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50 Fastest Growing Companies Of The Year 2018

The Undisputed Global Leader in Engineering and Design Services: Aricent

thesiliconreview-frank-kern-ceo-aricent-2018We bring intelligence to the customer experience through innovative, design-integrated engineering.

Aricent takes pride in partnering with the world’s leading technology brands. Together we’re responsible for innovations that have created new markets worth billions. Working with Aricent means having a highly skilled leadership team that’s focused on your projects and understands how to create a framework for consistent innovation.

Deep Dive into Aricent

Aricent designs and develops software building blocks that can dramatically accelerate new product development. Each framework or component represents years of R&D effort and typically shortens the time to market by 30-60%. The software is licensable and is currently used by 500+ OEMs, 100+ carrier networks, and over 500 million devices worldwide. Each software solution can have defined SLAs and 24x7 Help Desk with Tier 3/Tier 4 support. Our software solutions are made available through flexible licensing models:

  • Offered as a source or binary code with annual maintenance
  • Upfront license fee and a royalty based on deployments
  • Pre-paid or royalty buyouts
  • Lab license for non-commercial purposes
  • Co-investment with 'seed clients' for new technologies

Innovating For Customers in the Digital Era

Aricent’s research shows that successful R&D-driven companies are competing aggressively on outcomes. These companies have a culture that anticipates disruption and introduces offerings that create sustainable value from IoT. They are digitally durable.

It’s not enough to embrace the new digital era. The existential challenge for companies today is to become digitally durable—to anticipate disruption and transform processes and products to compete on outcomes. Whether it’s understanding the profound impact of self-driving cars on transportation or being a part of the smart-energy revolution, simply closing the digital gap is no longer sufficient.

At the epicenter of the transformation is the R&D organization. R&D is responsible for innovating the design, development, and support of the company’s products and services as the implications of Industry 4.0 —specifically the Internet of Things (IoT)—become a reality. Designers and engineers must not just stumble on a hit but systematically arrive at compelling offerings that generate sustainable value from digital technology.

A key challenge for most companies will be arriving at meaningful outcomes through the choreography of software, hardware, connectivity, and the ideal user experience.

Aricent: Engineering the Future

Aricent is a global design and engineering company innovating for customers in the digital era. We help our clients lead into the future by solving their most complex and mission-critical issues through customized solutions. For decades, we have helped companies do new things and scale with intention. We bring differentiated value and capability in focused industries to help transform products, brands, and companies. 

Software Services Offered

Digital Design Services: Digital Design Services bring the total value of our capabilities from human-centered design, digital transformation to product realization. We are uniquely able to transform businesses at scale by creating systems of the brand, product, and service that deliver a distinctly better experience.

Software Product Development: In a digital era value creation lies in software. We translate emerging trends into viable products and services, revenue streams and new business models.

Systems & Silicon Development: From chip design to board design we help provide the talent and capacity for new product development, shorten time to market, increase derivative portfolio and drive revenue.

Testing Services: Bringing AI/ML to testing, Aricent is the partner of choice for top manufacturers and service providers.

Product Services & Support: Comprehensive set of post-development capabilities that allow companies to focus on long-term customer relationships.

Product Sustenance & Maintenance: With our unique Product Transformation Services (PTS) and full scope product support services, we help clients extend the life of their core products, improve product performance and amplify market relevance, revenue potential, and profitability. We develop product roadmaps that leverage new technologies and development methodologies, allowing customers to focus on investments in their new product portfolios which are paid for by the improved financial performance of their mature products.

Case Study

Re-engineering the next generation wireless gateway:

The customer is a tier 2 North American Communication Equipment provider with R and D centers across the globe. The customer’s primary business focus is on making IP based real-time communications software products and solutions.


  • Generate new revenue streams with its already deployed platform, as its 3G and CDMA clients were rapidly adopting and carrier Wi-Fi.
  • Development of highly scalable and high-performance data plane.
  • The movement to the newer high-performance platform to scale its product that was limited by its hard to support proprietary hardware.


The customer approached Aricent for carrying out the product development as Aricent could offer COTS platform based ready offering to reduce time to time market and Capex. Aricent took complete ownership for re-engineering the client’s security gateway and changed the client proprietary hardware to commercial off the shelf. It also provided SAMOG Gateway, a TTG ePDG control-plane field deployed software to build Wi-Fi offload support in the gateway.

About the CEO

Frank Kern, Chief Executive Officer:

Frank Kern is the Chief Executive Officer of Aricent and a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to Aricent, Frank was with IBM for over thirty years in various leadership roles including Senior Vice President, Global Business Services, Senior Vice-President Sales and Distribution and President, Asia Pacific.

"We are dedicated to helping our clients connect the world, improve lives, and build a better future...and the future is about developing intelligence into products and services to dramatically improve the customer experience."

“We help the world's leading companies solve their most important business and technology innovation challenges - from Customer to Chip.”