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Trusted to Help Organizations Transform, Enable, and Lead with Analytics: Peloton Group (Peloton)

thesiliconreview-guy-daniello-ceo-peloton-group-2017Changing customer demands, technology innovations, and rapidly evolving markets are accelerating the pace and need for organizations to be agile, analytical, and productive. Business transformation is not an option, it is an imperative.

Peloton, a nationally-recognized leader in Integrated Cloud Services for Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Performance Management, and Big Data-Analytics, is at the forefront of helping to drive business transformation. Peloton has a truly innovative and client centric approach to consulting. Focused on building a culture based on inspired purpose, core values and client service, Guy Daniello, CEO and Founder, has led Peloton by building a team of functional and technical professionals, who are passionate about driving results for their clients. Peloton’s commitment to their clients has helped the company grow and thrive in the market as well as earned them a place on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing companies in America for four consecutive years.

“We are most proud of the results we have achieved for our clients. Our clients trust Peloton, and our amazing staff of professionals works hard every day to continually earn that trust by helping drive transformation in their business,” said Guy Daniello.

The modern finance organization is changing to keep pace with business and digital transformation. Modern finance teams are embracing new digital technologies to automate traditional transactional work, while also leading the charge to enable analytics throughout the organization that drives strategy execution, insights, and business performance.

Finance has moved out of the back office to fulfill a critical role in the boardroom as a strategic advisor for the organization. With an emphasis on improved efficiencies and reduced costs, finance is expected to lead change that increases revenue and profitability. Furthermore, stewardship over information and financial reporting is no longer sufficient. Finance must serve as a champion for analytics and insights throughout the organization driving people, process, and technology change.

Delivering results for clients

Peloton is a trusted partner to the finance organization helping to advise, implement, and manage business applications. With a deep understanding of the journey and requirements to build a modern finance team, Peloton is a firm of top industry and technology professionals with the experience and know-how to lead business transformations enabled by modern cloud technology. The team is 100% dedicated to and passionate about driving results for their clients. Professionals throughout the firm openly share industry, functional, and technical Best Practices. They are committed to helping their clients be agile, analytical, and productive. Peloton employs a holistic and transformative approach to address the people, process, data and technology components associated with these challenges.

Creating competitive advantage

The Peloton team brings a breadth of knowledge, experience, and expertise across the following key areas that makes them uniquely qualified to be a trusted business partner in the journey to gain competitive advantage in the market place:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are the backbone of many organizations, helping them manage accounting, procurement, projects, human capital, and their supply chain. Having matured over time, cloud-based ERP solutions simplify, standardize, and automate business processes. Peloton works with organizations to successfully leverage modern cloud-based ERP solutions, enabling best practices through a collaborative implementation.
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) enables organizations to predict, plan, report, and analyze. Predicting, analyzing, and understanding performance has never been more important than in today’s market. It is critical that businesses leverage proven methodologies and modern digital technology to effectively and efficiently manage and execute business strategy.
  • Big Data and Analytics are key pieces to the performance management puzzle. Leveraging the right processes, tools and technology, and professionals with the right skill set and experience is critical to transform overall business performance.

To underscore the abilities of Peloton’s ERP and EPM services, Daniello highlighted their recent success at Syros Pharmaceuticals. Peloton partnered with Syros to transform and optimize the emerging biopharmaceutical company’s manual Excel-based financial planning, reporting, and accounting processes to Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Financials Cloud (ERP Financials) for General Leger, Chart of Accounts, Cash Management, and Fixed Assets. ERP Financials allowed for system integration and automation thus eliminating the need for spreadsheet based tracking. Peloton provided the technology expertise as well as process and change management capabilities to enhance productivity and visibility into up-to-date financial and accounting information. The combination of Oracle ERP Financials and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud (EPBCS) provided Syros a scalable foundation while streamlining and enhancing its financial management process. Syros now has real-time access to accurate data for budgeting, forecasting, and long-term planning saving users more than 15 hours each month.

The roadmap ahead

Peloton continues to expand the breadth and depth of its various industry teams and capabilities across the value chain. Peloton partners with application solution providers, leads the transition to the cloud and big data, and is expanding regionally to serve its US-based, international, and multi-national clients. As the technology landscape evolves, Peloton will lead the pace of change and be the pillar for forward-looking companies seeking to harness the power of analytics.

Let’s meet the visionary behind Peloton Group, CEO and Founder, Guy Daniello

Guy Daniello has created an industry-leading team that works collaboratively to provide the knowledge, expertise, and resources to drive business transformation. Trust, collaboration, and team are the key. Daniello has consistently taken a simple approach to leading and building Peloton. Listen to your clients and your employees. Focus on creating an organization guided by a compelling purpose, core values and a unique, innovative and compelling culture based on teamwork.

Daniello is an experienced professional, entrepreneur, investor, and passionate lifelong learner. Asking the right questions is more important than having the right answers to Daniello.

“A massive waterfall starts with a single drop of water – the journey is the treasure, enjoy every step of it.”