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Transforming Business with Technology: AVASOFT


Driving digital transformation for businesses with solutions that scale along with their evolving business needs and helping them build modern workplaces that work the way they do

Radhakrishnan(RK) and his partner co-founded AVASOFT 11 years ago with the goal of bringing the best solutions to the table and transforming their clients’ businesses by leveraging the latest tools and technologies. Understanding that digital transformation is the key to drive business, they started investing in Office 365 in order to help clients build, define, and execute digital strategies in the modern workplace that actually delivered business value.

With a strong emphasis on building reusable frameworks across the solutions they developed, AVASOFT applied this approach when delivering these Office 365 modern workplace solutions. Investing in Office 365 products and employees with Office 365 expertise has helped AVASOFT deliver consistency in terms of both custom features and usability across the solutions they have built. With employees and the way they work as top of mind, they have always been able to bring a consolidated focus of efficiency through employee-driven collaboration, productivity, and data-driven automation of business processes.

The origin of the migration tool - AVAMIGRATRON

Expertise with the Office 365 ecosystem naturally led to an influx of customers needing us to help them not just move to Office 365 but truly transform their digital workplace experience. In this, AVASOFT found that digital transformation was its competitive differentiator; it was never just about the move, it was about unlocking the full potential of the platform they were moving to and using this as a way to completely reinvent company culture and employee productivity.

It was this single-minded focus on the holistic, across-the-board transformation that led to the development of a unique suite of migration tools to serve clients through their migration journey. These tools encompass migration from a variety of source systems - from legacy systems like Lotus Notes and IBM Connections to now including GSuite (with Gmail) and Slack to Office 365. And when it comes to these tools and the migrations themselves, AVASOFT’s approach has always been about understanding business first to ensure a full-coverage, like-for-like approach for all features available on any of these source systems. After handling numerous migrations of different complexities, AVASOFT is now able to handle a full range of workplace transformation from simple automated migration of content to heavy remediation of native business processes with custom element development.

Challenges on the stairway to success

AVASOFT was often challenged by comparatively larger competitors but they have been consistently able to stay ahead, especially in the migration and enterprise collaboration space. Constant feedback from their close relationships with clients has helped them fine-tune the product even further and push them into truly transforming the space of enterprise collaboration and increasing adoption rates dramatically. In fact, they’ve now evolved as the only available tool in the market that can migrate IBM, G Suite (including Gmail), and Slack to Office 365, providing a seamless, like-for-like experience that enables clients to start being productive from day one.

Migration as a product involves dealing with constant feature changes and restructuring happening on both the source and target sides. This requires continual adaptation to the product as well as the product team that is kept up-to-date on these changes and best practices. With that methodology in mind, AVASOFT has designed their products with modularity as top-of-mind and this has helped in providing support to their customers for simple to complex migration scenarios, creating reusable customizations based on recurring needs, and automating as much of the process as possible all while meeting project timelines aggressively.

Achieving more with Microsoft Teams      

With Microsoft Teams, AVASOFT saw another venue to expand modern workplace offerings, now directly focused on improving employee collaboration and truly bringing people and all of the content and apps they work on in one centralized hub. From a digital transformation standpoint, AVASOFT recognized that understanding Microsoft Teams and its many avenues for customization would be critical to drive Teams adoption in organizations. Whether it was a migration of an existing collaboration platform like Slack or just the need for a Teams collaboration and governance strategy, AVASOFT created numerous custom apps and reusable components to specifically make a transition to Teams quick and more importantly, highly usable.

Teams strategy as a central focus of the modern workplace really gave way to a full process for Microsoft Teams implementations. Beginning with meetings with the various stakeholders of existing business process and the continued emphasis in learning how various teams work, AVASOFT teams create a detailed high-level overview of these processes, ensuring coverage from the perspectives of all of the roles involved. With these processes in mind, solutions utilizing components like the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), adaptive cards, the Microsoft Bot Framework are proposed to integrate things like custom incident management dashboards into Teams tabs, help manage and govern Teams with automated archival bots, as well as build vertical-specific conversational bots for shipment and delivery tracking.

Value delivered brings continued success

“Proving our claims have really brought numerous large European clients in addition to huge American enterprises into our client ecosystem. Many of these companies had a large camp of IBM-lovers and so when change leaders wanted to move to Office 365 for the clear enterprise benefits, they were worried about user adoption and feature matching. This is where our platform-centric approach combined with a clear agile change management strategy gave them the ability to replicate the exact features in Office 365 and allowed them to have a full range of control over the environment from a data governance perspective while improving employee productivity,” says RK.

AVASOFT focuses on creating innovative and disruptive solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of their clients regardless of the environment they are in. The firm is driven by a philosophy centered on building reusable frameworks that have resulted in products and solutions capable of consistently meeting rapid go-to-market times of clients and keeping the cost of delivery the lowest in the market. Applying its decade of experience with a variety of client business models and environments, AVASOFT pushes itself to go the extra mile while leveraging the latest technologies to provide business transformative solutions for cloud, collaboration, mobility and data science powered by automation and AI.

Meet the CEO

Radhakrishnan RAV, CEO:

Radhakrishnan(RK) has been managing offshore development centers and product development for the last 20 years of his career at premier Indian companies like Satyam, Virtusa, Hexaware and CG Maersk. Before founding AVASOFT, he worked as a Director, managing a large offshore development unit. Under his leadership, his unit posted record growth, year on year, both in terms of revenue and margins. RK completed his Engineering from the Bangalore University.

We’ve always wanted to be able to offer businesses unique solutions when it comes to automating their scaling business processes as well as be on the forefront of revolutionizing the way teams and individuals work.