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Trusted data security solutions: Futurex


Having aptly established themselves as a globally recognized provider of hardened, enterprise-class data security solutions, the innovative technology provider has solutions for the secure encryption, storage, transmission, and certification of sensitive data.

Looking for secure cloud services such as privacy, data security, continuous monitoring, incident management, and endpoint security that have been incorporated into a state-of-the-art technology platform? The look no further than Futurex.

Trusted by Tier 1 organizations around the world, the Texas based company has gained popularity since inception in 1981, for reliable, innovative data security solutions, a proven mix of Futurex’s 3 assets: people, process, and technology.

Be it CTGA-accredited Solutions Architects or dedicated engineering teams, team Futurex’s approach to data security is based around hardened, physically reinforced devices that are FIPS 140-2 level 3-validated. Their products’ Base Architecture Model allows for seamless integration into infrastructures across every industry and built-in forward compatibility keeps them ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

Making Security possible
Futurex’s Hardened Enterprise Security Platform is comprised of and focuses on hardware security modules; key and certificate management; secure data storage; enterprise authentication; remote management; and intelligent diagnostics, monitoring, and alerting to provide a seamless integration of hardened security servers. A collection of advanced data security solutions that operate together to produce a result far beyond the sum of its parts, it is trusted by many of the largest organizations in the world, including leading banks, electronic device manufacturers, card issuers, and transaction processors, as it helps organizations shift away from viewing hardware security modules as “black box” devices designed to fulfil a single cryptographic purpose. Instead, it creates a scalable, redundant, and functionally extensible cryptographic services pool with no reliance on third-party software or hardware providers that can be used for tasks ranging from data protection to key and certificate management, secure storage, device authentication/anti-cloning, and more.

In addition to the hardware-based solutions, the company’s VirtuCrypt provides the industry’s first and only Hardened Enterprise Security Cloud and offers organizations service-based access to the Futurex solutions suite. Designed to provide customization and flexibility while addressing compliance mandates and industry standards, it takes advantage of the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform through a secured cloud interface, resulting in lowered overall costs, increased security, and significantly decreased time to market. Its flexibility and customization is far-reaching, enabling customers to create a cloud environment that integrates perfectly into their existing manufacturing and deployment systems.

Futurex’s Solutions Architect team is available to assist with installing and configuring all Futurex solutions as well as providing additional professional services for low-level API integration, on-site or remote training covering all aspects of our architecture from concept to daily operation, PCI and TR-39 compliance consulting, and full production deployment assistance.

As a general approach to future technology direction as a company, Futurex remains committed to meeting and exceeding security standards proposed by various industry standards bodies and is further focused on maintaining a strong lead in performance, security, and interoperability.

Executive Thoughts Brett Smith: President & CEO
“Our dedication to meeting the growing business needs of our global customers and partners is exhibited by the continuous expansion of our innovative products and services through extensive R&D and custom development projects with global Tier 1 organizations. As we move forward, we will continue to be a global leader in the data security and electronic payments industry by maintaining high performance standards, providing quality service, and expanding our product suite. Our roadmap is focused on improving all elements of this architecture to meet the changing demands of the marketplace as security standards evolve. Additionally, we maintain backwards compatibility whenever possible, something enabled by our full control over our solution suite. For VirtuCrypt, we expect to further increase the tight coupling between cloud-based services and Futurex’s hardware solutions. This will provide our customers the advantage of having seamless integration across both hardware and cloud-based deployments, in addition to using VirtuCrypt’s test services for rapid prototyping and application testing.”