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10 Fastest Growing IT Infrastructure Management Companies 2018

The Leading Wireless Backhaul Specialist for Over 20 Years: Ceragon Networks

thesiliconreview-ira-palti-ceo-ceragon-networks-18“Our mission is resolving your wireless backhaul challenges – helping you achieve the highest value for you!”

Ceragon Networks Ltd. is the world’s #1 wireless backhaul specialist. We help operators and other service providers worldwide increase operational efficiency and enhance end customers’ quality of experience with innovative wireless backhaul solutions. Our customers include wireless service providers, public safety organizations, government agencies and utility companies, which use our solutions to deliver 4G, mission-critical multimedia services, and other applications at high reliability and speed.

We deliver a range of professional services that ensure efficient network rollout and optimization to achieve the highest value for our customers. Our solutions are deployed by more than 460 service providers, as well as hundreds of private network owners, in more than 130 countries

Ceragon Networks delivers innovative wireless backhaul solutions that help you increase your operational efficiency, enhance your end-customers’ quality of experience, and ensure your peace of mind. Ceragon’s worldwide presence spans every continent. Our team comprises more than 1,000 skilled professionals – all of which are committed to enabling the highest value for you.

Technology Outlook of Ceragon

Ceragon’s unique wireless backhaul technologies provide a highly reliable, high-capacity wireless backhaul with minimal use of spectrum, power, and other resources. It enables increased productivity, as well as simple and quick network modernization.

At the heart of our solutions is our unique multicore chipset, specifically designed for advanced wireless backhaul operations to allow you to continuously increase your operational efficiency and provide a better quality of experience to your customers.

Whether your challenge is the delivery of more network capacity, coping with the lack of microwave spectrum, reducing spectrum costs, minimizing the use of real estate, reducing costly energy expenses or increasing your staff productivity –Ceragon is your ultimate choice. It provides the most comprehensive portfolio of wireless backhaul solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s network challenges.

Rising To the Mobile Backhaul Challenge

Since we first started providing wireless backhaul solutions over two decades ago, we’ve helped our customers face countless challenges, and we pride ourselves on being able to rise to them every time. We have people who understand the technology and the business. We have products that are advanced and reliable. And as a company, we have a determination to meet every challenge you face with a solution.

Ceragon offers a variety of comprehensive Professional Services that complement its unique technology and solutions, in order to deliver the most efficient network solutions for you during the entire life-cycle of your project. Whether you are planning a network expansion/upgrade, setting up a new network, or managing an existing network, Ceragon’s Professional Services experts will allow you to meet your goals within your budget while ensuring the best experience for your customers. Ceragon’s various professional services can be bundled or acquired separately, depending on specific needs, network complexity and installed based.

Achieving the Highest Value for You

If you operate an LTE or LTE-Advanced mobile network and wish to be ready for LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G mobile network infrastructure, we have the solution for you. The IP-20 Point to point wireless connectivity solutions, enabling microwave and millimeter-wave links for macro-cell and small-cell wireless backhaul networks, resolves your challenges with fewer resources – less spectrum, less power, less real-estate and less labor.

Ceragon’s Environmental Policy

Ceragon Networks views environmental protection as an important aspect of our industry. Ceragon takes measures to ensure that its employees are aware of all issues concerning environmental protection, and we are active in the implementation of preservation plans.

Ceragon is constantly active in improving the quality of our environment in ways such as the prevention of contamination related to company activities. In addition, Ceragon abides by all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

Ceragon strives to reduce negative environmental effects that may result from its activities while adopting proper environmental principles. We allocate necessary resources for the implementation of the environmental policy.

Meet the Leaders

Ira Palti, Chief Executive Officer, and President:

thesiliconreview-doron-arazi-deputy-ceo-ceragon-networks-18Mr. Palti joined Ceragon in 2005 and currently serves as President and CEO. From January 2003 to August 2005, he was CEO of Seabridge Ltd., a Siemens company that is a global leader in the area of broadband services and networks. Prior to joining Seabridge, he was the COO of VocalTec Communications Ltd., responsible for sales, marketing, customer support and product development. Among the positions, Mr. Palti held before joining VocalTec was the founder of Rosh Intelligent Systems, a company providing software maintenance and artificial intelligence diagnostic solutions.

Doron Arazi, Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Arazi joined Ceragon as CFO after a long, successful career with Amdocs where he managed the business relationship with a US Tier-1 mobile operator and was responsible for hundreds of employees. Prior to Amdocs, Doron looked after the financial and growth activities of other high-tech companies in the telecommunications sector, including serving as CFO of Allot Communications and VP of Finance at Verint. Doron is a CPA and holds a B.A. degree in Economics and Accounting as well as an MBA degree focusing on Finance and Insurance.

“We invite you to share your challenges and goals with us, and we will deliver solutions that best meet your goals and resolve your challenges.”