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50 Best Companies to Work For 2016

United by a strong culture, work ethic and a unique work environment: Vuram Technology Solutions

silicon-review-vuram-technologies‘Valuing People’ is Vuram’s Ultimate Success Mantra

A provider of world-class BPM solutions, Vuram’s culture stems from their name, which translates to nourishment in Tamil. The organization truly believes in providing a nourishing work environment for their people where they can feed off each other’s knowledge and learn from each other. A strong organizational culture plays a crucial role in shaping the behavior and results of an organization. It not only gives freedom to explore ideas and freedom to execute, but also bestows an inner force which motivates to work. Offering the same, Vuram credits each and every member of the organization for their continued growth. Giving them a right to question everything, the passion, positivity and energy at Vuram is addictive and highly contagious.

“We continuously strive to ensure that we stay true to our culture and principles. Take our leave policy as an example. We don’t ask why someone is taking a day off. We trust that if someone wants a day off, they have thought it through before putting in a request. No one else has the authority to “judge” if the reason is fit for granting a day off.”, says Suresh Kumar, who oversees Vuram India’s people relations and operations.

Celebrations are part of Vuram’s culture, there are events happening every week, year around. Right from the company day celebration with the team and their families, the company also arranges annual summer getaways, monthly outings, sports meet, non-profit/social events, Fun Friday’s, celebration of all festivals and holidays, and several other activities that keeps the team engaged and refreshed. All events are organized by the team themselves, and this promotes team building while cultivating ownership and responsibility.

“It is our culture and values that make us proudly say that, ‘till date we have managed 0% attrition to our competition’.” notes Akhila Natarajan, a founding member and head of project delivery at Vuram.

Offers Best-in-Class Solutions
Vuram specializes in creating automated business process solutions for customers, typically leveraging a best-in-class software platform. Vuram can improve process efficiency for companies performing repeated complex tasks by developing and deploying customized software.

A renowned leader in the BPM space, Vuram makes their customers & employees more productive, reduces error rates, and shortens cycle times by ensuring that each person in a company’s value chain is working on the right task at the right time. Vuram’s solutions specialize in such a way that each solution is customized to meet the needs of each customer, but leverages the collective learning of the organization.

Vuram strictly focuses on end to end BPM consulting – from process discovery, analysis, re-engineering to supporting implemented applications in production. They also support in establishing process centers of excellence for their customers.

Riveted focus on process optimization and automation
Defining uniqueness in their own way, Vuram focuses and specializes in process optimization and automation using the Appian BPM platform. They have maintained this focus and have built a very strong brand name in this space. Getting opportunities beyond their core practice areas, the company has rather choose to retaintheir focus on business process management, as they truly believe that their focus delivers quality and results.

As a software development company, Vuram leverages technology every day in the execution of their business mission. Like any other company, Vuram has competitors who are larger and have greater scale, but what sets Vuram apart is their ability to perform with a lean and skilled team and a unique culture, positioning themselves as a clear leader in the market. With a relentless focus on quality, the company leverages its marketplace reputation and word of mouth references as a critical component of its marketing strategy.

Serving a Global Client Base
Carrying a reputation for providing exceptional services to clients, Vuram specializes in rendering its business process management consulting services to a diverse pool of verticals ranging from Banking & Financial Institutions to Airports & Media houses as all organizations have business processes that can be automated, improved, re-engineered. The company takes pride in having a 100% referenceable client base.

Vuram’s clients include marquee names in the aviation, banking, insurance, retail and media industries. They also work on several Government projects in the Middle East and Australia.

Vuram is globally headed by Venkatesh Ramarathinam (Venky), a well-respected business process consulting professional. With a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science, Venky’s professional career has seen him work with organizations across various industries throughout the globe optimizing, automating and improving their business processes.

What Customers’ Say

“We brought Vuram in this year to provide process implementation expertise and to get our development team moving in the right direction. It was the smartest thing we could have done! Vuram delivered everything we asked and more.”

“Vuram helped us to quickly access Appian Technology by automating critical processes and transferring their knowledge to our team. Their work always has been outstanding and above all, professional in every respect. Vuram’s partnership is exemplary of the model to which we would like all dealers to aspire.”

“Our vision is to support, empower and enable client organizations to realize their BPM vision.”

Meet the Leaders in BPM Space

Established to serve the needs of enterprise customers, who needed a reliable partner to implement their business processes on a modern BPM platform, the company has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. Headquartered in Chennai, Vuram recently leased a space in Trichy and also carries a vision to expand into other cities in India. They have a global presence with offices in Tampa, Florida and are planning for a second office in Dallas, Texas. The company recently opened an office in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). Their next destination is the Middle East with a hope to have local presence in that region by October 2016.