50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2019

The Most Trusted Government Payment Solutions Providers: Government Window, LLC

thesiliconreview-scott-kenney-co-founder-government-window-llc-19Founded in 2001, Government Window, LLC is a leading provider of NO COST government payment solutions that save time and money for governments, while providing convenient and secure payment methods for citizens. Government Window’s solutions are funded with user-paid convenience fees, allowing it to provide this service at NO COST to governments. Its unique business model and merchant relationships allow the company to minimize these convenience fees, to ensure customer satisfaction and increase electronic traffic justifying its core business principle to government agencies of “No Cost, No Contract”.

Rising Above Challenges

The greatest challenge that the company faced during initial days was the need to forge relationships and partnerships with a large number of software providers that provide back office solutions for disparate government departments and functions. Establishing and maintaining these relationships has been critical to its success relative to its ability to provide seamlessly integrated payment capabilities to its government clients. The company gradually succeeded in developing a comprehensive set of integrated government payment applications. Government Window has always strived to improve its product and service by continually investing in new technology. This includes new payment types, new delivery channels, mobile solutions, improved integration tools, reporting functionality, and AI functionality for fraud detection and prevention.

Candid Q&A with Scott Kenney, Co-founder

What makes a great workplace? How do you make sure that employees feel valued and respected?

An excellent workplace is where there is room for open communication. This is an essential part of our corporate culture. The open and honest exchange of ideas and feedback is not only encouraged but is, in fact, the demand of all associates. In fact, my door is always open and everyone at Government Window knows that I am interested in both their professional as well as personal goals. My job is therefore to provide guidance and the resources that everyone needs to achieve our collective corporate goals as well as their own.

Not only we excel in effective communication, but we also make sure that everyone is aware of our purpose and the role that they play within the big picture. We have a relatively flat management structure and conduct regular departmental as well as company wide meetings to inform and educate about both our short and long-term goals. Everything we do is transparent, and metrics are driven with little room for subjectivity.

How do you bring the best out of employees? What keeps them motivated?

An empowered employee is a productive and successful one. Our employees enjoy a great deal of latitude when making day to day work related decisions. This is particularly true with all customer-facing positions. I trust all of our employees to make decisions that are in the best interest of our company and our customers. Sure, mistakes are sometimes made but they have been historically minor and have presented a coaching opportunity for learning and growth.

We provide numerous outlets for personal and professional growth by encouraging our employees to attend conferences, classes, and other learning events at our expense.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your consistent growth as an organization?

It comes down to people, process, and technology. We hire the best people, train, and incentivize them to execute on our proven process and continue to evolve from a technology perspective. We have always strived to improve our product and service by continually investing in new technology. This includes new payment types, new delivery channels, mobile solutions, improved integration tools, reporting functionality, and AI functionality for fraud detection and prevention.

What are your future plans for the company?

Without revealing too much to our competition, I can say that we have several new patent-pending solutions that we will be rolling out in the near future. All are in the end stages of development and testing as we speak. The first is called Triangulate and will revolutionize how state governments manage consumer payments across all levels of their enterprise. We are also currently testing a bail system that will allow people to navigate and execute the property bond process entirely online. This is revolutionary as currently only cash bond can be processed entirely via the internet. Additionally, we are in the process of deploying enhanced AI functionality to detect, identify, and prevent fraud across the entirety of our customer base.

Roadmap to Success

The company provides no-cost integrated e-Payment solutions for government. It is a single vendor solution for multiple departments within the agencies that it serves. It provides technology and value-added solutions that allow government agencies to accelerate and optimize revenue collection while simultaneously facilitating engagement between government and citizens. Through patented and trademarked technology, it has provided core web-based solutions to simplify and streamline any electronic payment and reconciliation process.

The company has been very successful in its mission expanding from servicing a handful of local Georgia courts to where it is today servicing more than 600 varied government agencies across 12 states. It has achieved this by providing exceptional customer service and staying one step ahead of our competition from a technology perspective. It has experienced greater than 50% year on year revenue growth for the last five years.

Meet the Leader

Scott Kenney, Co-founder: Scott has spent over 25 years consulting Fortune 500 companies leading multiple ERP installations allowing them to take advantage of innovative technologies to best position themselves in the new digital marketplace. Early on, Scott saw first-hand some of the challenges in the government collections space, both as a consultant and as a busy citizen struggling to make payments accurately and timely. As a co-founder of Government Window (GW), he sought to create a similar ERP application for the government payment market.

"Motivated and dedicated people executing upon a well-defined process using best of breed technology to provide best in class customer service has and will continue to be the recipe for our continued success."