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The ultimate way to generate repeat business: eRelevance Corp.

thesiliconreview-bob-fabbio-ceo-erelevance-corp-17Sophisticated Marketing Simplified  

As a small business, choices for customer marketing to generate repeat business were once limited to paying slow, expensive consultants or trying to do the work on its own with antiquated tools. There are plenty of tools and platforms for marketers. But what are missing for most small and even medium sized businesses are the resources. The time has come for better customer marketing that gets results – delivered as a service and priced right for small business. And that’s where eRelevance Corp. comes into the scenario.

In July 2013, three brilliant minds, Robert Fabbio, Lance Obermeyer, and Timothy Smith recognized that most small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford to pay for sophisticated marketing consultants or sophisticated marketing automation software. And to help these businesses, eRelevance was established. The founders of the firm collectively are associated with 12 start-ups that have created over $1.5B of shareholder value at time of exit.

Located in Austin, Texas, a heartbeat of culture and technology, eRelevance provides a Marketing Automation Service to small to medium-sized businesses. At eRelevance, the marketing experts use sophisticated technology to digitally surround your customers – keeping them coming back to you and away from competitors.

The motto behind the establishment of eRelevance was to produce the ultimate way for small to medium-sized companies to generate business from its customers. What emerged is a Marketing Automation Service that is the perfect combination of marketing experts and sophisticated technology that eliminates cost, effort, and complexity.  Unlike others, eRelevance created a service that delivers great results at the right price.


“We are taking customer marketing off the shoulders of the small to medium-sized business and placing it into the hands of marketing experts.”

Sectors reaping the rewards

eRelevance has a bag full of industries that it serves. Any small to medium-sized business can benefit from the eRelevance Marketing Automation Service. If one can’t measure the effectiveness of its customer marketing efforts or do not have the time or expertise to generate repeat business from its customer, eRelevance’s Marketing Automation Service is the best option to go for. eRelevance serves several industries with its world class service, but healthcare industry has got the spotlight. Today, more than ever, healthcare practices are trying to stay connected to their patients and prospective patients. However, once a patient leaves the office, it is very challenging to keep them engaged.

eRelevance’s Marketing Automation Service is proven to drive repeat business from the existing customers – delivering 5X return on investment every month. The company gives access to marketing experts equipped with innovative technology.

Culture at eRelevance

At eRelevance, the culture is defined by the company’s set of values and beliefs:

  • Attentive
  • Trusted
  • Transparent
  • Courageous
  • Agile
  • Accountable Creative
  • Collaborative

eRelevance is a customer centric firm; it listens to both its external and internal customers’ needs and works hard to exceed their expectations. 

eRelevance provides a healthy work environment. The company always communicates openly, fully, accurately, respectfully, truthfully, and proactively to eliminate misunderstandings and water cooler discussions. It has an environment where people are required to be part of the solution, not the problem. eRelevance take risks, express freely, and isn’t afraid to fail.

The company is very decisive, swift, and focused – never losing sight of the goals set to create value. To better serve its customers and change the rules, eRelevance continually look for new and innovative ways.

It is always challenging people to function at their highest and best levels.

eRelevance Corp. makes sure that the values and beliefs of the company always act as a spine to the company and keeps the culture of the workplace alive.

Happy Customers

eRelevance is passionate about providing a sophisticated customer marketing service that delights our customers. The testimonials say it all; how popular and amazing eRelevance’s services are.

"The response to our use of eRelevance so far has been overwhelming. So much so that we've needed to change our staffing and add hours to accommodate demand as a result of eRelevance's efforts. In fact we're even considering opening a new location based on the increased demand. I've also been pleasantly surprised to see the overall lift in interest in our practice – even beyond the campaigns we've run. Simply put, eRelevance provides a wonderful opportunity for patients to get back in touch."

- DR. Maria Sophocles, obstetrician-Gynecologist, Women’s Healthcare Of Princeton

“We’re getting appointment requests from clients we didn’t reach before and hadn’t seen in years. We love the service, and people tell us they love what we’re doing.” - Selena Rocker, Owner & Business Manager, Skinology

“When I talk to other practices, I tell them the people at eRelevance are the experts in email marketing to patients. You can’t do better or know more than they do about what works.”- Fiona Chan, Director of Digital Marketing, Wave Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Laser Center

Bob is known as a visionary and successful serial entrepreneur. He founded and built multiple industry-leading healthcare and technology companies by identifying large emerging markets; gaining intimate knowledge of market needs; challenging conventional wisdom; and bringing targeted, innovative solutions to those markets. Bob has functioned as a CEO, board director and venture capitalist for over 25 years, with notable experience launching, funding, growing, and managing innovative and category-creating companies.

Bob received a B.A. in chemistry/computer science from SUNY at Potsdam and an M.S. in computer science and technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

“Our powerful combination of marketing experts and technology delivers real results in a way that’s simple and affordable for you. eRelevance is sophisticated marketing simplified.”