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“To help your business operate seamlessly with fast, reliable, and secure internet and network solutions”: Massive Networks

thesiliconreview-paul-mako-ceo-massive-networks-17Speed, reliability and global connectivity are the factors that help businesses grow and stay connected within the networking industry. Enterprise customers are continually looking for more choices when it comes to designing networks that can flexibly and quickly address the ever-changing workload requirements. In this scenario, ensuring the safety of the network is equally important as managing it. With more than 1.7 million fiber-lit buildings across North America, Massive Networks work with all the main providers to procure the most cost-effective network connections available.

Managing the Networks around

Massive Networks is a US-based telecommunications company founded in 2001. The enterprise-class data transport solution provider, headquartered out of Louisville, Colorado, offers high-speed blended bandwidth and private line connections to 1.7 million fiber-lit buildings, data centers, and cloud providers nationwide. It provides Managed Wide Area Network solutions across the entire US domestic carrier ecosystem and across 181 countries worldwide. The company’s vision is to enable fast, reliable, secure Internet and network solutions that can help businesses run seamlessly using an interconnected methodology. Massive provides superior IP network and core infrastructure that is redundant across multiple carriers, multiple ISPs, as well as fiber providers and can deliver multiple network solutions on diverse fiber providers in a single building.

The Unique Solution

As Cloud technology continues to grow, Massive Networks offers cloud exchange services that can connect directly to all major cloud providers. So, instead of investing in an MPLS and VPN at a high cost, you can extend your organization's Local Area Network (LAN) to cloud providers all within a private layer-2 network approach. Most carriers offer bandwidth through one connection; Massive differs in its unique ability to blend carrier connections (up to 12) in one single solution. Though their primary focus is not dedicated to bandwidth, their blended approach provides clients with an "always on, always available" solution providing the customer with a unique blend of reliable Internet as just one of many services on their OnePipe Multi-Connect Solution. Massive Networks is known for this multitasking circuit expertise. Although there are competitors in the industry, Massive Networks stands out as it makes it easy for IT Managers, Directors, and administrators to work with by offering everything, all in one solution.

The fading age of MPLS and VPN

The telecom industry is shifting. The age of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) has already come to an end and Cloud technology has become the technology to fill that gap. But, secure network connections are always essentials for protecting the critical data that is being stored and transferred through the cloud. Along with its custom-designed network solutions, Massive Networks offers three general solution sets; Premium-Blended Internet, Managed Network Services, and Data Center solutions. The blended multicarrier fiber-optic network delivers secure, high-performance Internet and Private Line connections to 1.7 million fiber-lit buildings, data centers, and Cloud providers. This blended approach to Layer 2 and Layer 3 network design offers customers multiple paths to segment bandwidth-intensive services like voice, data, web services, video, and backups all on a single Ethernet handoff from Massive’s fiber backbone.

For a better connection

Security is imperative in this connected world. For managing the network connections of business firms, Massive Networks have deployed a One Pipe Multi-Connect Solution. It is a one-in-all solution that uses one Carrier Ethernet-enabled connection to deliver multiple, independent, and dynamic network streams of data ensuring that critical business information is protected and secure. The OnePipe multi-connect system helps in penetrating the existing infrastructure and merging the streams of data through a single pipe. This, in fact, can increase the speed, performance, and security of the business operations. Through its ‘one port many connections' approach, it has managed to offer faster speeds, lower latency, better security, as well as save money in the entire process. A secure private connection is formed in each of these, and the critical data is taken off of the public Internet.

From challenges to Success

The three greatest challenges of starting a company in the late 90's early 2000's were start-up cash, overcoming technical difficulties in an ever-faster-moving sector and learning to manage financials for the current moment and into the future. By overcoming all these challenges, Massive Networks has just rolled out its Cloud Marketplace platform with a vision to increase their penetration of fiber lit-buildings from 2 million to 5 million. Expecting to expand its Cloud Marketplace reach within the private and hybrid cloud sectors from 6+ providers to one hundred, Massive Networks continues the journey.

The Man behind the Success, Meet

 Paul Mako, CEO: Paul Mako, born and raised in Minnesota, is the CEO and CTO of Massive Networks ( Graduating at the top of his class in computer science and literature from the University of Colorado, Paul began his journey in custom network engineering back in 1996 as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with Rockynet. Utilizing his extraordinary skill set, Paul designed a proprietary T1 and security service system that went unchallenged until the advent of true VLAN’s in 2000. Even more important than the innovations in technology, Paul was also able to expand the infrastructure within a building on a success-based build-out. This allowed Paul to light up both large and small buildings at a low cost. While the security technologies have since been replaced, the inexpensive model for lighting small buildings continues to thrive and go unchallenged. Today, Paul oversees the network customization for Massive Networks where he can help streamline enterprise-class data transport services across the entire US domestic carrier system and worldwide and business-to-business acquisition opportunities.

“Within our solution sets, we build custom designed networks for each customer using our blended network approach of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network technologies.”