50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2016

The Revolutionary New Video Sharing and Chat Application

“With video distribution platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and the new, Amazon Video Direct (AVD), the latest entry in the growing content hosting playing-field; creators need easy and dynamic video creation tools and quick channels to facilitate sharing on these hosting platforms. VQuick is the missing link and the bridge, that will enable millions of new creators globally to collaborate, create new content, to entertain or to do social good, and grow this video revolution.”

Calling all Humanitarians: Join the challenge to #BringBackHumanity

If you have envisioned becoming a short film director and were looking for an application that was simple and easy, but brilliant enough to include all kinds of excellent features necessary for making great video content and do it within a few minutes, look no further than VQuick.

VQuick is a new collaborative video platform. It includes the mobile apps, the one-tap hosting and viewing/sharing servers, and publishing channels to well-known social networks. It includes many similar features found on the most popular instant messaging or video apps (Snapchat, Wickr, Yovo, etc.). It is a platform for aspiring professional filmmakers, citizen journalists, Vloggers and visual content generators, who live to create, share and collaborate on video projects.VQuick is also carving out a very unique place for itself as an app for promoting and inspiring a movement to share the best in humanity. And it is launching a campaign focused on videos that capture the everyday global “good Samaritans” who make this earth a better place for all of us to live.

“We are new in a space that is becoming crowded due to increased interest in sharing, collaboration, and content development platforms. Our challenge is to remain unique in the space and to promote the capabilities that will generate user interest and will make VQuick the go to app for power users,” said Richard TigranBezjian, President & CEO.

The company was recently chosen as one of the 24 Cool Tech Startups by Inc. Magazine. The VQuick app is now available for download on both iOS and Android.

“Take the #BringBackHumanity Challenge. Share your video clips, join the movement, and inspire others.”

A Powerful Way to Collaborate, Connect and Share
VQuick is the revolutionary next step in the mobile video/chat sharing space. It opens wider possibilities for global collaboration among individuals who would like the simplicity of working on projects together. VQuick wraps a host of new capabilities under one platform to accommodate the rise in citizen journalists, aspiring filmmakers and content aggregators. The application provides a powerful new way to collaborate, connect and share. It is an innovative tool for the “we generation” and their passion for being creative, original and being part of a community. The app has wrapped a host of new features and capabilities under one platform designed to promote and empower the creative spirit of its users.

Standing Tall Amongst Peers
A few of the new features that sets VQuick apart from competitors includes higher control over content, which means that users can chose whom to share with, where to share and they control when and if to engage the self-destruct feature. One of the most unique features of the VQuick app, is the Eyewitness Reporter tool that allows users to intro an interview or an event before alternating video frames from the reporter to the interviewee or to the event being covered – the perfect Citizen Journalist tool for everyone. One of the most distinguishing factors is the push by VQuick’s CEO, to inspire the use of the platform/app for social good. He hopes to inspire a movement to share the best in humanity.

Target Clientele
The app’s target users are Generation Z and Millennials. Both groups are considered power users and a driving force behind the success of this type of technology. Studies show they have been quick adapters of these new social platforms and are the ones driving engagement, usability and creativity. We are asking this group of young, motivated individuals to join our #BringBackHumanity challenge and to send in clips showing moments of people demonstrating the good that still exists around the world. Users can download the app on iOS or Android and submit their clips to the #BringBackHumanity challenge category under contests.

Future Outlook
The company’s desire is to continue enhancing the platform and the app’s features, making it better and more attractive to the global audience.VQuick, Inc. is focusing on the use of the app for social good by launching a campaign to collect videos from around the world that capture the good people do every day. The end result of the campaign is to edit the best submissions into a short film that will be released in Fall of 2016.

Take the ultimate #BringBackHumanity Challenge and join people around the world in making a difference. For news, tutorials and more, visit:

Knowing the Key Executive

Richard TigranBezjian, President & CEO – Richard held a number of high profile positions, starting with Hewlett-Packard, before founding and creating a list of successful tech organizations including Graphics Software, Inc. (later Mosaic); Boomerang Software which received “Best of the Best” and other industry awards; he invented and released the world’s first all-in-one E-Commerce solution “WebShop”, and was founder of Energize Global Services (EGS), a software and IT delivery platform. A graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, Richard holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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