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‘Travel Globally Welcome Locally’: ECARD Inc, a New York-based FinTech Company, is Committed to Changing the Way People Make Payments across the Globe


“We want to bring the world together and give individuals and companies a new way to conduct business and make transactions.”

As the presence of fintech in various industries keeps growing, its impact on some industries is getting harder to ignore. Financial services, in particular, have benefited a lot from the integration of various modern financial technologies in their work, and we’re likely only seeing the tip of the iceberg, with more coming up not too far on the horizon.

In light of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present ECARD Inc.

With a vision to improve the ever-changing financial ecosystem, ECARD delivers a better, faster, and simpler payment solution for customers who travel internationally or make day-to-day purchases at home. The company utilizes advanced technologies to provide an innovative financial service that enables frictionless transactions among individuals and organizations beyond countries and regions.

ECARD works with the world’s top brands, multinational companies and innovative start-ups. It has a large team of experts in design, application development, integration and testing.

The company was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in New York. It has additional office locations in China and the United States.

Wayne Tsao, ECARD Inc Co-founder/CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

There is nothing more important for a successful small business than a well-defined mission and vision statement. Can you explain your M&V statements in brief?

Vision: We are absolutely committed to changing the way people make payments across the globe. We want to enable easy access for everyone to be able to seamlessly transact across a variety of different countries and industries.

Mission: We have developed advanced technologies that will allow users from all over the globe to exchange money without limitations put on them based on regions, countries or locations. We want to bring the planet together and give individuals and companies a new way to conduct business and make transactions.

Tell us about ECARD’s partnership with UnionPay.

U.S. travelers bound for Asia can obtain an ECARD, powered by UnionPay International and issued by Global Bank. The U.S. consumers can open an account online and manage the account via a mobile application. Funds can be added to ECARD online or at retail locations.

ECARD allows one-time or frequent travelers to Asia to enjoy the convenience of card payments in restaurants, hotels, ATMs, gift shops at cultural attractions and just about anywhere payment card is accepted. Asian-Americans who visit the Pacific countries regularly for business or personal travel can return time and again with their card and not worry about making special arrangements. There is no need to transfer funds out of the account as UnionPay is widely accepted at U.S. merchants and ATMs. UnionPay International offers one of the most robust rewards programs in the industry. Cardholders can benefit by earning discounts and rewards at many attractions across the globe.

The ECARD UnionPay Prepaid card is issued by Global Bank of New York pursuant to a license from UnionPay International Co., Ltd.

Brief us about the ECARD’s cross-border payment solution initiative.

ECARD Prepaid Debit Card, our latest product release, allows global travellers a seamless, frictionless way to transact in a stress-free manner. This is a milestone in the payment solutions industry because of the many barrier-breaking functions achieved by our company. We offer four major features to our cardholders: Simple Application, Travel Power, Cross-Border Payment Card Solution, and Member Friendly Rewards. Developed upon the tenants of ECARD’s SmartWallet innovation, our latest release offers members the chance to take control of their finances while opening the door to a solution that is applicable regardless of currencies and regional borders.

It was our goal to eliminate much of the complications that surround international travel as it applies to personal payment options. To us, developing an option that would be available to anyone, regardless of previous financial history, was paramount in designing our latest product. Accessibility, global acceptance, security, and ease of use were the foundations of our development process.

While the product itself is rather new to the market, if the positive response it’s received in that short amount of time is any indication to its impact upon global personal finance, ECARD just may well have redefined the way individuals use their money while abroad.

As mentioned above, ECARD cooperates with Global Bank to provide cardholders with a secure, convenient, and world class experience. ECARD allows cardholders to make purchases and gives easy access to cash to those times when cash is needed.

ECARD is accepted in 174 countries and regions globally through the UnionPay Network and cardholders are able to enjoy all of UnionPay’s rewards programs, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores and more. On top of the UnionPay global rewards program, ECARD cardholders also have access to rewards and benefits at over 200 local partner merchants.

Moreover, we offer zero transaction fees for purchases made within the U.S. and withdrawals made with SUM network ATMs. Only 1.49% conversion fee per international purchases and withdrawals.*

Take us through ECARD’s collaboration with Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

The relationship between PATA and ECARD will benefit all global travelers as well as the student who opts to study abroad, as ECARD will be made available through all PATA members. ECARD certified PATA membership provides a world-class payment product that can be offered through any of the PATA travel advisors on a global basis. From offering some of the lowest in currency exchange fees to having amongst the lowest card costs to transact in the industry, ECARD will make global travel stress-free.

We are honored to be aligned with PATA, one of the premier travel associations globally. The travel association opens the door to the travel industry and provides a new method of banking at your fingertips via our state-of-the-art mobile application. We offer an extra layer of security with our platform’s ability to block and unblock a card if it is lost or stolen. We also offer up to two supplementary cards with no-cost instant funds transfer.

(*other fees may apply, see cardholder agreement for full list of fees).

Wayne Tsao: An Entrepreneur at Heart

Wayne Tsao is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ECARD Inc. He oversees the company’s business expansion, product development, and marketing strategies. Mr. Tsao has a large professional experience in Payment Methodologies.

Specialized in cross-border payment and money transfer, Mr. Tsao was managing the Asian market in the entire North-East coast for a fortune 500 company, responsible for 75 percent of the entire market transactions in China.

The concept of ECARD represents Mr. Tsao’s foresight and desire to make a significant difference in the global financial market. As not only an entrepreneur but more to be an innovator, he embraces challenges, seizes opportunities, and turns them into achievements.

“The Power of Your Money, Anytime, Anywhere.”