10 Fastest Growing Networking Companies 2016

The pioneer in converged network infrastructure for public and private cloud deployments: Plexxi


The rapid advancement in technology over the years, has seen a phenomenal transition from traditional networking of the olden days to cloud-based, agile and affordable networking, today. This has led to not just better technology, but also customer awareness. With its motto lying in the saying ‘Simply a Better Network’, Plexxi attends to these customers who now want to consume technology as cloud-based services, both public and private. Named a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner, the company delivers the industry’s first converged networking infrastructure solution for application optimized data centers.

Meeting business needs in a truly dynamic way 
The unpredictable and explosive growth of application traffic and data requires a network that can, in real time, seamlessly scale-out and adapt to changing traffic patterns and business needs.

Amidst this scenario, Plexxi, the pioneer of next-generation networking products and solutions for agile data centers, distributed private clouds and scale-out application deployments like Big Data, steps towards fulfillment of their goals starts with data and applications in mind. This approach enables businesses to realize the full potential of their virtualization deployments.

Today, the company’s products are thus, not just purpose-built to simplify traditional approaches, but also seeks to solve the new operational and networking challenges introduced by today’s highly virtualized and hyper-converged data centers.

The network built for the next era of IT

Plexxi Switches enables the building of public and private clouds and through data, storage and application workload awareness, a Plexxi network can dynamically change the topology of the fabric in real time, allowing secure and intelligent distribution, isolation and forwarding of traffic across the fabric, guaranteeing capacity is available wherever and whenever it’s needed for any application or workload.

Plexxi’s second offering Plexxi Control is the key to unlocking application-defined networking for public and private clouds. Along with automation, orchestration, visualization and centralized control guaranteeing successful delivery of virtualized data, storage and application traffic, it provides a real-time view of network capacity and available paths, as well as an understanding of workload requirements. This ensures that applications receive the resources they need to meet user expectations and business requirements.

A platform that enables the network to participate in the DevOps model where tools, process and APIs enable workflow integration across storage, compute and network silos, Plexxi Connect on the other hand is the key offering that next generation public and private clouds require for substantial agility in business growth and development.

A rich history with networking and systems
With a firm belief that ‘excellence in execution arises from broad, real-world experience’, Plexxi’s leaders bring years of professional and leadership experience across a wide array of companies including EMC, Sun, ChipCom, Prominet, 3Com, DEC, Nortel, Juniper Networks, Brocade, Ciena, Starent, Aruba, PureSpeech and Pirus Networks. And the leadership team’s deep experience with large companies is balanced with an innovator’s spirit, along with the experience of having supported more than ten venture-backed companies that include Acme Packet, Arbor Networks, Reva Systems, C-Port and Pirus. Thus, drawing from both sets of experiences, Plexxi is a strong mix of both inventor and practitioner.

Having spent more than fity years n the IT industry, Plexxi CEO Rich Napolitano combines the vision required to disrupt with the experience necessary to succeed. He is supported in his day to day task as CEO, by Plexxi Founder David Husak and Co Founders Eprahim Dobbins and Mat Mathews. While David also acts as the CTO and EVP Products & Technology, Eprahim serves as the VP of Engineering and Mat as the VP of Product Management, guiding Plexxi towards its pinnacle of success with patience and will power. That apart, Plexxi’s growth is also driven by a number of Board Members, Advisors and other Management Team members, who work round the clock to make Plexxi, today and tomorrow’s leader in technology.

Meet the Key Executives
Richard Napolitano, CEO – Successfully leading a technology company requires a strong sense of what the market needs and an uncanny ability to build it. Plexxi CEO Rich Napolitano combines the vision required to disrupt with the experience necessary to succeed. Rich has spent more than 30 years in the IT industry, most recently as the head of EMC’s Unified Storage Division, where he was responsible for more than $4 billion in annual revenue and 2,000 employees. Prior to EMC, Rich has led both sales and engineering, and acted as both founder and venture capitalist across companies like Sun Microsystems, Pirus Networks, and Alchemy Angels. Rich holds a BS degree in Computer Science from the State University, Stony Brook, NY, and owns two U.S. patents.

“The most powerful predictor of success is… well, success. And Plexxi’s investors include firms and individuals with strong track records of backing successful networking companies. Collectively, Plexxi’s venture backers have been behind pioneers like Brocade, Starent, Ciena, Riverbed, Tivoli, Aruba and Sycamore. With solid experience in the technology arena, they’re betting that Plexxi is the next big market influencer.”