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Turn your desktop programs into web apps: MyQuickCloud

thesiliconreview-talal-choucair-ceo-myquickcloud-2017“We liberate your desktop programs and make them available any time anywhere.”

MyQuickCloud is a tool for managing mobility for a business, including connections, computers, and applications. The company has continually improved the product to meet increasing demand for multi-platform client capability, support for existing network security models, and flexible deployment options.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in London, UK, the company works with end users and an international partner channel. This partner channel includes software companies who are looking to add cloud like functionality to their desktop applications and IT specialists who are using MyQuickCloud to deliver secure access to applications and server-based computing solutions to companies. MyQuickCloud now operates from data centers across the US, Europe and Asia with thousands of loyal small business customers all over the globe, all reaping the benefits of its secure remote access, desktop application sharing technology and cloud solutions.

MyQuickCloud runs on any Windows computer and makes your applications available online as if they are hosted in the cloud, even allowing you to share those applications with your colleagues, and all controlled through a simple dashboard. You can also completely outsource the management of the server and systems by adding a cloud server to your MyQuickCloud account.

In Discussion with Talal Choucair, CEO

What led to the inception of the company?

In our experiences working with different companies of varying sizes and technical capability, we realized there was a big difference in mobility technology available and oriented towards enterprise business versus SMB/SME. Small businesses especially did not have much available to them that were both affordable and rich with features, yet they have the same need for mobility as larger companies. We decided to fill that gap by providing enterprise-class mobility technology that is both accessible and affordable to small and medium businesses, offering a solution with no complicated IT and no restrictive contracts: something simple that would just work.

Can you talk about your first product as well as your first project roll on?

MyQuickCloud Beta, available only for Windows platform at that time, was a great all-in-one remote access and virtualization tool. The initial product was very different from the platform and application today, but we adhere to the same essential principle that it should be “all-in-one” and simple to use.

Our first project rollout experience was very positive, although it was still the early days of development and the solution was still in Beta.

We saw success in that many businesses adopted the solution right away and it became part of their essential IT application set, with users developing a great reliance upon the solution. That initial experience helped to confirm we were on the right track and pushed us to grow and continue development of the platform and application.

Discuss about the challenges you encountered.

Building up great teams is a key challenge. The company is what its members are, so we keep a closely knit team of great individuals that love what they are doing. Developing a product, keeping to a high level of quality, maintaining the best practices and a problem-free delivery for every release is paramount. This is an ongoing challenge which requires agility and an ability to adapt to changing circumstances and other factors. We are proud to say that every single release has been delivered smoothly and we intend to keep with that tradition. Keeping to our principles is another challenge the company faces ongoing. As with any business, and particularly when developing a product, you can easily get distracted and invest in features or projects that might lead to no benefit or worse, to a dead end. Listening to customers and getting feedback is essential, but you have trust a bit in your instincts, as well. Users aren’t always able to verbalize their needs, so we had to learn how to “hear” what the customer is really saying.

Can you talk about the new products that you will be launching?

Yes of course! New partner/reseller program with enhanced marketing resources and business building tools

New Phone apps to add functionality and feature support for smartphone devices

New web client with enhanced functionality and browser-based access

What is the future roadmap of the company?

We view MyQuickCloud as the small-business competitor to the enterprise remote access and virtualization solutions available on the market. As partners and customers recognize our ability to deliver the functionality in a simpler and more affordable manner, we expect to earn a key placement in the mobility solution and server-based computing space. Sometimes referred to as the “Citrix of small business”, we believe that the market will see the value of MyQuickCloud and position us in the same category and space.

The Founding Duo

Talal Choucair, CEO: Talal combines the visionary, strategic product development with commercial responsibility. He has worked in capital market IT, project management and cloud technologies for over 18 years starting at Credit Agricole – corporate and Investment Bank, working in London, Paris, New York and Singapore.

Guillaume Baron, CTO: Guillaume is the architect of the MyQuickCloud platform, innovating and driving the roadmap with ever new and exciting features. Guillaume started out as a software developer

in Artificial Intelligence at IntelliCorp. Many tech start-ups in Silicon Valley and London followed, making him a highly sought out independent tech and innovation advisor. He gained a reputation as ‘make-it-happen’ technologist with big financial institutions like SocGen, HSBC and Rabobank.

"Listening to our customers and observing their usage of the solution is the easiest and most effective way for us to fuel the product roadmap."