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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2019

The One Of Its Kind, Award-Winning App Development Company: Compsoft Creative


Founded almost 30 years ago,Compsoft is focused completely on mobile app development. It quickly became leaders in this field picking up Android and Windows, and adding them to its repertoire, as they were released.The company is known for designing and building mobile apps, voice-controlled software, and IoT solutions. It has published well over 200 solutions and apps always with a focus on premium quality and cutting-edge technologies. 

Words from the Yoda of apps— Daniel Payne

Compsoft has been around a while – since the late 1970s in fact – which is a long time for its company! The last 30+ years have seen compsoft adapt, innovate and evolve.

We spent our early years developing some pretty hardcore systems and software. However there are a number of interesting turning points in our history; the launch of our bespoke development department in 2003, the introduction of our in-house design agency in 2006…

…and then Apple announced the iPhone in 2007…

We quickly recognized that the introduction of the iPhone opened up a whole world of opportunities for application developers and when Apple released the SDK in 2008 we registered as developers and the ‘Silver Fox’ was coding that same day on a shiny new Mac Mini and we delivered our first commercial iOS app in 2009.

The rest, as they say, is history. Thanks to our insight and willingness to take a risk, our technical prowess, our design ability and an uncanny understanding for the touch interface, we focused wholly on mobile app development and quickly became leaders in our field picking up Android and Windows, adding them to our repertoire, as they were released.

The most recent significant event in our history was during 2016 when the bespoke arm of Compsoft broke away from the legacy licensing side of the business in order to wholly focus on building mobile apps. Compsoft Plc became Compsoft Creative and the future looks bright!

A brief outlook at the solutions provided

Ongoing Development: Ongoing development is a natural evolution, especially if the clients have signed up to evolve. Ongoing support isn’t a prerequisite although it adds better value if someone does, as they can take advantage of the discounted rates!

The company treats ongoing development pretty much as it treats a new product, with the key advantage of already knowing the app and the business. However, the company will still revisit the business reasons for making changes, explore options related to how the changes could be implemented, evaluate whether there is any new tech. Changes could be minor updates and tweaks (point releases) to major upgrades and re-designs (version updates).

E-commerce App Development: E-commerce apps are an essential part of a business, whose business is to sell goods or services. However this sector is not the reserve of the high-street titans, there is room for the small to medium-sized business or start-up who wants to use a mobile app as a means to sell to their customers. Compsoft develops traditional e-commerce apps but also delivers apps which are more boutique in their approach. Apps which either sell physical goods or services or in-app digital services. The company knows how to design an app which sells high-value goods, really communicating to the user when they should part with their hard-earned cash and making it an easy and reliable process for them.

Web App Development: Developing a web-app using standard HTML5 technologies is an important part of the company’s service offering. Developing a web-app comes with its own challenges and pitfalls, which helps the clients to navigate. Storage on the device is limited, as is access to natives APIs and push notifications. While there are specific technical and design limitations to consider, its process for developing a web-app is not too different from that of its native cousins.

Mobile App Development: Compsoft develops mobile apps for smartphones and tablets on Android, iOS and Windows platforms. It develops native apps using the tools sets provided by Apple, Google and Windows (Xcode, Android Studio and Visual Studio) and where appropriate developing using cross-platform technologies such as HTML5.

The company is a vertical agnostic, and this is the key. Developers who focus on a single sector (such as pharmacy or banking) tend to have preconceptions about the way things should work and are not able to think creatively when posed with a functional or technical challenge.

The brains behind the operations

Daniel Payne, Managing Director:

We are a team focused on excellence, innovation and we enjoy being challenged. We want to see your app becoming a huge success and will do everything we can to make it one.

“We’re not your typical mobile app development house, either. We didn’t just jump on the mobile app bandwagon because it was the shiniest thing out there, becoming the kind of app house which is all front-end and no technical gravitas. No, our flare for excellent design is underpinned by our technical excellence andour commitment to keeping our team up to date on the latest evolutions from Apple, Android, and Windows.”