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The Next Generation of Business Data: Datanyze

Every business runs on technology. We know who needs yours. thesiliconreview-ilya-semin-ceo-founder-datanyze-2017

While it’s still important for any business to comprehend the demographic and firmographic makeup of its customers, we’re now seeing marketers begin to adopt an invaluable new lens called technographics, which attempts to better understand a business by analyzing its tech stack. By figuring out what a company’s technology stack says about them, managers can define technographic profiles and determine next-best actions that match each prospective customer. Founded in 2012, Datanyze helps its customers find great accounts and convert them into customers with technographics. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Datanyze is used by hundreds of companies around the world and has been recognized as both a Gartner Cool Vendor and G2Crowd High Performer.

Let’s Talk Turkey With Ilya Semin, CEO And Founder 

What ushered the inception of the company?

It was obvious to me that sales and marketing teams don’t spend their time efficiently. They spend more time hunting, guessing and devoting resources to the wrong accounts, rather than investing their valuable time closing deals. I thought I could build something that would make sales and marketing teams much more efficient — helping them bring in more qualified leads, and close more deals with less effort. After building a quick prototype and getting remarkable feedback from early customers, it became clear I had a big opportunity in front of me. 

Discuss about your first project.

Our first project was very successful. In fact, our first customer was able to source and close the largest deal in their company’s history, all powered by Datanyze. This happened within just a couple of months of deploying our platform.

What were the adversities encountered during the company’s initial years?

The biggest challenges we faced related to scaling the company in the right way — making sure that as we grew, we had all the right pieces in place to help us reach the next level of growth. To mitigate risk, we accept failure but we always fail forward and fail fast. We look at our company as a bunch of lifelong learners. If we don’t succeed the first time, we don’t just try harder the next time, we try smarter. 

Can you talk about your employees and how do you bring a sense of purpose among them?

Every team member has a substantial purpose at Datanyze. We don’t hire to delegate. We hire to elevate. The purpose of each employee is to contribute to the success of our customers. Whether you’re a sales rep closing deals, an office manager providing the team coffee and snacks so they can be energized to help our customers, or a back-end engineer to ensure that our product is always at top speed, Datanyzers know their purpose. This sense of purpose makes the work environment unified and fun. 

How is the work culture of Datanyze?

We want to be as proud of the people we grow as we are of the company we grow. In fact, one of our key values is “Datanyze is your company, too”.  It’s not a job. This is your company. Without you, the company fails. You are essential. You’re not coming to the office to do “a job”. You’re coming to grow your business and make it amazing for all. Every single employee runs this business, knows that and has a vested interest to make it amazing.

We’re not focusing on growth for the sake of growth. We choose to be great, not big. We want to grow through making our customers successful, not by raising another round of funding. We value our employees’ efforts and, unlike any other company in Silicon Valley, share our profits with our employees. 

What’s the Roadmap Ahead for the company?

We have a huge product pipeline and we’re constantly working on getting more features out the door. For example, we just released a feature that allows our customers to see all the companies that hire for specific positions. It’s a great buying signal for a lot of companies, and it’s an ingredient of the next gen of business data that we want our customers to enjoy and trust. We’ve had a remarkable run so far and we want to continue the same trajectory (and then some). We’re planning to open more offices around the world and become the gold standard of business data internationally. 

Highly favourable reviews from the clients

“Datanyze is the first step you should take as part of an ABM and Demand Gen model. You’re flying blind without data, especially when you’re selling to tech verticals.” - Charlie Liang, Director of Marketing, Engagio. 

“Using Datanyze, we can uncover the right companies, and filter them by tech stack, Alexa rank, revenue and company size, so we focus on accounts with the greatest potential.” - Chris Rising, VP of Customer Acquisition & Engagement, BigCommerce. 

“Datanyze has dramatically impacted the quality of conversations our sales team has with prospects. We’re now setting 25% more demos per month and deals are closing almost 10 days faster as a result.” - Russ Hearl, VP of Sales,  Mid-Market, DoubleDutch. 


Prime Mover of Datanyze 

Ilya Semin, CEO and Founder: Ilya is a world-renowned data scientist and passionate entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He is the visionary behind Datanyze’s product and platform strategy, which is focused on helping sales and marketing teams spend less time hunting and more time closing deals by leveraging the next generation of business data. Ilya has been Chairman of the Board at Datanyze since 2012. As a thought leader, he has spoken about predictive analytics and data science at various events around the world, including Sales Hacker and American Business Associations. Ilya studied computer science at Moscow Technological University, where he earned his master’s degree. In addition, he has an MBA from Babson College.

“Our vision has always been to be the next generation of business data and we’re 100% on track to achieve this vision.”