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Universal E-Business Solutions: A Full Service Infrastructure Reseller, Integrator and Services Organization

“Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be” – Og Mandino

Founded in 2000, Universal E-Business Solutions was born as a professional security and networking consultancy with a focus on the financial services sector. With more than 10 years of growth, the company has developed into a full service solutions provider, infrastructure reseller, and services organization.

Universal’s approach to delivering on objectives has always been, first and foremost, to listen to the customers’ requirements. Every customer is different, and each solution must be adapted to fit both the customer and the peripheral product or application it will support. The company anticipates the options the customer could use and then demonstrates through both its technical and financial designs on what the best solution is. This alone sets it apart from many competitors who often simply promote a solution which best suits their current sales agenda.

As a practice, Universal aims to know both its customers and products exceedingly well. Understanding how one customer or vertical leverages a certain product is fantastic; but understanding the nuances between different vertically aligned client types and products they use enables Universal to deliver best practice solutions specific to an organization and their industry requirements. The company strives to be champions of success for its customers.It remains engaged throughout the business lifecycle of its clients and not just the purchasing lifecycle.The two main business units of the company are its professional and managed services organizations. Through them,the company is constantly exposed to the newest technology and architectures catering to many different customer models, and industry verticals.

The company faces changes and challenges in technology at all levels which often introduces more questions than answers with its clients.With so many new products, technologies and designs – it’s an ongoing battle to remain knowledgeable about trends or shifts in the industry, and how they may apply to various sectors.

Product and Service Offerings
Universal’s principal product is its talented staff. It focuses on architecting roadmaps and objectives before solutions. This framework allows Universal not only to meet a project or application requirement, but also reduce both capital and operating costs for customers by predicting technology requirements for future phases or stages. The building blocks of its solutions are as dynamic as its customers, and it prides itself in having a deep understanding of both the products and the customers that drive its business. Its main offerings are as follows:

Unified Communications: Focusing on Advanced Cisco Unified Communications, Universal creates seamless communication that enables continuous connectivity across high-density workspaces and devices that deliver results while lowering costs and consolidating resources. Universal leverages more than a decade of experience building and migrating telephony infrastructure in the global enterprise.

Network Infrastructure: The Company provides innovative solutions with its cutting-edge network capabilities that empower a client’s business to achieve its goals. Datacenter design, remediation and relocation stand at the front of our architecture and engineering practices. Design and implementation of advanced solutions such as MPLS, OTV, DMVPN and Load Balancing architectures allow Universal to lay a well developed foundation for the global LAN and WAN.

Each Company and industry demands different solution requirements, and Universal has exceled developing reference architectures for organizations of varying size, complexity and focus.

Procurement: As a Cisco Gold partner Universal is equipped to fulfill the largest and most advanced infrastrucutre requirements. To fulfill beyond the network and systems borders, Universal has partnered with many of the leading manufacturers – allowing us to provide whole solutions and end-to-end project fulfillment. F5, Pure Storage, EMC, VMware and Citrix core partnerships position Universal to offer and fulfill the most comprehensive solution designs available on the market.

Network Services: Through a global network and hosting facilities Univeral is able to provide its clients with classical carrier connectivity solutions like leased/private line, MPLS and Internet – as well as boutique services such as dark-fiber, low-latency connectivity and managed market data solutions, offering the ability to reach global financial markets and access to data in key liquidity venues.

Infrastructure Security: It protects what matters most with customized technology designed to specifically fit the individual needs of network and business.

Managed Services and Turnkey: End-to-end solutions, from analysis to implementation, that allow clients to hit the ground and focus on their business. Our managed services operate 24x7x365, and begin with basic monitoring and reporting, through complete managed IT services for the LAN, WAN, Datacenter and end-client.

Professional and Managed Services are a significant portion of Universal’s business and having these teams of individuals who are not just selling product, but designing, implementing and operating the solutions, often removes the guesswork of how a particular product or solution might work, or where and how it might be applicable.

The principal target geography of Universal E-Business is the northeast US. The sales headquarters is located in Hoboken, New Jersey and its Engineering headquarters in New York, NY. Its Boston, MA regional office supports clients in the north-east New England area.

The Financial Services industry has long been a cornerstone of the company’s practice. Realizing both the need and benefit to expand its footprint,it also has significant practice in Air Travel / Transportation, Healthcare, Retail and Government.Universal has been able to deliver successfully to clients as small as startups operating with a staff of 20 to organizations with more than 100,000 global employees.

Universal’s target clientele are ones looking to leverage technology investments as a tool and enable to delivering their own products and services.The company’s customer retention rate is an impressive 95%.

The Future Road Map
Universal’sfocus has always been to deliver simple and effective technology solutions for its customers. As the trend towards cloud and software defined networking unfolds, it will continue to work with its clients to model new designs.