50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2017

The Most Trusted Source for Professional Continuing Education: WebCE, Inc.

thesiliconreview-jennifer-haworth-president-webce-inc-17In this era of information and technology, even education is an industry. There is no doubt that changes in the industry architecture, economy and business organization, have called for greater personal investment in education. Skilled jobs have increased, job functions have diversified and the needs of the labor market have changed. Today, it is the need of all professionals to continue their education and gain the necessary skills to keep pace with the ever-changing world.

The Vision: Expanding Minds. Elevating Careers.

Founded in 1997, WebCE, Inc. provides a platform that delivers state-of-the-art online education and training to licensed professionals nationwide. WebCE is one of the leading actors in the theatre of online Continuing Education (CE).

In the late 1990’s, a company approached Gary Henkel, the founder and former CEO of WebCE, to create an online shopping experience for paper-based insurance continuing education courses. Gary and the team saw a bigger opportunity—to create an online education experience for the insurance industry. From that idea, the company’s first course delivery platform was created; there was nothing else like it available. With a focus on ease-of-use, customer experience and quality content, WebCE became the largest provider of insurance and financial services continuing education.

At first, the consumer market was wary of online education as consumers’ internet connectivity was spotty and inconsistent. WebCE ensured that it maintain a well-trained staff to help customers place orders over the phone and a user-friendly website. And eventually, the number of online customers increased. Today, over 95% of the company’s customers choose online courses over paper-based.

WebCE has expanded its products and services to support other professions including CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Tax Preparers, Funeral Directors and other professional certification programs and delivers over 1,000,000 online courses each year. The company’s customers have the opportunity to expand their thinking as they grow and develop in their careers through the courses that WebCE offers. WebCE not only develops courses for customers, but also puts time and focus on creating opportunities for its employees to learn and grow in their careers within WebCE.

Why Employees Take Great Pride in Being a Part of the WebCE Family

Along with its best-of-breed services and products, WebCE provides a fun professional environment for its employees. The amazing culture at WebCE motivates its employees to put their heart and soul toward their work. At WebCE, everyone understands the importance of communication and making connections at all levels within the organization. The WebCE management team has an open door policy for the staff and an open mind to new ideas.

“Support Professionals as Professionals” is one of WebCE’s mottos. And this applies to its customers, as well as to its employees. Many of the employees have witnessed immense growth at WebCE. For some, it was their first job out of college and WebCE gave them an environment to grow professionally, be involved in important decisions and offer a voice to help shape how everyone changes and grows as a company.

Today, WebCE has employee teams that focus on People & Culture, Revenue, Customers and Innovations. Employees can participate on any team, or use it as a platform to help propose a new idea for consideration. The company tries to create an environment where employees at any level have the opportunity to get involved.

Another important emphasis at WebCE is managing conflicts constructively, when they occur. Conflict is a natural part of business, but solving conflicts is the real big deal. And by keeping respectful communication as an important element, WebCE is solving conflicts before they can have a negative impact on the business. The company encourages all its employees to start making connections with others in the office at all levels of the company. The company even has a Scavenger Hunt Program that encourages all new employees to meet with managers and executives of the company in their first 30 days on the job, and have a casual conversation to get to know each other, which helps to build connections.

Crafting the Future Roadmap

When a new company starts its venture, it develops a personality that shapes its growth and progress. Maintaining the essence of that personality and core values as it grows is difficult, but very important. And WebCE has maintained its essence at the purest form while experiencing amazing growth.

The Continuing Education leader prioritizes its customers’ experience and uses that as a filter to evaluate changes to its existing business or growth in new areas. One of its core values is to Foster Customer Love and WebCE does that both in its products and services.

The company is always evolving. Sometimes it is in technology and other times it is in product. WebCE will continue to offer a positive customer experience in online adult learning and will continue to expand its offerings to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

Meet the key executive

Jennifer Haworth is the President of WebCE. Jennifer has been with WebCE for over 15 years and constantly leads the company to improve and diversify its products in the professional development industry. In 2015, Jennifer was promoted to the role of President. She has held many roles at WebCE including marketing& PR, Call Center Manager, Vice President of Sales & Marketing and COO.

Prior to her tenure with WebCE, Jennifer held various marketing positions with other Dallas-based high-tech and start-up firms. Jennifer attended Texas State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

“We believe in supporting professionals as professionals with quality education products and exceptional service.”