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Uniting all your critical systems and content. Discover OnBase by Hyland


“For the seventh consecutive year, Hyland is recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ECM.”

“In 1991, we imagined a new and smarter way to simplify the way people work. We built our solutions from the ground up, shoulder to shoulder with our partners and customers, to give organizations around the world real control over their information, simplifying everyday tasks and giving them the freedom to pursue true innovation.”

“Today, we haven’t just changed the way people work. We’ve changed their entire outlook on what’s possible. We measure our success by that of our customers. It’s what drives us. And we’re not about to stop now.Let us help you reach your full potential. Discover Hyland creator of OnBase,” says CEO Bill Priemer.

OnBase; One platform. Unlimited potential.

OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. OnBase has transformed thousands of organizations worldwide by empowering them to become more agile, efficient and effective. As you browse the sections below, you’ll learn why the single OnBase platform is able to provide an almost unlimited number of solutions across your departments, throughout your enterprise.

Hyland Global Services

Our company strives to earn the distinction as “the best ECM solution provider with whom to partner.” Our professionals contribute decisively to customer success – in business analysis, solution deployment planning and implementation, operational support and customer mentorship programs. We are smart, experienced, passionate and team oriented.

OnBase Industry Solutions; Partner with industry experts who speak your language

For more than 25 years, Hyland, creator of OnBase, has met the specific needs of the markets it serves, transforming thousands of organizations worldwide with tailored solutions on the OnBase platform. We speak your language and know your challenges. Our industry expertise means we can solve your problems faster and more effectively. When you invest in OnBase, you not only get the most nimble and intuitive enterprise information management platform on the market today, you get a company that aligns with your specific needs and solves your business challenges today and in the future.

Success story of a happy customer

The Challenge

Manually routing data and documents at Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union wasn’t just expensive and risky – it impacted member service and inhibited growth. Storage and shipping costs were one thing, but when representatives had to call members back after they hunted down paperwork, Affinity knew things had to change. Even though the Minnesota-based credit union had the OnBase by Hyland enterprise content management (ECM) solution, employees were mainly using it to scan and create electronic images of documents. Many departments were still relying on paper to drive processes. Affinity needed to find a way for employees to fully utilize the capabilities of OnBase that would provide value to members as well as staff. That’s when it turned to workflow.

The Solution

Luckily, the solution to Affinity’s challenges was a simple addition to the ECM solution it was already using. OnBase stores and manages Affinity’s documents in a central repository that gives anyone with the proper rights the ability to find what they’re looking for with a few mouse-clicks. To operate even more efficiently – and spend as much time as possible with members – Affinity added workflow, a way to automatically route electronic documents and information through processes. Workflow improves member service by speeding processes and increasing accuracy, while reducing turnaround time. It also gives Affinity consistent business practices, ensures accountability and the helps the organization comply with evolving regulatory requirements through increased visibility. “Member service has been tremendously enhanced by workflow,” says Cary Tonne, technical project manager at Affinity.

The Difference

Improves member service:

Increased process speed and accuracy along with instant employee access to information means members receive quick, knowledgeable answers, enhancing service experiences.

Integrates systems: OnBase ties systems together – including Affinity’s D+H UltraData core – so they automatically share information.

Optimizes processes, decreases costs: With workflow automatically routing documents and information through processes, 30 Record Department employees were redeployed to focus on member service. Shipping and storage costs also decreased.

Meet Mr. Bill

Bill Priemer, President and CEO: Bill is responsible for ensuring that Hyland remains a great company for all of its stakeholders – customers, partners, employees, shareholders and the community.  In service of this mission, he is focused on driving Hyland to become the global leader in information and process management solutions.

He joined the company in 1997 as Vice President of Marketing.  He became Vice President of Sales & Marketing in 2001, Chief Operating Officer in 2005, and CEO in January 2013.  Prior to joining Hyland, Bill worked at FedEx Corporation and at AST Research, a personal computer manufacturer.

Bill received a master’s degree in marketing from Northwestern University and undergraduate degrees from Boston College. He was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. While he has lived elsewhere and travels extensively,he is happy and proud to call the Cleveland area home. Bill serves on the boards of John Carroll University and of BVU: The Center for Non-Profit Excellence. He has been a member of Vistage International since 2010. He encourages customers, partners and organizations interested in OnBase to contact him directly if you feel he can be of assistance.

“OnBase has transformed thousands of organizations worldwide by empowering them to become more agile, efficient and effective.”