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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

The pioneer in Security Automation and Orchestration technology: DFLabs

thesiliconreview-dario-v-forte-ceo-dflabs-17DFLabs was outset in 2003 and is headquartered at Bergognone, Milan, Italy; Dario V Forte holds position as CEO for DFLabs. The company’s Vision is to combine automation, orchestration and response in to one powerful platform, DFLabs provides cyber security teams with the ability to react faster globally. This all-in-one supervised approach, dramatically reducing the time it takes to for an Active shut down on an attack and recover from data breaches with collaboration and Intelligence sharing.

The IncMan

The motto behind setting up DFLabs is to allow security teams to analyze and respond to cyber incidents and get them under control. That means less lag between incidents, breaches, and solutions, limiting the losses caused by cyber-attacks.

DFLabs Cyber Incidents under Control, the company are recognized global leader in automated incident, breach response, and orchestration security. Led by a management team recognized for its experience and contributions to the information security field including co-edited and contributed to multiple industry standards for the ISO and OASIS. Our flagship product, IncMan, is adopted by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations worldwide. DFLabs has operations in Europe, North America, Middle East, and Asia.

Maintaining complete control over cyber security incidents

IncMan immediately allows you the power to assess the risk and develop executable actions plans. It’s not enough to know that there’s a problem. IncMan analyzes exactly how many cyber security incidents are occurring and what’s causing them. Understanding what’s happening in real-time allows enterprise teams to effectively measure and predict the impact of the incidents. IncMan intuitively provides you with a clear path to prioritizing your response, resulting in a dramatic reduction in time spent solving the problem.

Predictive analysis is an essential piece to effectively orchestrating incident response. To manage response efficiently and quickly, enterprise cyber security teams must attribute priorities to their current incident status, based upon the most relevant KRI (Key Risk Indicators).

After a breach, IncMan provides a complete and swift report of the damages. Automated incident reports are sent to your cyber security team based on specialized rules and strategies. These intelligence and attack-path analysis capabilities dramatically reduce your team’s reaction time.

Sharing this critical information safely can speed up the response of all our global clients, including your own cyber security team. Perform controlled intelligence sharing with your community of choice (i.e. FS-ISAC) in real-time alerting and informing others about the same cyber security issue and inquiring on which course of action they applied.

IncMan was designed and developed to provide your team with the answers

Visibility over Threat Landscape: IncMan provides visibility to your overall threat landscape and connects you with Cyber security Data Sources and Threat Intelligence Services. Making it easier to view in a single, transparent “pane of glass” view.

This allows cyber security teams to analyze and respond in real-time, maximizing the effectiveness of SOCs and CSIRTs. With the combination of our centralized control point and the dramatically reduced reaction time, IncMan increases productivity because the security team’s existing architecture is not duplicated.

Process and Response Orchestration: Automate the execution of any possible response and concentrate your SOC and CSIRT on more complex urgent concerns. Use prioritized workflows to respond to all your current and future threats. Perform automated forensics and remediation of your target, streamlining your cyber security. Integrate with any part of your cyber security infrastructure without time consuming automated details. Integrate with all Intrusion Detection Systems, Endpoint Cyber Security, and your SIEM responding instantly to qualified threats.

IncMan empowers your enterprise to perform actionable and controlled intelligence sharing with their ISAC of choice.

Decide what and how you share knowledge while maintaining confidentiality and privacy - Supervised Active Intelligence for all Cyber security Incidents under Control.

IncMan Incident Response- Cyber incidents on control

Our Platform: IncMan is ranked as one of the most innovated incident response orchestration platform that empowers your Security Operations and CSIRT, so you can predict, detect, and respond to cyber security breaches – immediately.

IncMan is currently adopted by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 businesses and organizations worldwide. Functionally, it helps both Security Operations and C-Level Managers to achieve one of their main objectives: having cyber incidents under control.

With manual and automated response capability, IncMan allows your cyber security team to collaborate on how they utilize the active intelligence to shut down cyber incidents quickly and efficiently.

Case management under control

IncMan Case Manager (IncMan CM) provides our customers with the most feature-rich case management platform available. During digital evidence tracking and forensics investigations, IncMan automatically manages cases, data, and modifications and tracks every action made by your entire team.

IncMan CM provides your team with the tools to successfully meet the challenges of full incident transparency and integrated workflow. IncMan CM was designed from the ground up to comply with cyber security and investigative standards and best practices including the International Standards Organization (ISO), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

“Our focus on multi-tenant support permits IncMan CM to function effectively both on premise and in the cloud. IncMan CM can easily scale from small cyber investigation teams to the largest corporate Security Operation Centers and MSSP. Multiple investigators can work concurrently on the same investigation while maintaining full workflow and incident transparency,” says CEO.

Man behind the success

Dario V Forte, Founder and CEO: Dario served as a professional in cyber security strategist and software entrepreneur with 15 years experience in Cyber and Organized Crime Enforcement. And also worked in the USA with NASA and many federal agencies. He managed information security strategies and undertook incident management and digital investigations. Dario currently works as strategic security advisor for many Board of Directors and C-Level Executives Worldwide. During his career, he has advised more than 150 companies with revenues above the 400Mln Euros annual turnover.

“Our mission is to harness machine learning and automation to orchestrate intelligence-driven Security Operations and Incident Response.”