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10 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies 2017

Uniquely positioned to be the software development team for organizations that do not want to maintain their own software development department TechnoGems Inc.


“Our mission is to deliver reliable software which improves efficiency for our customers. We strive to make a positive impact to our customer’s Information Technology challenges.”

TechnoGems Inc. is a small technology startup business in Northern Virginia. It specializes in providing custom mobile application development. Its expertise includes Android application development iOS application development for iPhone and iPad. It offers full service creative design, development, project management, strategy and distribution, and partner closely with our customers to achieve their goals. The clients include several small IT firms to large Government contractors. The founders bring in their unique experience in managing turnkey projects from their prior work. The company’s key personnel have a wealth of experience in the internet and mobile fields. Its key personnel were personally responsible for successfully managing projects in their past experience. TechnoGems has software engineers who specialize in iPhone Application Development, Google Android Programming, Java, J2EE, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, J2ME and other Web 2.0 technologies. The company has developed a portfolio of its own products and expertise in building custom software for its customers.

Company’s chronicle

TechnoGems Inc was founded in 2007 with a mission to provide custom software solutions. Since the founding and the focus has been to provide customers the best technology solutions to solve their business problem. The company has helped numerous small companies to build their dream product.  Its inception is that the company has grown steadily building its customer base, expertise and revenue. The client base includes small companies, large business and the federal government. The products it has built along the way have helped thousands of small business. 

Present Market Scenario

Being in the fast changing technology market, TechnoGems recognizes the importance of being up-to-date and agile. Its focus on Mobile & Web application using agile methodologies gives the company the ability to deliver the solutions, the company’s federal and private sector client’s needs in the fast passed market. “Our ability to build solutions in an iterative manner and deliver solutions in quick cycles has made our customers to trust us our preferred IT partners,” says Jean Meslie, CEO. The federal customers are very interested in bringing the solutions to the end users using Mobile technologies and they anticipate tremendous spending in those areas. 

Synopsis of the products offered and its benefits

TechnoGems provides custom programming services, enterprise architecture, and system development services using agile methodologies. Its Engineers and Architects are well versed in modern technologies and have the expertise and domain knowledge in the functional areas it serves. The enterprise architects helps its customers assess their AS-IS state of their IT infrastructure and help them develop a path to the TO-BE state. The company’s architects develop the plans in a way its customers see the benefits incrementally so that they do not have to wait for the end state to realize the benefits.

Company’s engineers are well versed in programming languages such as Java, Python, etc and Mobile platforms such as iOS, Android etc. The designers and engineers specialize in developing responsive applications that help the end users visualize the data in a meaningful way and take actions using intuitive user interface. Its data scientist and engineers help its customers crunch through big data and help them turn the data into actionable knowledge. 

In addition to the IT services, TechnoGems provide a suite of products focused on small business needs. The company’s time management solution has helped several small businesses to manage their employee’s time effectively without having to spend a lot of time and money on IT infrastructure.

Company Hardships

The enterprise’s customers are entrusted with keeping our country safe by protecting our borders. They have the need to always stay one step ahead of the perpetrators while smoothly facilitating trade. This creates a tremendous challenge for the company in helping its customer and the company work with other partners to provide the best solution for the customers.

Concentrated areas

The company’s current focus is on the federal IT market where it plans to leverage its expertise building web and mobile applications.

Client Feedback

The enterprise’s clients are extremely satisfied with the services the company is providing. The CEO of one of a large federal contracting company said: “TechnoGems provided highly skilled, cooperative, motivated developers who worked in a collaborative environment with a larger team to complete this very complex project on-time and within budget.”

Outline of the CEO

Jean Meslie, CEO: Jean is an experienced Technologist and an Entrepreneur. Jean has several years of experience with big corporations and small startups. His expertise include developing carrier-grade device management applications, self-service portals for the enterprise and the consumer, billing and account management systems, shipment tracking applications for the Department of Defense, incident management system and cargo processing systems for the Department of Homeland Security. Jean is currently leading a team of engineers building the next generation solutions for the people who are protecting our borders.

“We analyze and evaluate the customer’s needs and provide unbiased recommendation on their technology needs.”