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SR 2015 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies

The pioneer IT Support Provider: Nexus IT Consultants LLC

Nexus IT is one of Utah’s most recognized names for IT consulting and support (in fact, they have been named Park City’s Best IT Support Provider for three years continuously). In addition to tech support, they provide long-term strategy consulting that will carry today’s businesses through each new innovation that comes our way.

Utah based Nexus IT Consultants LLC was founded in 1998 by Earl Foote, an information technology leader and manager who has been working in the IT Services field for over seventeen years. Once dedicated to designing and implementing customized computer systems for audio/visual studios, Earl built Nexus IT from the ground-up. An original personal investment of $500 has since grown into a multi-million dollar company that serves as a trusted and recognized name in the Utah consulting market.

A pioneer in leveraging cloud technologies to create an entirely new kind of IT experience, Nexus IT makes a concerted effort to stay on top of technological advances, adopt these advances, and then become experts at them so that they can help clients be more efficient, save money, and create more stable IT resource environments. The trusted advisor and industry leader converts the entire IT infrastructure of the client and offers a complete IT-as-infrastructure solution as well as software and support costs that are rolled into a monthly, utility-based model without any upfront capital investment.

A legacy begins
Talking about what prompted him to start the company, Founder and CEO, Earl said, “We started by building customized computer systems for various audio/visual companies, and made the transition to generalized technological support as more and more businesses began incorporating complex computer systems into their daily operations.”

An IT support provider geared towards small- to medium-sized business owners, Nexus IT’s goal is to make smaller businesses function like larger ones by serving as their own personal IT department. By performing an in-depth analysis of the client or prospect’s need, objectives, and budget and then creating a custom solution to achieve all of those parameters, the company is able to fuse technology and each business’s unique situation, with utmost care and expertise. “Our clients turn to us for everything from web hosting and cloud storage to web development and VoIP phone services. What we do differently than other IT providers is leverage these services so that our clients have all the same technological capabilities as a Fortune 500 company-but without the cost. We handle the back end of their business needs so they can focus on what it is they do best. It’s win-win for all of us. We can set up VoIP phone services that allows them to connect an international team of employees who work remotely. We can design and maintain an online store that extends their reach to a global level. We can also build an IT framework that will support a huge surge in growth as their company changes and develops over the next few years. So even if a company only has one or two employees right now, we help them tap into a technology framework that will support them no matter where they go next”, added Earl.

“Nexus IT is like having the benefits of an IT department onsite…without the drawbacks of having an IT department onsite. Our clients get 24/7 access to our team of network engineers, web administrators, web developers, software designers, and tech support providers. However, because we operate as a separate entity, their overhead is much, much lower than it would be otherwise.”

Getting ready for the future
Talking about the challenges faced by the company, Earl said, “Because we are considered experts and leaders in our field, it is important for us to have a staff that’s always learning and growing. Therefore, finding the right team members and having enough time to stay on top of all the moving components of our business are both very important to us. We work hard to find the right receptive prospects that fit our desired client model. Our approach to supporting businesses is one that requires we work together as a cohesive team, so we want to make sure each client is a good fit before we start the process.”

That said, from serving clientele such as Salt Lake Brewing and Jans Mountain Outfitter to Basin Recreation and Franson Civil Engineers, the company has grown by leaps and bounds to become a popular name in Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, VoIP and Managed IT Services and Products; their present and future areas of focus.

Client Testimonials
“When it was time to make the decision to replace our old infrastructure or look toward a new cloud-based solution, the decision was clear. We were excited to move into a more progressive and forward thinking solution where the team could be as effective and efficient as possible. The flexibility of staff being able to work from anywhere with dependability was a big motivator. No longer needing complex disaster recovery plans, having automatic software updates, and feeling confident about security were other driving reasons to move to the cloud. We have worked with Nexus for all of our IT support needs and going through this transition with their help was the right choice that we are pleased we made.”
– Rena Jordan; Executive Director, Basin Recreation

“We were looking for a solution that could save our company money and ease connectivity to the office from satellite offices and during business trips. CompleteCloud has been that solution! In the past we leased our computer equipment based on the number of employees we had. At times this could be problematic as our work force will fluctuate from time to time. With CompleteCloud, we can adjust the number of users (and our monthly bill) as necessary so we don’t have unused equipment around the office.” – Kevin Franson; VP, Franson Civil

“I’m very conservative and was skeptical of going to the cloud and mobile solution when Nexus IT first recommended it. But the cost savings and benefits were just too hard to ignore, and since Nexus has never steered us wrong in the past, I decided to go for it.

In hindsight, this turned out to be one of the best IT decisions I’ve made. Not only does this lower our total IT cost of ownership (which goes right to the bottom line) but it has made it easier for our team to work and get things done.”
– Jack Walzer, General Manager, Jans Mountain Outfitters

“Your business can save money and time today with Nexus IT Consultants’ managed services, network solutions, IT support and more.”