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The Platform for Care Pathway Automation – Lumeon


High Performance, Personalized, Predictable

Lumeon is a digital health company leveraging Care Pathway Management (CPM) to take a fresh approach to healthcare delivery. By looking across the entire continuum of care, it sees the bigger picture and addresses the system – not just the symptom – behind healthcare transformation.

The Lumeon Care Pathway Management Platform enables providers to:

  • create and automate their data-driven care pathways
  • unify clinical and administrative data
  • use advanced analytics to measure and refine services
  • share ‘best practice’ pathways on its Marketplace

For more than 10 years, the company has been spearheading a quiet revolution in healthcare. The firms now count most of the world’s largest providers as their clients and are deployed across 12 countries globally.

Together it is creating state of the art care pathways that generate the best possible outcomes at the lowest cost.

The company approaches care pathway management in its wider operational as well as clinical sense because all the parts in the system have to interact perfectly to deliver the best outcome at scale. Its goal is to work with providers to create care pathways that not only achieve better clinical outcomes but also put predictable demand on resources and significantly lower costs.

Good healthcare should be orientated toward value-based outcomes which are transparent and easy for all patients to comprehend. Underpinning this should be excellent care pathway models that are predictable, measurable and replicable; on a global level.

Starter Solutions

Lumeon’s Starter Solutions are the perfect way to get started with pathways. Healthcare providers can mix and match from its suite of rapidly deployable smaller pathways that reduce bottlenecks in the patient journey and generate rapid ROI. Starter solutions are designed to immediately tackle specific problem areas, from beginning stages of the journey e.g. referral management and patient preferences, right the way through to follow-up and recall.

When you are ready, you can easily add additional starter ‘lego’ blocks or branch out to one of its more extensive ‘signature’ pathways. Choose from a Lumeon template or engage one of its business analyst experts to help you design your own.

Signature Solutions

Lumeon Signature Solutions are designed for longitudinal management of your care process, often involving many more people. The solution that’s right for you will depend on the nature of the business problem you are trying to solve.

All Lumeon Signature Solutions can be adapted to your unique operational processes and the people that support them. Many of its clients find that starting small and evolving works for them, while others choose to focus on solving a particularly broader problem such as post-acute care or chronic disease management.

Introducing its Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform allows healthcare providers to create digital pathways that optimize care delivery and fluidly guide patients and care teams throughout the continuum.

Using the CPM platform, providers can leverage intelligent automation and orchestration to manage a shared plan of care across multiple teams and settings, automatically adjusting activities and deploying the right resource required for each individual.

The platform uses real-time data captured from patients, care teams and bi-directional integration with software such as EHRs, to keep everyone on course, presenting a ‘care-traffic control’ view of patient progress and automating tasks where possible.

Explore the solutions by market

Whether you are part of a large integrated network or a standalone setting, Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform can help you join the dots in care, uniting people, process and technology.

Enabling providers to automate and orchestrate a longitudinal plan of care, the firm offers a broad range of solutions for enterprise-level healthcare organizations to help them deploy pathways that lower operational costs and improve the patient experience.

 The Leader

Robbie Hughes | CEO and Founder

Robbie is the Founder and CEO of Lumeon. An engineer by training, he started the company after the first-hand experience of the impact that fragmented care delivery processes have on patient experience. Taking a step back to develop a fresh approach, he built the award-winning Care Pathway Management platform to connect care teams, patients and technology across the care continuum. The platform enables healthcare providers to automate and orchestrate end-to-end processes by creating their unique pathways.

Under Robbie’s leadership, Lumeon has grown to an enterprise-level solution, currently in use by 65 major healthcare providers across the US and Europe managing over six million patient lives. This year, Robbie was named Best Digital Healthcare CEO by GHP Magazine.

“We work with healthcare providers to design and automate care pathways that deliver measurably better outcomes at a lower cost.”