Head of Equities, at a Pan Asian financial institution.

“ANALEC’s onsite team’s technical expertise, business acumen and passion for their work, combined with the quality of their product suite are top-tier.” - Director, Global Research, at a US-based investment bank.

The CEO Corner

Indy Sarker, CEO: Indy is responsible for general management and strategic business development, and brings over 20 years of relevant experience. His deep domain knowledge of the client servicing and investment research function, accumulated over a 10-year period working for global investment banks, drives continuous innovation at ANALEC. Indy prior to ANALEC worked for Deutsche Bank out of Hong Kong, having started his investment research career in the UK. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University Of Cambridge (UK) and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Delhi (India).

“Our products address specific business challenges at our customer organizations in the most efficient and user-friendly fashion.”