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Transforming Software Releases from a Chore to a Competitive Advantage: Electric Cloud


Electric Cloud is the leader in DevOps Release Automation and Continuous Delivery. It helps organizations like E*TRADE, Gap, HPE, Intel and Lockheed Martin deliver better software faster by orchestrating, automating, and accelerating application releases.

Helping organizations developing mobile, embedded systems and enterprise web/IT applications, Electric Cloud powers Continuous Delivery by automating and accelerating build, test, and deployment processes at scale. Industry leaders like Qualcomm, SpaceX, Cisco, GE, Gap, and E*TRADE use Electric Cloud solutions and services to boost DevOps productivity and Agile throughput.

Electric Cloud Vision:

Release on Business Demand. Eliminate Release Anxiety.

“To win in today’s markets, organizations are making Big Bets on DevOps as one of their key strategies to drive agility and innovation. However, development teams’ agile pace of software delivery and new technology adoption has outstripped the ability of operations teams to keep up. This cadence and skills mismatch limits innovation, jeopardizes transformation, and puts teams in a constant state of release anxiety.  Electric Cloud’s Adaptive Release Orchestration platform helps organizations like E*TRADE, HPE, Intel and Lockheed Martin confidently release new applications and adapt to change at any speed demanded by the business, with the analytics and insight to measure, track, and improve their results.”

DevOps Release Automation: ElectricFlow

We are in the midst of a software revolution. Today, staying competitive in a software-driven economy means continuously delivering high-quality software, quickly, and efficiently. The changing business environment, distributed teams and infrastructure, code and toolchain complexity, and inter-product dependencies make software delivery a challenge.

Continuous Delivery is here to help. Electric Cloud Powers Continuous Delivery.

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a set of practices and methodologies in software development designed to improve the process of software delivery and ensuring reliable software releases.

The goal of Continuous Delivery is to keep software release-ready and enable a repeatable, reliable way to deploy software to any environment.

Continuous Delivery involves all dimensions of your R&D and Operations organizations – consisting of Team Collaboration, Agile and DevOps practices, Continuous Integration (CI), Build Automation, Test Automation, Deployment Automation and Shared Visibility.

Continuous Delivery takes Agile to its logical conclusion – with a way of working that transforms the way software is delivered. CD allows organizations to be agiler and innovate more rapidly- delivering better software, faster, continuously.

Success Story: Powering Continuous Delivery at Enterprise Scale

Continuous Delivery is not just for startups and Lean organizations. It holds massive gains for large-scale, big-business, enterprises.

Huawei’s journey to Continuous Delivery:

Huawei is a $40B company delivering communications technologies for telecom carriers, enterprise, and consumers. Huawei’s CD and DevOps implementation is a centralized, shared cloud service supporting:

  • 2,000 developers worldwide (and scaling to 40,000!)
  • 1,000 applications
  • More than 2,000 releases per year
  • More than 100,000 compile & builds per day
  • More than 1 million test cases run per day
  • More than 30 million LoC
  • More than 480K code review/analysis per year
  • More than 170k system integration testing per year
  • Huawei’s end-to-end Continuous Delivery transformation delivers:
  • Reduced cost of delivering software
  • Increased resource utilization and productivity
  • Shorter time to market with higher quality

ElectricAccelerator: Life is short. Make more time.

Eliminate waiting for builds and tests by intelligently distributing workloads across local, network, or cloud resources. The ultimate goal of digital transformation is doing development faster and more efficiently. However, long build and test times remain common bottlenecks. Scaling the status quo – giving every engineer a 64-core, 128GB RAM workstation - isn’t feasible and doesn’t solve the problem of managing complex dependencies within those builds and tests. What’s needed is a way to accurately accelerate builds and tests while also optimizing available network and cloud resources, without spending a fortune.


ElectricAccelerator is an acceleration platform that addresses common digital transformation bottlenecks. It optimally parallelizes software tasks across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs. This gives software-driven organizations the ability to speed up any number of concurrent activities so they can deliver better software faster. Developers and testers can now choose how long a build or a test will take. Infrastructure managers can deliver better experiences to their development teams while optimizing resources and driving down costs.

Long CI Cycles

  • Speed up compile & test cycles by 20X
  • Discover and optimize dependencies between software units
  • Guarantee correctness of software builds
  • Eliminate redundant work through build avoidance

Prolonged Visual Studio/Windows Builds

  • Out of the box support for Visual Studio
  • Build Visualization in Visual Studio
  • Speed up Visual Studio/nmake/Cygwin build times by as much as 20X
  • Guarantee build correctness

Protracted QA & Security Testing Cycles

  • Improve quality by running more tests more frequently as part of CI cycle
  • “Shift Left” testing activities to find bugs earlier
  • Shorten the time it takes to complete test runs

Interminable Android/Embedded Systems Builds

  • Shorten AOSP and Linux build times by 20X
  • Cut hardware costs by 60% by creating a private build cloud
  • Guarantee build accuracy


“ElectricAccelerator has reduced our Android build times from 5 hours down to 5 minutes!”

- Scott Dunnington, Lead Software Engineer, D3 Engineering

“Even if we assume that each engineer only does one build per week, the money saved in lost productivity pays for the system inside of six months.”

- Glenn Salaman, Director of Software Development, Qualcomm

Meet the Chief!

Carmine J. Napolitano, Chief Executive Officer: Carmine “CJ” Napolitano is the CEO of Electric Cloud, the leader in DevOps release automation. Mr. Napolitano has over 25 years of experience in general, financial, and technology management in public and private companies. He has completed over $500MM in financial transactions including an IPO, 3 exits, and over a dozen financings.

Mr. Napolitano earned his MBA from New York University, and BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“For over a decade, Electric Cloud has helped software businesses thrive. With Electric Cloud, you release software more frequently and routinely, and respond quickly to business needs with greater reliability, predictability, and quality.”