2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

Transforming Unified Communications through Speech Analytics: VoiceBase

“San Francisco based start-up, VoiceBase, surfaces actionable intelligence from massive volumes of spoken content, such as audio and video recordings. The company’s industry leading API provides fast and accurate machine transcription, speech analytics and predictive insights across many industries including call tracking, call recording, conferencing, education, video management, online interviews, and more.”

Stereotypical infrastructure and applications that have powered businesses over the past few years are giving way to new alternatives such as APIs (Application Program Interface). As a result, enterprises utilizing APIs can now focus on their own unique functionalities and surround their system with distributed processes developed by specialists. Established in 2010, VoiceBase is an industry leader providing easy to use speech APIs which automatically transcribe audio and video content and extract relevant keywords and topics, enabling the instant search and discovery of spoken information.

VoiceBase allows customers to send the respective URL where a recording lives, or to post the audio as part of their API request, and the recording is then ingested into VoiceBase’s hybrid could, where the analysis takes place. This hybrid cloud combines the reliability and security of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the cost efficiencies of VoiceBase’s own private cloud in a powerfully orchestrated solution. All results for the Transcripts, Analytics and Insights products, along with confidence scores are delivered in JSON format using call-back or polling method. Additionally, the company’s “BIG VOICE” solution utilizes a patent-pending user interface that supports full search capability with extracted click ‘n play keywords, interactive transcripts, and in-depth predictive analytics such as keyword spotting, redaction and automatic call scoring.

Big Voice delivering better customer experience
Amidst a variety of market competition, VoiceBase has soared through all odds and has established itself as a leading API and today boasts of an enviable clientele list that is comprised of brands such as Twilio, C-SPAN, NASDAQ, Kaltura, Invoca, and Telmetrics amongst others. Enabling companies of all sizes to deliver speech recognition solutions effectively, VoiceBase caters to the needs of millions of users. Led by Walter Bachtiger (Founder and CEO), Jay Blazensky (Co-Founder and CRO) and Jeff Shukis (VP Engineering and Technical Operations), team VoiceBase has demonstrated immense passion for building trusted business relationships over the years. With offices in San Francisco, Ukraine, and India, the company will continue to focus and deliver value to its customers in the years to come.

VoiceBase understands that each industry has its own unique challenges and must be addressed in their own unique way. Its intensive solutions are thus the result of an integrated collection of capabilities as well as a strong set of proven methodologies. Using robust industry knowledge and experience, the company’s claim to fame has gained industry momentum due to its robust solutions combined with effective client satisfaction quotients.

In conversation with Jay Blazensky, Co-Founder and CRO

Q. You have developed your own solutions over the years. What kind of strategies do you have in mind for staying ahead of your competitors?
A. We are disrupting the current status quo in the market. While the traditional providers are on-premise, we believe in the power of the cloud and have implemented various strategies to establish ourselves as a leading API company. Our other disruptive capability is priority queuing, wherein we transcribe new or stored recordings on a priority ranking basis, allowing customers who need results faster, the ability to do so, and giving discounts to customers who can delay results to be processed during slow hours. We are targeting large enterprises, companies and service providers like As an API platform we allow our customers the flexibility to quickly blend our functionality into their own application.

Q. Are there any leaders or incidents that keep you motivated to continue innovating?
A. Twilio has emerged as one of the largest developers in the telecom space and the way they have cultivated developer loyalty is inspirational. What we are doing for analytics is what Twilio has done for connectivity. We are also enabling a community of developers who are building speech analytics and speech recognition solutions. With a belief that Predictive Insights delivers strategic advantage, and those companies acting on the best information will be the market leaders of tomorrow. We enable enterprises to better compete with speech analytics. In fact, our team provides enterprises with unique perspectives, focusing on driving business transformation on an analytics foundation.

Q. What kind of challenges does VoiceBase have to face in the course of business?
A. Every business has its own challenges. But the key to success lies in breaking the barriers and accelerating the time to market for the people who want to blend our solutions into their application. VoiceBase allows them to pre-package or plug-in solutions, where they can take the components and drop in, for ex: our JWplayer, or our open-source dashboard, it is very easy to take our API and create a customized solution for your business’ need.

Earlier this year in January, VoiceBase announced the launch of its predictive insight product, which seeks to provide high accuracypredictive analytics results detecting events within spoken information. Telmetrics, Inc., a leading call analytics and attribution technology provider for digital marketers, plans to leverage VoiceBase Insights in its call tracking solution. “We believe VoiceBase Insights has the potential to unveil a deeper, much sought after layer of speech analytics that up until now has been inaccessible. For marketers who drive calls to local businesses, accurate lead scoring on every call, unhindered by human capacity and cost, is game changing.” – Telmetrics

With the beauty of our predictive insights, we can let businesses know how their business is doing, not just how their phone system is doing. If you get 300 calls in a day, isn’t it better if  you get a report detailing 45 were hot leads, 110 were first time callers, 33 were non prospects, etc, so that you can get insight into how you are driving business?