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Traditional Enterprises Need Platform Businesses, They Need Applico

thesiliconreview-alex-moazed-founder-ceo-applico-19Most of the tech businesses that have created monopoly today are platforms: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Google, and even Uber and Airbnb. Silicon Valley shouldn’t be the only ones building successful platform businesses. Applico identifies direct platform threats to its enterprise clients and executes on building platform businesses that can grow into a modern monopoly as it believes Silicon Valley shouldn’t be the only ones building successful platform businesses.

Applico empowers the community of industry leaders at large, traditional enterprises to fight back against big tech monopolies and win. As the world’s first Platform Innovation® company, it provides advisory services to build, execute, and scale platform businesses to strengthen traditional companies’ core business. It works with C-suites at Fortune 100 firms as well as multibillion-dollar private companies who want to take the initiative to create a platform business.

Founded in 2009 by Alex Moazed, Applico has worked with large enterprises for more than 8 years. The company even wrote a best-selling book on the topic of platform digital transformation, Modern Monopolies.


Platform Design: Platform Design is a multi-month engagement in which Applico partners with the C-suite and dedicated client teams to identify the best platform opportunity and prove the business case for its creation. Its embedded team of a proven team of entrepreneurs, investment bankers, and technologists will manually hack a working prototype to prove out key aspects of the business model and get it ready for launch. At the same time, it provides clients’ leadership with the information it needs to assess the financial impact of both competitive threats and the client’s platform opportunity. Applico creates an actionable blueprint for the core functions of their platform business. Its team will start with the core transaction, which is the engine that makes any platform run, and zero in on their target users with a combination of market research and user testing.

Platform Execution: After organizations have gained alignment on the new business that was proven out during their Platform Design Engagement, it’s time to execute.

For the next 12 months, Applico’s embedded teams co-own the delivery of the product and the network of users (the customer ecosystem). The local team presence grows from Platform Design to ensure a successful launch of the business and acquisition of users.

  • Product Delivery (The Software): Every platform needs a great product built in an iterative manner. Most clients will have their own resources for development and UI design. However, it is the first time those resources and the organization will be building a platform in an agile manner. From proofs of concept to MVP and beyond, a successful platform’s product development lifecycle is predicated upon quick and agile releases that gain consumer and producer feedback.
  • User Network Delivery (The Users): Applico’s Execution teams possess data modeling, business development, and marketing backgrounds. This team will ensure that the right consumers and producers are joining the platform in the right sequencing.
  • Validate Further Capital Investment: Applico’s clients have the resources to scale a platform once it shows traction – the hard part is determining when the model is ready to grow. At the end of Platform Execution, the platform will show viable business traction and meet key success KPIs (e.g., Net Promoter Score, Usage, Churn) in order to warrant additional investment and further scale.

Retained Platform Advisory: On a monthly and weekly basis, Applico provides strategic sessions with client C-suites to help resolve big roadblocks to platform success. Applico’s advisory teams are comprised of proven operators and entrepreneurs who have built scaled and exited platforms before.

In parallel, Applico’s Principals interface with the external community of platforms, consumers, producers, and key partners. Its team’s prior experience with platforms provides access to key decision-makers in the tech world without disclosing the client’s intentions. Principals can help facilitate deals and partnerships and provide market insight at the C-suite level.

Meet the Leader   

Alex Moazed, Founder and CEO: Alex founded Applico in 2009 when he was 20 years old and funded the company with his own credit cards.

Alex co-authored the best-selling book, Modern Monopolies, which defines the platform business model dominating the 21st-century economy. In his role as CEO, he works directly with Fortune 500 C-suites and boards to help them build or buy their own platform businesses.

Alex is a graduate of Babson College, Choate Rosemary Hall, and Greenwich Country Day School.

“By working alongside C-suites and Boards as operating partners, Applico helps incumbents build or buy their own platform business to beat big tech at its own game.”