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50 Best Workplaces of the year 2016

Think Passion, Vision, Results. Think Pathoras


“We at Pathoras promise to always put our Nation’s Mission in the forefront.”

The Pathoras Mission – The term “Pathoras” is a culmination of two Greek words, pathos orasi, which means “passion vision”. As an organization, Pathoras has an impassioned vision to assist the public and private sectors in securing the nation’s well-being, interests, and infrastructure. The company’s Niche Capability – Fusing Analysis and Software Engineering to identify/create relevant analytical solutions, give time back to analysts, and enable technical and analytical efficiencies in support of the mission.

Securing the path for the future
Pathoras conducts a myriad of service offerings, from IT to analytics, to language enabled services, project management, change management, workflow management, and business process engineering with it’s specialty focusing in the fusion of those services. “Customers and competitors alike have asked us, why has Pathoras succeeded in accomplishing challenges where others have not? This forced us to realize that among all of the team’s successes was a common denominator the conglomeration of IT, business process, change management, project management, and business mission. This common denominator could be formalized and used by its customers for their own benefit. So, we formalized the Pathoras proven framework, RELEVANCETM to enable efficiencies, save time, money & resources, and to increase business mission impact,” the Pathoras President said. This includes a published book on how to use RELEVANCETM (also known as The Relevance PathTM) to optimize productivity, with a formalized training program that teaches students a codified way to identify real business mission needs and goals across business areas such as Analysis, IT, linguistics, business process, project management, and change management. RELEVANCETM is formally documenting the niche processes – the fusion of analysis and IT to maximize product relevancy and productivity to customers. The Relevance PathTM saved Pathoras’ customers millions in unproductive costs and more than doubled business capabilities for projects its supported.

Hard, but doable!
One challenge is ensuring that the human aspects of technology remain paramount as technology continues to expand. In a day and age where technology changes at the speed of light, what’s not changing is the public’s ability to understand the value of new cutting edge technologies, let alone how or why those technologies exist. “We live in a world that dives right into the latest technology, where continuing to establish a human connection often fails. So, consumers lose understanding of technology’s value. We consider such human interactions critical to technology’s success, but often find that human interaction is less a part of the technology culture and more a happenstance byproduct,” the Pathoras executives say.

The Client Spectrum
Target areas are teams and organizations who want to excel in any projects they undertake, who are open to integrating efficiencies to maximize productivity. The company works with many clients who do not have technical savviness and are often bogged down by inefficient manual labor processes. Pathoras thrives in being able to show clients value in instituting technical processes for business impact. This oftentimes results in its team supporting the clients in a variety of facets, to include a conglomeration of Business Process (Re)-Engineering, Program Management, Change Management, and IT processes ranging from Agile to DevOps methodologies, all in concert with its Pathoras Proprietary processes and framework, RELEVANCETM. The clients include, Fortune 100 Clients, Fortune 500 Clients, and other Public Sector companies.

Pathoras clients are extremely satisfied with their services and ability to help customers reach new project goals they often deemed not possible. “Over 90% of our staff has received such awards, kudos, and commendations from a variety of our customers within the past year alone,” the Pathoras executives say.

One example of how the personnel have established efficiencies and brought business capabilities to a new level: Pathoras personnel managed a project where process analysis identified delinquent records and duplicative efforts. Pathoras personnel also managed the client’s annual data validation exercise, ensuring accuracy and compliance with mandatory audits. The result: Project completion three months early, an over 72% increase in the total number of data fields to be analyzed, and “closed” an Inspector General Audit recommendation that had been outstanding for over 20 years.

Meet the Executive Trio

Marcy Eisenberg is the President and Co-Founder of Pathoras Corporation, a consulting and government contracting firm that specializes in developing value, increasing efficiency, optimizing mission, and ensuring relevancy for customers in the public and commercial sectors. She has supported the public sector for over a decade, where she served as the Deputy Program Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, and Lead Trainer for a series of projects for premier government agencies. For the past 15+ years she has served in roles supporting commercial companies, as well as federal, state, and local governments, to include the House of Representatives, the United States Senate, the Department of Justice, and the states of Virginia and New York. Eisenberg was awarded a Masters of Economics from George Mason University and a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from the State University of New York College at Geneseo.

Andrew Biechlin is the Senior Vice President and Co-Founder of Pathoras, a consulting firm that is a two-time recipient honoree of the INC500 and INC 5000 list, a 2016 honoree of Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, and INC’s 2016 Top 50 Best Small to Mid-Size Workplaces in the United States. Biechlin has served nearly 20 years supporting the public and commercial sectors with a multi-faceted analytics and software development background specializing in data collaboration, integration, and data mining.

Scott Miller is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at Pathoras. He has over 25 years of experience in the public, commercial, and financial sectors, where he has conducted financial analysis and asset management in regards to financial institutions and government corporations. Miller has served as a software engineer, data/process improvement analyst, and financial officer while supporting the public and commercial sectors. Miller ensures that Pathoras remains functionally agile, financially stable, and reliably competitive.

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