50 Best Companies to Work For 2016

TO THE NEW: Enticing the Business World by Driving Digital Transformation

silicon-review-deepak-mittal-to-the-new“We follow agile practices combined with design-led engineering, cloud and analytics driven marketing that helps us build great products and transform businesses.”

A well positioned company in the Digital Technology space, TO THE NEW has been credited for building disruptive web products and transforming businesses by leveraging experience design, cutting-edge engineering, cloud and analytics led marketing. The company boosts of an impressive employee base with over 750 people, including passionate technologists, digital analytics experts, video specialists and creative mavericks. A global organization with 9 offices, TO THE NEW’s footprints are visible in India, Singapore, United States, China, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Known for having an excellent company culture, TO THE NEW’s policies for their people are always led by the mantra, “Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers”. Their bouquet of benefits offered to people includes: Retrials, Fully Loaded Insurance, Home Pick & Drop, Fully Paid International Assignments, Annual Offsites, Milestone Celebrations & Rewards, Representation in International Conferences, Open Learning Programs and Mentorship Programs. The company has also been recognized as one of the “India’s top 50 IT-BPM Companies to Work for – 2015” by Great Place To Work.

Array of Services Offered
The company has accumulated laurels for driving digital transformation for businesses by helping them provide a rich, seamless experience to their customers across digital channels resulting in higher engagement, efficiency and profitability. TO THE NEW is also helping solve complex business challenges and drive ambitious ideas forward through its robust products, VideoReady and ThoughtBuzz.

TO THE NEW’s core services include:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Product Engineering
  • Experience Design
  • Mobility
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analytics
  • DevOps
  • Web Content Management
  • Video Solutions

Setting New Standards with Excellent Technical Knowledge

The company’s strength lies in its strong management team which has years of experience in their respective domains.

TO THE NEW’s management team includes:

  • Opinion leaders who regularly speak and evangelize various digital technologies in conferences and user group meetings
  • Book authors
  • Active bloggers (with more than 1500 live blogs)
  • Plugins (have contributed more than 25 plugins to technology community)
  • Article authors
  • Speakers in international conferences

Defeating the Difficulties
Alike others, TO THE NEW also had its share of roadblocks but the company stands tall defeating all. Let’s have a look at the challenges faced:

  • Growing at such a fast pace, companies often lose out on keeping their cultural values intact and this generally leads to a high attrition rate and dissatisfied employees. But at TO THE NEW, the team is very focused on maintaining their core cultural values and has cultivated a culture of recognition and gratitude amongst employees. They have a variety of employee recognition programs to motivate employees.
  • Keeping up with the ever changing digital landscape is a challenge but TO THE NEW always try and stays ahead. What sets them apart from their competitors is the team of over 750 people which includes technology evangelists, social media experts, content specialists and creative mavericks who have transformed businesses of more than 300 companies spread across 30 countries worldwide. The company leverages a wide spectrum of digital technologies to help clients improve products and services, enhance customer experience, enter new markets and increase revenues.

Impressive Client Base

Having clients worldwide, TO THE NEW has been working with enterprises as well as start-ups, including SaaS products, video portals, analytics engines, e-commerce sites and marketplaces. They have clients in all walks of business.

TO THE NEW’s clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as Silicon Valley startups, a list that includes Time Warner Cable, Alibaba Cloud, Westcon Group, Sony, Procter & Gamble, Castrol, Airbus, Samsonite, Mat.se, MayBank, KFC, Toyota and Tag Heuer.

Stories in their Good Books

Alibaba CloudChina’s largest public cloud service provider.

Strategized and executed 360-degree digital strategy encompassing competitive research, market analysis, user experience design, content marketing and paid campaigns to position Alibaba as a thought leader in the cloud industry.

Mat.seOne of the biggest e-commerce companies in Sweden.

Designed and developed a robust and scalable e-commerce application from scratch for Mat.se, which went live with a turnaround time of 4 months. Mat.se got listed on NASDAQ within 3 years of the launch of its operations.

Westcon GroupA value added technology distributor of network communication, conferencing, security products and cloud solutions.

Developed an integrated channel-centric cloud marketplace to enable resellers and channel partners to seamlessly sell & promote cloud products & services. TO THE NEW worked in a distributed agile environment with teams located in 3 different geographies.

“We have always outperformed and made our clients happy.”

The Future Sight

Growing at a rate of more than 100% year on year in revenue as well as in headcount, the company digitally transformed many enterprises and is continuing doing the same. Further, they are focusing to invest their capabilities around digital transformation and the emerging technologies, including Big Data, IoT, Enterprise Mobility to name a few. On the expansion front, TO THE NEW is planning to increase their global footprints, particularly in MENA region. The company is also planning to open an office in Sweden, which would be operational in the first quarter of 2017.

Meet the Thought Leader

Deepak Mittal, CEO– A visionary Technologist, Deepak has played a pioneering role in outlining the contours of several technology formats and delivery models at TO THE NEW. He is responsible for development and execution of business strategies for the growth of the company. Under his leadership, TO THE NEW has been transforming businesses by leveraging a wide spectrum of emerging technologies and driving unprecedented value for its clients across the globe.