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Turning entrepreneurial vision for the future of storage into reality: MT-C

MT-C is a computer software company specializing in data storage and protection systems since 1997. The company is led by Valery Guilleaume – Chairman & CEO, Jessica Delage – CFO

Based in Liege, Belgium, MT Consulting also known as MT-C was formed through a spin-off from the laboratories of Memorex Telex that developed enormous Intellectual Property (IP) and know-how of disk and tape automation and storage. Valery Guilleaume sensed opportunities to disrupt the storage market, and with his entrepreneurial experience, he decided to make a change in the market with a new platform – NODEUM. In order to build this platform, he acquired MT-C in 2012. He chose MT-C because of the factors such as reputation, customers, references, and IP. All these 4 points were important as a foundation to set NODEUM in the storage landscape.

Making the most out of explosion of data and fulfilling the storage needs of enterprise customers
There is an unprecedented and exponential increase of volumes of data that need to be managed. And every new day poses new threats and challenges to customers who do not have the right tools as yet to tackle such situations safely, quickly, easily and cost effectively. This is where MT-C steps in with its unique offerings that allow its clients to use storage and archival systems that are easy to use, highly flexible, upgradeable and interoperable with the different environments that make up their IT architecture.

“You can’t solve exponential problems with linear solutions. Scaling linear solutions just increases complexity, costs and risks. So we have combined our vision with the decades of IP and know-how of MT-C to create NODEUM, the exponential solution”, said Valery. Indeed, by using the company’s technologies such as NODEUM, clients can actually reduce their investments and operating costs four-fold in comparison to traditional systems.

Having served some of the biggest giants in the healthcare/genetics space (using DNA sequencing machines such as IPG), spatial such as Lockheed Martin, broadcasting/postproduction, CCTV and also the financial and retail verticals, Valery is confident that there is nothing that can challenge MT-C’s journey towards excellence. “We have several large, world-leading companies using our machines in their demanding environments. And the enthusiasm with which they have been supporting us is what keeps us motivated in our quest for excellence to continually improve our unique technologies, designs, ease of operations, flexibility and economics,” he added.

Just in!!
MT-C recently launched NODEUM, a product that has been a huge commercial success. NODEUM is a Software Defined Storage that simplifies access to content in a transparent manner. The file catalog structures the storage of content efficiently and metadata makes the user’s search easy and fast. Besides, the data flow management system optimizes the storage of data in the most suitable format (Flash, Disk, Tapes).

“We are a one of a kind company that offers unique compatibility, flexibility and scalability along with safe and robust technological choice combined with an economic advantage. We provide IT managers with peace of mind and allow them the freedom to think more strategically.”

Target Clientele of NODEUM
NODEUM targets vertical industries in America and Europe where data volumes are increasing exponentially.

Unique features of NODEUM
NODEUM is a SDS with a truly innovative design. It brings the experience of data and content management to a totally new level for IT managers and their end users.

  • NODEUM offers a unique design which facilitates fast data storage and retrieval, even though data and content volumes are growing exponentially. Thus, IT managers can now allow their internal customers – the end users managing data on a daily basis, to increase their productivity in storing and finding back the right data quickly and effortlessly when they need it.
  • NODEUM makes the most efficient use of cheap drives and tapes which is more relevant than ever when data or content storage volumes grow exponentially. It enables customers to decrease their costs/TB as they grow.
    NODEUM has a future-proof approach that eliminates worrying about the evolution of technology.

Success Stories

  • A number of researchers and healthcare professionals doing genomics analysis using DNA sequencers generate many terabytes of data. NODEUM provided them a data storage system with integrated catalog capabilities. The DNA sequencer machines interoperated with NODEUM to exchange metadata, retrieve data catalogs and set up the most appropriate data lifecycle.
  • A media company that generates a lot of video and audio on a daily basis allowed access to their data through a web portal and NODEUM provided all the functions they needed to publish in their web portal the content catalog (which is retrieved dynamically with the API). And anytime a user wants to access the content, the system streams the flow of data to the application layer.

“We have the technology and first commercial success. Now we are scaling the business fast and reinforcing the team at all levels to allow NODEUM to serve our target markets better.”

“We help, and have the trust of, companies with constantly changing needs for smart systems with high and explosive capacities of 100 TB+, e.g. biomedical and genetics research centers, cloud service providers, broadcasting and post-production, large-scale distribution and banks and insurance companies that need guaranteed and flawless protection for their data.”