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The Pioneer of Avant-Garde Paperless Solutions for the Last-Mile and Beyond: PALAXO International Ltd


For years, paper documentation has been the indispensable lifeblood for businesses. Most businesses are so used to paper that from a small bill to very important information, everything is documented in paper. But, with the advancement in technology, which brought numerous apps and IT tools that are readily available to businesses, it is more straightforward now than ever to eliminate paper from businesses of any size.

Over the years, many businesses from almost every industry have turned their processes paperless — paperless billing, paperless contracts, paperless receipts, and so on. A company where the use of paper is entirely eliminated or almost absent can be more elusive, but if a business can accomplish the goal of going paperless, then there are several advantages that can make the company more efficient and more scalable.

Transforming Business Experiences

With a belief that digital life should be painless and less frustrating, so that everyone could spend more time doing great things, in 2013, PALAXO International Ltd was founded.

Started out with the Czech based R&D team, MENA sales, and delivery organization based in Dubai, PALAXO develops top-notch software to make paperwork easier. From day one, the company strived to bridge the gap between the user experience of personal apps and online services and the complexity of enterprise applications. Even though the company sees paperwork as a highly important means of communication; not as a burden, its goal is to unleash the true potential of paperless initiatives in all different domains of human endeavor. And keeping that in mind, PALAXO design and build its product and services for a better digital experience.

PALAXO’s journey towards becoming the pioneer that delivers great paperless experience started with its flagship platform - CIRCULARO. Designed from the ground up, CIRCULARO is a secure, extensible and an easy to use digital transformation platform that delivers great paperless solutions with real business impact. The platform was built to make it much easier for organizations of any size to grasp the potential of paperless initiatives without the complexities of traditional ECM solutions. It is scalable, easy to deploy and easy to integrate into any existing ICT environments either on-site or in the cloud.

“CIRCULARO’s simplicity is its genius. Underneath it’s user-friendly and the familiar Google-like interface is a wealth of comprehensive and well thought-out features that make CIRCULARO the all-round best option for your business.”

Customer Centricity Is the Key

Helping a handsome amount of businesses to have an absolute paperless business environment, PALAXO has gained immense popularity in the market over the years. Improving the bottom line and eliminating the burden of costly and inefficient paper-based business communications, the company has never failed to meet its client’s expectations.

Steve Jobs once said, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” And PALAXO follows this with all its heart. The company has integrated customer feedback management directly into its applications and online services making it super easy for the clients to report any issue, raise any questions and get the fast response.

Today, PALAXO International is one of the most customer-centric firms that provide great user experience, simplicity, and reliability while using it’s innovative SW product and online services.

The Future Ahead

With a mission to be the best-of-breed paperless solutions provider for a better digital transformation, today the company is able to work with some of the world’s known companies making their business environment absolutely paperless.

“Our great advantage is that we can provide both fully managed hosted solutions and on-premise deployments. The business users are glad to see that in most cases we are able to deploy the whole solution to their existing website without any tough integration with their existing IT systems.”

For the near future, PALAXO is planning to launch its SignSmart, an eSigning solution, and service for the better business experience. Whether it is about client requests, collecting documents, capturing important evidence, verifying client’s identity, getting approvals or signing the final agreements, with SignSmart one can sign documents easily with its ID.

At present, many different CIRCULARO powered solutions and services are being used by the company’s clients in Europe and in the Middle East. And while the mission remains the same, PALAXO will try to expand its presence further to build new exciting services that everybody will enjoy.

Howdy Chief!

Josef Neumann, CEO of PALAXO International: Josef boast over 15 years of experience in the ICT business. He has started his career as a software developer and a technical consultant. Later on, Josef worked for various multinational companies in CEE region.

Josef participated in many international projects in different roles mainly related to business and management consultancy helping to bridge the gap between the challenging business needs and emerging technologies and solutions. His ultimate focus has always been about providing a platform that will make the paperless innovations a child’s play.

During his professional career, Josef learned how important the end users are for fulfilling the company strategy. He realized that the simplicity and the user experiences are far more important than anything else. He has spent last 5 years developing projects in Dubai and working closely with R&D team in Europe on building the next generation Digital Transformation Platform.

Josef holds a Ph.D. degree holder in Applied Informatics from the University of Economics, Prague.

"Whether you need to create new letters, manage existing documents, simplify your business processes or simply upload, archive and share any of your digital assets we got the right solution for you."