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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

“Through energy audits, innovative engineering, renewable solutions and deep energy retrofits, we apply forward-thinking technology to the challenges of reducing energy costs, controlling emissions, and enhancing energy security”: Ameresco


Renewables are great for our energy portfolio because they are inexhaustible and won’t pollute the planet for us or future generations by emitting toxic chemicals and gases. While some regions and countries have grown wealthy and benefitted from their proximity to coal, gas, and oil reserves, not all places have access to fossil fuel, which has made economic development difficult in some areas. However, nearly every location has access to sunlight, wind, and the geothermal power from the Earth, so harnessing these sources of renewable energy could be a great democratizing force, offering affordable and plentiful power to almost all corners of the globe.

While increased energy use clearly has many benefits, we are also becoming increasingly aware of the negative impacts of energy use. We experience these negative impacts globally and locally in the form of climate change (and the associated effects) and degradation of local environments in terms of poor air quality, degradation of soils (leading to desertification in extreme cases), resource depletion (e.g. water) and noise pollution. However, more efficient use of energy at all stages of the supply/demand chain could reduce the negative impacts of energy consumption, while still allowing the same economic development.

By utilizing the benefits of renewable sources and energy efficiency, Ameresco caught the eye of those enterprises which were looking for these services. Passionate in his belief towards energy efficiency, Mr. Sakellaris founded Ameresco in 2000. He aspired to build a product-neutral and supplier-independent energy company with the skills, capabilities and foresight to create independent energy solutions to resolve each customer’s unique requirements. He built a company that not only addressed conservation measures, but also focused on the customer’s entire energy stream including supply and demand, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Ameresco, Inc. is a leading independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for facilities throughout North America and the United Kingdom, delivering long-term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies.

Linchpin of Ameresco

Long ago Mr. Sakellaris recognized that energy consumption had a profound effect on economics and the environment and he dedicated his career to finding ways to cost effectively reduce it. Energy efficiency is the greatest and most compelling global energy resource, and acknowledging and embracing efficiency is the key.

Ameresco focuses on deploying efficiency to maximize the use of energy from all resources, and embrace efficiency as the first energy resource. Energy efficiency is self-funded, makes very good economic sense for customers and there is tremendous untapped potential. With energy savings performance contracts (ESPC), customers benefit from budget-neutral solutions with repayment through guaranteed savings. Efficiency services are widely available, have a quick pay-back, can be financed, and with ongoing advances in technology will continue to help drive additional savings for customers.

Unique as a blue diamond

Ameresco serves a wide-range of customers including Federal, state and local government, colleges and universities, healthcare, k-12 schools, institutions, public housing, and commercial, industrial and manufacturing companies. When an organization contacts Ameresco they are generally looking for cost savings, infrastructure upgrades, renewable solutions, solutions to reduce their operations and maintenance costs, financing and to meet sustainability and compliance goals. As the leading independent energy services provider, organizations also contact Ameresco for the solid technical team, energy experience and expertise, and innovative solutions.

The team is focused on the customer and customer satisfaction, and delivers the best solution based on the customer’s unique requirements. Ameresco’s comprehensive solutions continue to evolve as technology advances, and based on customer requirements. Overall, the Company saves money for customers and provides comprehensive and fully integrated, fiscally prudent and socially responsible solutions to fulfill their needs and goals, and assists in securing low-cost financing and financing their upgrades through savings.

Factors to be triumphant

  • Ameresco’s highly-talented team has tremendous depth and breadth, and is at the forefront in helping drive innovation.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Ameresco is a one-stop comprehensive service provider offering a full-range of energy, energy efficiency, renewable, and distributed generation solutions with a flexible and differentiated model depending on the customer’s preference (design, build, own, operate and maintain).
  • Ameresco is an independent technology-agnostic company which is not aligned with a single vendor and evaluates the best solutions for customers without product- or vendor-bias.
  • Ameresco’s national/international footprint and local presence.

Why espouse Ameresco?

Accurate and relevant energy information is the foundation of any energy efficiency, renewable energy or integrated energy management plan. When robust energy information is available, public and private enterprises can make decisions that deliver meaningful savings and environmental benefits.

Ameresco offers asset and energy information tools that go beyond the standard energy data to provide continual, real-time information about energy use that organizations can use to negotiate energy contracts, maintain carbon compliance and certifications or isolate poorly performing energy systems that can deliver measurable return on investment with energy upgrades. 

In addition, Ameresco focuses on deploying efficiency to maximize the use of energy from all resources, and embraces efficiency as the first energy resource. Energy efficiency is self-funded, makes very good economic sense for customers and there is tremendous untapped potential.

Greet the superlative

George P. Sakellaris is the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ameresco, Inc. Sakellaris is a visionary, entrepreneur and leader in the energy industry, well-known for his commitment to energy efficiency.

Sakellaris earned both M.B.A. and M.S.E.E. degrees from Northeastern University and a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Maine - Orono. In May 2012, the University of Maine granted him an Honorary Doctorate for his lifetime of achievements, recognizing his dedication and exemplary leadership in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. In May 2017, the University of Maine again honored Mr. Sakellaris with his induction as a Hall of Fame Member of the Francis Crowe Society.

"We specialize in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Energy Information Management, Energy Infrastructure Management, Energy Supply Management and much more to support our customers’ comprehensive energy requirements.”