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The Only It Consulting Firm That Puts the Data Program First: Xentity

thesiliconreview-matt-tricomi-chief-architect-president-xentity-18Xentity is the only IT consulting firm that puts the data program first. The company does this by providing data programs strategy, design, and production services that put the desire of knowledge-driven decisions and management first.

Xentity focuses its solutions and approaches on Open Data, Geospatial Data, Big Data, and IoT/Remote Sensing large data programs who want to either become more efficient, transform business, and integrate innovation in an era of large technology-first, cost center investment approaches. Since 2001, Xentity has provided over 100 engagements and over 45 data programs in the last 3 years alone across Federal, State, Local, Education, and Commercial Clients. Xentity has provided Data consulting and support services with major data program projects for USGS, USDA, DOI, BLM,, EPA, NARA, OPM, Navy, NOAA/NWS, NSF EarthCube, CDC, OGC, State of Colorado, Illinois, New York, and Cities such as New York City.

Xentity Vision Statement

Words from the News:

“The data is forgotten as most are focused on IT Operations, new IT Systems, and replacing IT Infrastructure (i.e. left in silos, not shared with the public, not integrated into visuals, maps, and decision-making tools). And yet, the massive data flow has only just begun. We are the only IT consulting firm that puts the data program first. We do this by providing data programs strategy, data solution design, and data/information production services that put the desire of knowledge-driven decisions and management first.

In this era, we focus our solutions and approaches on Geospatial Data, Open Data, Big Data, and IoT/Remote Sensing large data programs that want to become more efficient, transform business, and/or integrate innovation. We do this by being the best data consulting and support services: focus on Large Data Programs with Earth Data challenges in Geo, Big, Open, and IoT.

We are a company that focuses on complex information problems. We love data. We believe the “I” in IT has been second fiddle for too long; our goal has been and still is, to help organizations transform for the next generation. Our teams rapidly adapt to our clients’ driver – is it about introducing disruptive innovations? Is it designing transformation to complex information lifecycle challenges? Are we to move data from A to B to create insights? Operate Information workflow more effectively and/or efficiently than before?”

Xentity Services

Xentity has learned several keys to creating and supporting data solutions that enable stakeholders and programs to be successful in their missions, through work with large data programs across Federal, State, Local, Education, and Private organizations. The team has a clear data lifecycle in place from program & project planning, data acquisition, production, product generation, delivery, use & analysis as well as data resource management and administration.

 Data Program Strategy

  • Strategy Assessment & Modeling
  • The concept of Operations Development
  • Data & Geospatial Lifecycle Management Transformation
  • Segment & Enterprise Architecture
  • Branding and Outreach Strategy
  • Training & High-end Audio/Video Media Production

Data/Tech Solution Design

  • Solution Architecture
  • Product Standards and Design
  • Data Analytics and Agile Prototyping
  • Transition Planning Development & Support
  • Data & Geospatial Lifecycle Management
  • Data Security Analysis

 Data Production

  • Data Operations Transition Support
  • Metadata and Data Classification
  • Data Product Generation
  • Data Transformation & Migration Analysis
  • CIO Information Management (FOIA, Records, Privacy, EA, Security)
  • Data System Administration

Project: Colorado Secretary of State

The Organization: Colorado Secretary of State

The Colorado Secretary of State is responsible for a wide range of business functions including running fair elections, administering business registrations, licensing, and many oversight functions for Colorado government agencies among other entities. As part of the normal course of duties, Colorado government agencies collect volumes of public business and economic data. This data could help businesses with strategic planning, but it currently exists in many different places and formats making it difficult for most businesses to use. The Business Intelligence Center (BIC) focuses on streamlining access to public data by consolidating the access point and by providing resources to make the data useful.

The Problem and Solution: Increase Open Data Assets and Use through Innovative Crowd Challenge

The BIC is working with the Governor’s Office of IT (CIO group) and all Colorado Agencies via the GoCode Colorado initiative to help increase use by citizens, industry, and government and increase quality data published by agencies. The first and only statewide effort of its kind, brings together entrepreneurs, business partners, and developers to make use of public data through a series of events.

The BIC’s Go Code Colorado challenge addresses real business decision-making problems with web or mobile applications created by Colorado’s robust technology community. To achieve success, Colorado businesses are asked to provide challenge questions—problems they would like to solve using public data. The software developer and entrepreneur communities will build applications designed to address the opportunities identified by small businesses.

Xentity has provided the support for GoCode Data and IT Project Management, ETL, Data Wrangling, and Code Reviews and has helped plan, migrate, and publish well over 150 datasets and supported the program since 2013.

The Outcomes: Much more data, more use, and more OpenData possibilities

In 2013-24, at least three businesses were created around apps that use this data. Awards have flipped traditional government procurement on its head, creating value for Colorado businesses and society. Near 30 businesses including Companies like Google, Esri, SendGrid, Rally Software and Gnip (now twitter) volunteered their time and event donations near $200,000 the first year because they desire more access to government data—they know how important this is to economic development.

GoCode is the most concerted effort in the state to increase public data in adding over 150 data sets. This has increased agency participation, and the GoCode team supported the “data wrangling” and ETL to help the “have not” agencies get their data up and used. The Program has been well recognized and continues to stimulate open data initiatives.

The Man Behind the Success

Matt Tricomi, Chief Architect, President:  Prior to founding Xentity, Matt was an architect and software engineer at Sapient on dozens of uber-sized mission-critical systems such as in energy (Southern Natural Gas), travel (United Airlines), financial, and education (Sallie Mae).

Matt holds a B.S. in Computer Science with Distinction from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and continues to seek collaboration opportunities with WPI in Robotics, Big Data Architectures, and Business Transformation. Outside of his work, his wife and sons are his world.