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Transforming How Networks Are Built: CloudGenix


Headquartered in CA, CloudGenix was founded in 2013 by a team of visionary entrepreneurs who had previously delivered industry-leading products in networking, SDN, cloud, security and web-scale applications. The company serves customers in North America, Asia, Europe, LATAM and is rapidly expanding. 

Founded to dramatically transform how networks are built –Traditionally networking technology, is notoriously complex, CloudGenix is a completely new model where the business and IT policies for applications are used to directly build the network.
CloudGenix, facilitates business and IT policies for applications to be directly captured to deliver a cloud-ready, business-friendly network.

CloudGenix has introduced, what they call, an application-defined fabric, as a revolutionary way to replace routers. This in turn enables them to help with three major transitions in the market – (1) enterprises shifting to the cloud, (2) changing connectivity models where the Internet is increasingly used to connect directly to the cloud and (3) the transformation to software-defined IT in the branch and data centers.

Unleashing its true potential
When asked about what types of companies they typically work with, CEO, Kumar Ramachandran said, “We work with Fortune 500 companies, as well as mid-market customers that include world-class financial services, legal, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology organizations globally. We extend the cloud-like properties of a Software-defined data center to the remote office and the WAN. We eliminate the need for hardware routers, centralizing the control plane, and deliver an application-policy based model for building the network. With CloudGenix, companies can align their network to directly map to serve the needs of the business.”

CloudGenix uniquely delivers an application-defined fabric that transforms how WANs are built, as a revolutionary way to replace routers. Legacy vendors, such as Cisco, have failed to adapt to the software-defined revolution sweeping the industry. Its technologies are antiquated, based on fragmented models of control, dependence on proprietary hardware, and expect customers to configure complex routing models.

CloudGenix ION (Instant-On Network) radically simplifies how WANs are designed and managed, customers report these benefits: Rapid delivery of cloud services like AWS, Office 365, Skype for business with secure access from the remote office, dramatically reduced Opex, with new branch setup and application roll outs in minutes, and 50%-70% in WAN cost savings, with an increased capacity by 10X-100X.

Know the forces behind CloudGenix
The CloudGenix team has decades of collective experience building some of the world’s largest networks—and working at some of the largest networking, cloud, security companies building products used in nearly every network in the world.

Kumar Ramachandran, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of CloudGenix – Prior to founding CloudGenix, Kumar held leadership roles in Product Management and Marketing for the multi-billion dollar branch routing and WAN optimization businesses at Cisco. Prior to Cisco, he managed applications and infrastructure for large companies such as Citibank and Providian Financial. Kumar holds an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Bombay.

Venkataraman Anand, VP of Engineering and co-founder of CloudGenix – Venkataraman previously served as the Director of Engineering at Cisco and led teams for Wireless, WAN optimization and optical products. He is a hands-on technology executive who has fine-tuned his operational skills building L4-7 networking and associated management systems, and is also a holder of several patents. Prior to Cisco, he held various software engineering roles at small (Optilink/DSC) and large companies (Alcatel, IBM).

Mani Ramasamy, Chief Architect, Cloud and co-founder of CloudGenix – Previously, Mani was a Principal Engineer at Cisco, driving architecture and development of flow-based routing, high performance WAN optimization, and Content Delivery Network products. He holds numerous patents in the areas of L4-L7 service routing, video delivery, application acceleration, and virtual desktops delivery.

Navneet Yadav, Chief Architect, Security and co-founder of CloudGenix – Navneet was previously, a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper, architecting and incubating enterprise products as part of the CTO office. During his career, Navneet has held engineering and product management roles at several companies, including Cisco, Kuokoa Networks, and Switchon Networks, developing application classification ASICs, core routing, WAN optimization, secure traffic acceleration, and enterprise video delivery products.

The CloudGenix Advantage

  • CloudGenix uniquely decouples policy from the hardware infrastructure to enable applications to be deployed with performance and security, irrespective of whether the app is in the data-center, SaaS or public Cloud.
  • CloudGenix extracts costs out of the remote office by enabling commoditization of WAN connectivity, providing deep application analytics for rapid troubleshooting, and enabling the transformation to software.
  • CloudGenix changes the productivity model for the network by managing to app policy instead of routing bits and bytes.

Success Story
When OneCloud Networks, a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider based in Frisco, Texas, first launched its cloud-based voice and video conferencing services, it provided each customer with redundant, dedicated circuits. Because it seemed like the only way to guarantee service, said OneCloud CEO HaiderMirjat. But it was expensive and it had bandwidth limitations.

Mirjat, then looked to implement a hybrid-WAN. He chose Cisco’s Meraki MX Series firewalls. While the hybrid-WAN concept was very appealing, the execution was problematic. The appliances had the ability to load balance multiple connections, but Mirjat said the configuration was complex, manual and static.

He kept looking for a solution and discovered CloudGenix SD-WAN. CloudGenix automatically fingerprints different types of traffic and adapts its routing dynamically, based on real-time network conditions. So it ensures high availability of his cloud based voice and video service for his customers. Plus, since it’s deployed on commodity hardware and is able to leverage consumer-grade Internet connections, he has also been able to lower his costs.

“It understands which applications are reliable on what connection and at what time – and it learns it all in real time. That’s really what helps us to say, ‘OK, you know what? We don’t need to do all dedicated circuits for redundancy”, Mirjat said.

“ With CloudGenix, you can deploy cloud and SaaS apps in minutes, seamlessly incorporate the public internet, and reliably secure the edges of your virtual network.”