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Top Gun Talent in Business Analytics, Data Science and Big Data: RM Dayton Analytics

thesiliconreview robert dayton managing-partner rm dayton analytics 17Business Analytics, Data Science, and Big Data are creating new opportunities for businesses to engage customers in innovative ways. Companies that previously understood perhaps only a small percentage of its  customers well, at discrete points in time, are getting to the point where they know more about their customers on a continuum.  

Business leaders are reconsidering whether a commodity approach to their most-prized intellectual capital is truly in their best interest. I wonder, ‘what are the true costs of not internalizing the prized strategic and operational knowledge being acquired through advanced analytics?’ This introspection is particularly pronounced for analytic talent, where the internal knowledge gained in understanding the voice of the customer is paramount for personalized customer engagement.

What Were We Thinking?

RM Dayton Analytics was founded in 2014 with the mission of raising the bar in analytic talent alignment far above the prevailing sea of mediocrity. With a “less is more” mantra, RM Dayton challenged the status-quo in the way knowledge workers in Business Analytics, Data Science and Big Data were being aligned with analytics projects.

Regardless of the ‘how’ analytic talent is brought on-board, a ‘slap myself in the forehead, what was I thinking’

certainty is often overlooked: knowledge workers should represent the interests of the organization they serve – what RM Dayton calls an ‘inside looking out’ mindset. “Our mission is to be a team building company for business analytics, focused on building teams of strategic and operational knowledge workers from an inside looking out perspective, rather than outside looking in, so that more intellectual capital is retained by our customers,” says Dayton.

It’s All About the Bass

RM Dayton Analytics is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, industry disruptors and other admired Global 2000 brands to find the sharpest minds that embrace technology, reduce risk and enhance the customer experience. It was created specifically, to focus exclusively, on aligning analytic talent. 

RM Dayton is not ‘all’ IT, but rather, is zeroed-in on analytics.  Dayton remarks, “We are laser-focused on Business Analytics, Big Data and Data Science, linked to analytic talent alignment one customer, one knowledge worker at a time, from the mindset of being practitioners in our space.”

The firm provides business value to global companies that are leaders in bringing to life enhanced customer experiences, a few highlights of which are illustrated below:

Optimized Business Analytics: Information is delivered on demand in real-time to improve process efficiency.  Some of those business analytics activities will bevia alerts to devices, such as those in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) realm.

RM Dayton’s electronic manufacturing client wanted to enhance its software engineering team capabilities, to help move forward some of the most advanced use of commercial IoT technology on the planet. Our customer required active researchers, folks that kept up with the latest trends in agile development, mobile technology and industry best practices. RM Dayton aligned top gun analytic talent to work as part of an agile team for developing customer-facing industrial automation web services and mobile platform integration.

Content-Powered Data Science: Data Science broadly covers many ‘traditional’ areas of decision support, with an emphasis on insights derived from algorithms for large volumes of data. Given that both structured and unstructured content is used to render insights via Data Science, RM Dayton collectively refers to the derived analysis of Data Science as Content-Powered Analytics.

For a leader in its segment, the RM Dayton consultancy provided Data Science expertise to enhance a predictive, multiplicative pickup model of performance, which was redesigned from scratch with new algorithms. Complex analytics can be customized quickly for the unusual, which has reduced turnaround time up to twenty-fold.  Another enhanced business model improved the rapid response analytics process, which has saved days of effort for urgent descriptive and diagnostic analytics requests.

Big Data Advanced Analytics: Creating personalized experiences with customers is not always just a ‘nice to have’ capability. It’s an absolute must when a retailer is serving its customers.

RM Dayton was engaged to align advanced analytics technology leaders for one of the most admired brands in retail, a global leader in creating customer insight and personalization strategies. The customer’s team is a high-performing, elite force at the front of the pack in providing real-time, data-driven personalization.

From a technology perspective, the personalization strategies are using the massive computational power of the Hadoop cluster. In addition, a variety of additional cutting-edge NOSQL technologies are used. An API platform is used in real-time to create a customer experience that is both personalized and contextual.

Thank You for the Privilege

There’s no ‘story’ without the privilege RM Dayton has been provided by all of those whom with we’ve engaged. The accolades we’ve received are more about the folks who have given us permission to serve than they are about us, including 20 Most Promising Enterprise Performance Management Solution Providers 2016, 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers 2017 and 50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2017. As servient practitioners, RM Dayton humbly aligns the X’s and 0’s that are right at the heart of the world’s most prized intellectual capital, right at the leading edge of the people-side of analytics.

“RM Dayton aligns enterprise intelligence in a manner that transcends the iterative approach to deployed solutions.”

“We are laser-focused on Business Analytics, Big Data and Data Science, aligning analytic talent one customer, one knowledge worker at a time, from the mindset of being practitioners in our space.”