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The Leading Quality Assurance Partner for Your Business: Test Insane

thesiliconreview-santosh-tuppad-founder-ceo-test-insane-2018Test Insane Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2014 with its headquarters at Bengaluru, Karnataka (India) with the intention of delivering high value to customers through highly skilled software testers and software developers who work together to test better. Test Insane specializes in Exploratory Testing approach for Web and Mobile along with power-packed automation testing services.

Test Insane offers offshore testing services, exploratory testing services, test automation services, and test consulting across the web and mobile platforms. Its testing services are incomparable to any other testing services company and Test Insane say it proudly because it knows what it is capable of. Be it skills or be it pricing, we rock in every way. Test Insane is here to make profits but maybe not as much as other companies do. Test Insane encourages its team to do what they love to and wants to build a platform for rockstar testers to work together and push the software testing race forward while they add immense value to the customers through testing.

In addition to quality assurance/software testing services, Test Insane also contributes to the Open Source community through the development of test tools, micro-services, mind-maps repository and more. Giving to the testing community is something that is considered important at Test Insane.

A Mixed Breed of Testers & Developers

Skilled Exploratory Testers

Test Insane have software testers who specialize in various quality criteria like functional testing, usability & accessibility testing, security testing, compliance testing, performance testing, test automation and more. Everyone at Test Insane including the founder is a hands-on software tester who enhances their skills every day by learning new things which help them test the software in a better way.

Skilled Software Developers in Test

Test Insane has software developers who come with extensive experience in hard-core programming in languages like C#, .NET, C, Java, and Python. Having worked on development projects like embedded, web and mobile; these rockstar developers add great value in testing by bringing in their learning to test software from a developer perspective. Test Insane have seen the value that software developers add in testing when they pair up with exploratory testers to test web and mobile applications. It has experienced the power of software developers in testing and it feels great to have a combo of testers and developers to test better for a better world in technology.

What Test Insane Does?

“Like lions love to hunt, we love hunting for bugs in software and it lives in our blood. We have been passionate about computers for many years now and our heart beats for testing the software. Be it web, mobile, embedded, electronic gadget or any freaking app that runs on the computer program; we love to do a multitude of tests in order to help our customers do better in terms of achieving their business goals.”

The Test Insane Culture

Fun at Work

Apart from dart board, remote controlled helicopter, Playstation, video games etc. the company have fun in its core work, which is software testing. It loves computers so much that it keeps working on it and that's the fun.

Test Insane does not need a separate fun when its work seduces. There have been times where the company’s team has been up till late nights, not to finish the work; but test more and more to add great value. As it has a passionate test team, it gives less importance to billing and more importance to fun which is testing.

Work from Home - Test Insane Love Context in Everything!

Test Insane is quite flexible when it comes to “work from home” option for its team members. What matters to the company is deliverable and great work. It really doesn't matter if a team member takes work from home option some days or many days based on the project context. However, the team members always love to work with other team members because it’s a lovely culture that it has set in.

Perks - It Make Profits, It Invest Them Back!

Test Insane gives out movie tickets, order pizza, sprouts, beer, and air tickets for vacation or fresh fruit juices. It need not be a millionaire or billionaire to give perks to its team members. Well, it has different flavors of wine, whiskey at its premises. Test Insane is not against alcohol in is premises. What matters is, you can have alcohol but behave well with everyone! If you don't then Test Insane may restrict it for you based on the context. Saying Beer is cool, however; Test Insane also love to provide fresh fruit juices if you are very much health conscious.

Attitude - Live and Let Live!

Test Insane treat humans as humans and it does not believe in the philosophy of, "Respect must be earned" because by default every human being has to be respected if you are a human being. And Test Insane treats every person in a very well mannered behavior. It has zero tolerance of misbehavior and hates those people who pull down others for whatsoever reasons.

The Happy Customers

“It was a month-long effort of testing done by Test Insane for us and it was surely result-oriented. I wish Test Insane and Santhosh the very best in all the future activities.”

- Nijesh Shah CEO, Sapna Infoway Private Limited

“We’re thrilled to make Test Insane our security team and were impressed with the wide range of skills Santhosh and Karthik offered beyond security. Thanks so much from iMentor!”

- Ben Robinson, Product Manager, iMentor.

Meet the Chief

Santhosh Tuppad, Founder & CEO: Santhosh is a passionate software tester & expert tester who comes from the context-driven school of testing and has tremendous experience in web application testing and mobile apps testing through exploratory testing approach. Be it functional testing or security testing, he is a punter. His love for computers started when he was 12 and at 16 he was a hacker.

Apart from computers he loves adventure games, Jeeps, Traveling, Driving mean machines and more. And last, but not least he loves to follow his heart very well and is very good at it.