SR 20 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies 2016

The trusted business intelligence and Big Data analytics expert: CBIG Consulting

“In today’s technology-dependent economy, organized management, analysis and leverage of real-time data
have become a necessity. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA, CBIG Consulting works with enterprises to build a roadmap to success with Business Intelligenceand Big Data Analytics.”

Chris Lynch, a popular author had once said, “Big Data is the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to cloud to gaming”. And since inception in 2002, CBIG Consulting and its operational success bears testimony to the potential and power of Big Data Analytics. The company that focuses exclusively on developing forward-thinking Business Intelligence (BI) services, channels the growing power of Big Data with its unique CBIG Framework methodology.

CBIG began operations in 2002 as a vendor neutral consulting group, focusing exclusively on services that promoted its expertise in business intelligence and data warehousing services. As technologies evolved, CBIG’s team developed innovative BI advancements to leverage the power of Big Data analytics and Cloud technology. Fast forward to today, CBIG’s professionals continue to support clients and one another in leveraging their collective knowledge gained in over 500 projects that have helped enterprises increase their value and competitive edge. Ideally positioned to help enterprises discover, develop, and then realize their business potential, the strategic management-oriented firm does much of its work by collaborating with marketing, sales, financial and operations executives to better understand their organization’s challenges as well as big-picture goals. Using field-tested methodologies, the company adopts best-practice approaches to develop clear needs assessments, roadmaps, delivery systems, Proof-of-Value exercises to test recommendations, and ongoing support as required.

Additionally, the firm attributes much of its growth in the industry to paying attention—not only to advancements in data science, new software solutions, or evolving technology—but to the “what if” creative requests that its clients make that can break through perceived limits of technology in solving their daily challenges.

The undisputed Market Leader’s Offerings
CBIG’s current focus is on strategic, business-focused solutions—marketing analytics, competitive intelligence, data monetization, and sales analytics. CBIG’s Lean™ analytics services offer a streamlined approach to data management and analysis that gives stakeholders faster access and overall control of their data, in real time. Combining this Lean technology with its CBIG Cloud™ capability provides transformative results, enabling clients to achieve a secure, fully-managed, preconfigured solution. All of these products and services give users better access to data, with dashboards and other analytic tools designed to work via any web-enabled device.

In recent times, CBIG has experienced an increasing global demand for better business intelligence, with definite preferences for specific offerings based on the geographies the firm serves. In many regions, particularly within the U.S., the company’s strategic consulting services that focus on marketing analytics, competitive intelligence, and data monetization initiatives are in high demand. In the Asia-Pacific region, however, CBIG Lean™ analytics combined with cloud services to manage Big Data endeavors has enjoyed tremendous success.

Plans for the days ahead
With its goal being to help clients be successful by analyzing the vast amounts of data they collect, and transforming that data into information and insight, CBIG is finalizing plans to add offices that can best serve growing client demand in its CBIG Lean™ and CBIG Cloud™ advanced technology. It is also introducing strategic programs in Marketing Intelligence and Predictive Analytics that have enjoyed success in other regions.

A pioneer in the rapidly evolving field of Big Data and Business Intelligence, John Onder is recognized as a leading expert in the strategy, planning and implementation of business intelligence, data warehouse and big data analytics solutions. With over 25 years of experience, he has led successful engagements for Fortune 1000 organizations, federal government departments, multiple State governments, higher education institutions and non-profit organizations. In his past roles as the President or Practice Leader within multiple business intelligence and data warehouse consulting organizations, John has been responsible for the planning, leadership and growth of worldwide services practices. As a founding Principal at CBIG, he continues to guide the direction of the firm’s growth and service offerings. He actively cultivates emergent technologies and services within the firm, and makes it a priority to engage top talent in the business intelligence field to execute CBIG’s projects with the highest degree of expertise. His position extends to expanding relationships with industry thought leaders and developing strategic partnerships with clients to further their goals. He has written extensively on the subject of business intelligence, authored methodologies in use today, and regularly speaks at industry conferences.John obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Maryland.

Quick Facts

  • Office Locations: Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Austin, Raleigh, and Seattle in the U.S.; Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore serving the Asia-Pacific region; and London serving the EMEA region.
  • Key Executive Team: John Onder, Todd Nash, Don Arendarczyk, John Harmann, Cameron Price, Gerard Skybey, Vince Belanger, John Huffman, Matt Mueller
  • Clientele: CBIG’s clientele comes from a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance and insurance, pharmaceutical and life sciences, utilities and telecommunications, higher education, consumer packaged goods, retail, transportation and logistics, Internet and technology, and industrial manufacturing.
  • USP: The CBIG team believes that their USP is the drive to continually innovate and push the envelope in finding creative solutions that resolve the challenges that clients throw at them. The driving force or differentiator in work is the Principal leaders’ involvement from start to finish, with an emphasis on creating clear, strategic roadmaps before developing the technology to get there. To maintain the integrity of this well-developed strategy, the company brings in the technical delivery teams for solution development and deployment, and finally turns to its ongoing support services professionals to achieve truly sustainable, complete life-cycle solutions. To maintain the integrity of this well-developed strategy, the company brings in the technical delivery teams for solution development and deployment, and finally turns to its ongoing support services professionals to achieve truly sustainable, complete life-cycle solutions