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20 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2015

The Master Cloud Integrator: HubOne


"A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed, it feels an impulsion… .This is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reason and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.”– Richard Bach

A strong believer in Bach’s suggested philosophy; Nick Beaugeard is breaking norms in the cloud business world. He has every reason to stand by his convictions as his entrepreneurial venture- HubOne, continues to grow at an admirable rate.

Nick attributes the company’s astounding success to his understanding that the requirements of a global world are different. He believes that companies need to have a global view and yet act locally in order to adapt to the ever changing technologically advanced environment.

“You will know your potential if you believe in your abilities to lift yourself high”, says Nick. Today under his guidance, the company has Offices in Sydney and Melbourne and has established itself as a cloud integrator and the first of its kind in Asia. “We help businesses of all sizes move to the cloud, but our flagship product is the Modern Practice Portal, an award winning solution providing the most advanced accounting practice document management solution in the world today”, he adds.

The company has earned the title of Software Developer of the Year, 2014 and has been awarded the Highly Commended ARN ICT Industry Awards, 2013 apart from being a Finalist in RedHerring Asia in 2012. The world’s first Cloud integrator has also successfully developed the award winning Modern Practice Portal which helps accounting firms move to the cloud and saves them thousands of dollars per year.

Delivering cloud services in creative ways

HubOne caters to the needs of Enterprises as well as Accountants. Through all-round Support by means of E-Mail, Web, Desktop, etc, the company looks after thousands of users across Australia and New Zealand today.

For Accountants, the company first developed the Modern Practice Architecture back in 2012 when they were attempting to define a set of product offerings to take to market for accounting firms. Since then it has undergone 3 major revisions and is now the only rigorous IT architecture available in the world today for Small and Medium Accounting firms and their technology needs. Be it Tax, Practice Management, Communications, Website/marketing, Document Management, Computing or other needs, Modern Practice has solutions for all the key functional areas of an accounting practice. Talking about the company’s solutions for enterprise grade solutions for accounting firms that wish to move to the cloud, Nick says, “For the last three years we have focused on delivering leading edge, enterprise grade solutions for Accounting firms that wish to move to the cloud. Whether used as a methodology in itself or delivered as a set of technology components for your business, it allows financial services firms the ability to apply enterprise grade rigor to their IT processes whilst delivering piece by piece to a well defined end strategy. With our background in Enterprise Information Technology and Accounting, we are the leading cloud integrator providing end to end solutions for the Small Business Financial Services industry today”. The HubOne Modern Practice Subscription further provides a simple and cost-effective way to move the Clients’ practice to the cloud. By combining all aspects of cloud software, coupled with HubOne’s award-winning implementation services, people can get their firms up and running quicker than ever.

Talking about solutions for Enterprises, Nick says, “We only do public cloud solutions today. Having worked with enterprises since 2009 and helping them move to the public cloud, we have worked closely with all major vendors who offer true public cloud solutions. With years of experience architecting for the cloud, the team works with clients to deliver the required services in the best way possible”.

Over the years Business has gained immense importance and the Public cloud is now a business choice and not just an IT choice. With years of experience working on this co-operation, team HubOne demonstrates expertise in writing cloud scale software – they can help the developers or even write solutions for them. Today the Cloud is a massive change for a company’s IT team and HubOne has got the potential to guide these companies looking for a change to prepare for a new experience altogether and helps them gear up to brave the challenges lying ahead of the change.

Time tested Strategies and Offerings

With a research team that is constantly on its toes to find new and creative ways to deliver cloud services to clients, the company helps clients in not just cost cutting, but also for reducing the risks and time of cloud migration. Spending thousands of man-hours every year listening to customer requirements and issues, the HubOne successfully develops best in breed products and solutions to meet the needs of clientele with dedication.

Though moving to cloud computing can be daunting, the tried and tested methods and tools provided by this company can facilitate quick and seamless shifting to the cloud, alongside reducing extreme risks during the process.

Mail Manager It is a Microsoft Exchange Online Add-In which extends Outlook (Desktop) and Outlook Web App to enable users to file emails or attachments to document management with a single click.Integrated with Xero Practice Manager, or WorkflowMax, it first attempts to identify the author of the email and then suggests the appropriate client folder to file the information under.  • Zero Installation – Mail Manager is installed Once in Office 365 and automatically appears for each user
• File Emails, Attachments or Both – Mail Manager allows to select what to file
• Multi-Platform – Works on Outlook for the desktop or anywhere outlook Web App works, including iPad, iPhone and Android
• Totally Cloud Based – Never downloads attachments to file them
• Auto-Updating – Mail Manager automatically updates itself
• Zero Configuration – No IT support or management required
Scanned Document Manager By connecting Scanned Document Manager to the scanner, people can quickly and easily setup processes in their firm to automatically file documents for clients as they come in.Once they have been filed, it is simple to set up automatic rules to tell clients, partners and staff and do processing on the incoming documents.  • Folder Watch – Automatically watches a predefined folder for PDF Documents and processes them on demand.
• Manual Mode – Allows the user to preview the document and choose a client for filing
• Automatic Mode – Automatically files the document in the client folder
• WorkflowMax – Works with WorkflowMax Client Fields
• Xero Practice Manager – Works with Xero Practice Manager Client Fields
• Custom Fields – Will do matching on Any Custom Field
• Case – Will convert documents to lower or upper case for matching or do case-sensitive matching
• Auto-Rename – performs automatic rename of files based on information
• Word Equivalency – Understands P/L, Pty Limited and Pty Ltd are the same thing
• Auto Update – Automatically downloads and installs updates, no manual updating to do.