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30 Best Tech Companies in Asia 2019

The world leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education:Eon reality



Eon reality sees a future where the forces of AI, IoT, AR, and VR come together to propel human-computer interaction to new levels. It imagines a world where man and machine intelligence work together for mutual benefit and technology empowers people, rather than pacifying them.

The Human 2.0 Consortium

Announcing the Human 2.0 Consortium – to empower people around the world to combat the growing job displacement and joblessness created by technology disruption. This is achieved by empowering students and workers with an advanced Augmented and Virtual Reality platform that improves knowledge transfer and creates a symbiosis between man and machine. Traditional knowledge transfer methods cannot keep up with the rapid pace of change leaving those displaced by technological change unable to find new employment.

Technology Disruption

Technology disruption is resulting in a massive shift in the job market with millions of jobs rendered obsolete while, at the same time, new positions and industries are being created. The pace of change is only accelerating and most jobs that exist today will disappear within the next few decades. Along with this change in the job market, there is also a rapid expansion of the knowledge needed to be competitive in the labour force. At the end of World War Two, knowledge was doubling every twenty-five years allowing one’s initial education to last a whole career. Today, knowledge is doubling every year which requires continual learning and ongoing knowledge transfer to remain competitive.

The challenge is on two fronts: how to help the 2.5 Billion workers lacking ICT support who risk becoming victims of AI and automation, and 1.3 Billion students who are coming of age in a world where they need to learn more with less time and less money.

The Workplace

Work-force productivity growth has slowed to a snail’s pace. The productivity growth rate in the US from 2005-2014 was half that of the preceding decade. Slow productivity growth leads to poor economic growth and stagnant wages which can have serious social and political repercussions. A key to maintaining high productivity growth rates is educational attainment and development of human capital. A growing shortage of skilled technology workers is resulting in an increasing gap between job openings and hires. For example, 2 of the 3.5 million new US manufacturing jobs will go unfilled over the next decade.

EON Reality Education

EON Reality founded EON Reality Education, a non-profit, to focus on advancing the cause of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) education and research.

Innovation in Education

EON Reality Education is a non-profit focused on advancing the cause of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) education and research. It will do this by assisting EON Reality in executing its Human 2.0 vision by identifying and proposing areas of research to elevate man and machine interaction via AR and VR.

The Founding Father

Dan Lejerskar, Founder

Lejerskar began his career at Volvo Aerospace as program manager for the Arianne 5 rocket program for the main engine rocket, where he was responsible for the coordination and development between Volvo, MBB, Fiat and SEP.

He then founded PFAB (Projektledning Portugal AB), a subsidiary in Portugal with Escandinavas Ltd., which developed construction and real estate. As CEO, Lejerskar built the company from a two-person operation to over 300 people. He also founded and ran PKAB, a company that focused on numerical simulation for virtual reality and interactive 3D.

In 1999, he co-founded EON Reality and also headed, a company which developed interactive 3D focusing on development, content and application. The company grew organically to a peak of US$240 million.

In 2009, he co-founded Greenwave Systems, a company which accelerates Internet of Things with a software and services platform that enables managed services simply, affordable and at scale. He helped grow that company organically to a US$190 million value.

His awards include Most Accomplished Businessman for Fastest Growing Company in Sweden, Co-winner with the CEO of Volvo AB of Chalmers University of Technology Daleen Prize, and Entrepreneur of the Year. He has been selected to speak in the capacity of a VR expert to the Asian Leadership Conference in 2015 and 2016.

Lejerskar holds dual Masters of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from the Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

“We believe that knowledge is a Human Right, and it’s our goal to make knowledge available, affordable, and accessible for every human on the planet. To do this, we’re creating the next generation of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools to increase the world’s knowledge transfer capabilities.”