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The Ultimate Cloud Management Platform: CloudCheckr

thesiliconreview-aaron-newman-cofounder-ceo-cloudcheckr-2017Our solution offers a single pane of glass view to help modern enterprises manage and optimize their public cloud.

The New York-based CloudCheckr unifies IT, security and finance teams around the cloud and provides total visibility, deep insight, and cloud automation and governance. CloudCheckr is a comprehensive cloud management solution, helping businesses manage and automate cost as well as security for their public cloud environments. The company is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with Security and Government competencies, as well as a certified Silver Partner with Azure, to support multi- or hybrid-cloud strategies. CloudCheckr has received constant accolades regarding its ease of use and powerful information that is made easily accessible through dashboards and reports.

Incipience of the CloudCheckr

CloudCheckr was set up in 2011 to help organizations optimize how they make their move into the cloud. It was originally built to help with the AWS ecosystem but has since expanded to a multi-cloud management platform that serves Azure users, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, and others. The company’s solutions are ideal for empowering IT, finance, DevOps and security professionals to keep costs in check, take a strong security posture, and automate key tasks that make their entire cloud ecosystem more efficient.

The firm has over 5,000 users across the globe, ranging from hot startups to large Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies to leading managed service providers. CloudCheckr manages over $1 billion USD in annual AWS spending and prides itself on helping its customers turbocharge their cloud adoption. CloudCheckr turns complexity and chaos into clarity to help keep cloud environments in check.

Scale Your Cloud with Confidence with CloudCheckr

CloudCheckr has the most respected CMP in the industry because of its ability to quickly and thoroughly deliver cost savings, locked-down security, and intelligent automation for users. It is focused on delivering new features for Oracle, Azure and Google Cloud Platform users while strengthening its support for AWS and VMware.

The company offers a cloud management platform with two central modules: Cost and Expense Management, and Security and Compliance. Both modules include a variety of services, including 500 analyst-approved Best Practice Checks that enable users to meet and exceed industry standards in those areas.

The company continues to add features that enable customers to easily align with the 500+ Best Practice Checks that are built into the CloudCheckr platform. Additionally, CloudCheckr has built new tools such as Migrate for VMware, ZoneCheckr and more, which simplify key tasks and are available for free for anyone to use.

Empowering Employees Brings About Innovation

CloudCheckr invests heavily in its talented workforce, many of whom come from local tech school RIT. By empowering and leaning on those sharp and innovative minds, the company is able to quickly roll out new and useful features. At CloudCheckr, Employees don’t just have a decent outlet for sharing observations and ideas. They regularly get to see their creativity and ideas brought to life. New features and product details are integrated into the product line on a regular basis. Everyone pushes one another to deliver on their best ideas, and that often leads to new value-added tools and services that anticipate customer needs before the market asks Recent examples include BlobCheckr, ZoneCheckr and Migrate for VMware. CloudCheckr anticipates doubling its employees within the next year.

A Tribute to Success: Customers’ Testimonials

“By offering total visibility and valuable recommendations, CloudCheckr helps people feel even more comfortable stepping into the AWS Cloud.” - Sarah Christen Assistant Director of Community Platforms and Cloudification Services, Cornell University.

“After looking at all the leading tools in the market, we found CloudCheckr offered us the best solution for full visibility and control. Within the first two weeks of using CloudCheckr, we saw immediate results and a very quick return on investment. Having all our data in one consolidated, easy-to-manage platform has helped us significantly reduce our AWS bill.” - Andy Wicks, Product Owner, AWS Cloud Services Ocado Technology, Ocado Group.

“CloudCheckr’s change reports and best practice recommendations reveal whether security group access permissions for an AWS account provide users greater access than needed to do their job. That lets us immediately fix any vulnerability before it turns into a true security issue.” - Dave North Director of DevOps, Signiant.

Plaudits for the Founding Duo

Aaron Newman, Co-Founder, and CEO: Newman is a serial entrepreneur who has previously founded and sold three other successful startups. He is an acclaimed international speaker on technology topics and has been awarded multiple patents in database security and social media. Newman was the Founder and President of Techrigy, Inc, until the summer of 2009 when Techrigy was acquired by Alterian, PLC. Prior to Techrigy, Newman founded and served as CTO at Application Security, Inc. Prior to AppSecInc, Newman founded DbSecure, Inc. and then led the acquisition of DbSecure by the publicly-traded company Internet Security Systems (ISSX) in 1998. Prior to DbSecure, Newman held technology positions at Price Waterhouse, Bankers Trust, and as an independent IT consultant. Newman proudly served in the U.S. Army during the First Gulf War.

Aaron Klein, Co-Founder, and COO: Klein brings a deep knowledge of cloud architecture and over 20 years of managerial experience and vision to his role at CloudCheckr. He has held leading roles in diverse organizations ranging from small entrepreneurial startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises. Prior to founding CloudCheckr in 2011, Klein founded and directed Brighton Global Assets, LLC, (BGA) a financial management company. Prior to BGA, he directed trading and proprietary teams at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, and other global banking institutions. Klein earned a J.D. from State University of New York at Buffalo and a B.A. from Brandeis University.

“Our most common compliment is that CloudCheckr is easy to use, and offers peace of mind that the user’s cloud ecosystem is optimized and secure.”