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Unlock Data, Uncover Customers: Digilant

thesiliconreview-david-rod%C3%A9s-ceo-digilant-18Digilant offers programmatic buying solutions and services designed for independent agencies and brands that are increasing their programmatic spending. Using data science to unlock ‘new’ automated buying strategies, Digilant enables brands to uncover proprietary and complex audience data that gives them the actionable intelligence they need to compete across every important media channel.

Today Digilant continues to be an innovator in the programmatic space by translating the complicated signals coming from a sea of data. We partner with brands to develop media buying solutions, using data, that are proprietary and ‘new’ to them – arming them with the means to actually outsmart competitors, rather than copy them.

Digilant has had its hands in the programmatic space for many years, having designed and developed the first Trading Desk and the first Data Management Platform (DMP) in the industry.

Digilant is an independent global company founded by the Rodés family through their family office of Inversiones y Servicios Publicitarios (ISP) and continues to be fully owned by them. Digilant is an ispDigital Group company.

Solutions Offered by Digilant

Programmatic Strategies Designed For Your Business

As pioneers in programmatic technology, we combine experience and innovation by translating the complicated signals coming from a sea of data. Our unique approach is “finding the new”: new users, new channels, new behaviors, new ways to activate customers. We partner with you to find a programmatic buying solution that will be both holistic and proprietary to your brand. Using our automated buying strategies, and data science methodologies, we enable our advertisers to unlock proprietary and complex audience data that gives them the actionable intelligence they need to compete across every important media channel.

Audience Intelligence: Through proprietary data science and expert analysis, Digilant provides the unparalleled audience and market insights to uncover new and previously unknown customers.

CRM & First Party Data: With more and more brands tapping into programmatic and leveraging the power behind it, there is a growing demand audience for customized programmatic solutions better aligned to each brands’ marketing activities. Rather than asking advertisers to scale their business to match our technology stack, we offer solutions that are right-sized for brands that are growing their programmatic investment.

What is Programmatic CRM?

By connecting 1st-party data from an advertiser’s CRM to a programmatic media buy, advertisers can now:

  • Uncover New Customers: Find targets that act like your current customers across all marketing channels- increase performance lift over 150%.
  • Have A Personalized Advertising Experience: Customize ads using real-time behavior and data points – drive over 50% higher engagement.
  • Drive Higher Engagement: Send users to the right pages and actions by pinpointing the user’s intent – achieve 6x higher conversion.

Google Search Whitelists: Digilant’s Search Engine + is a contextual targeting solution that uses an advertiser’s paid keywords to build a whitelist of URLs composed of Google’s top organic search results.

Benefits Include:

  • Compliment current SEO and SEM initiatives
  • Target pages that users are already engaged with
  • Use strategically valuable search terms to advertise on sites users are likely to visit after searching

Digilant’s Search Engine + enhances the performance of programmatic campaigns by unlocking quality URL’s that rank highest in Google search and uncovering relevant ad placements that competitors are not reaching.

Custom Whitelisting: Digilant’s Page Index custom whitelisting solution curates a customized network of sites and pages – as compared to standard segments and media channels available to everyone – that are meaningful to an advertiser’s brand and overall objectives.

Benefits Include:

  • Engage your target audience in hyper-relevant endemic content.
  • Identify, own and target a customized whitelist of URLs based on campaign-specific keywords and suitable pages unique to your brand message.
  • Differentiate your overarching contextual strategy by expanding your targeting beyond predefined programmatic channels.
  • Curate whitelists using positive and negative sentiment analysis for advanced blacklisting.

Page Index enhances the performance, visibility, and productivity of programmatic campaigns by unlocking sites beyond predefined channels and uncovering relevant audiences that competitors are not reaching.

Consumer Persona: is a unique and powerful audience insight and targeting solution for brands whose objective is to expand their audience and drive online sales.

Programmatic ad buying is filled with competitors using similar 3rd party data, bidding methodologies and tools. Very little differentiates them and they are designed to manage the mechanics of the digital ad market rather than address what advertisers really want, which is more new customers.

While they all zig, we zag. And zagging means building a business that delivers what others don’t. The development of our Consumer Persona product allowed Digilant to introduce a proprietary targeting method that converts billions of raw digital data points into new audiences. It delivers the best of all the targeting techniques, but with the added benefit of customization in real-time. Consumer Persona custom segments are dynamically created, updated in real-time and constantly expanding based on the billions of data points we collect each day. By building a custom audience strategy, Digilant can find an advertiser’s best converters and discover new users they weren’t even thinking about.

The CEO Corner

David Rodés, CEO, ISPDigital: David is currently Chief Executive Officer for ISPDigital, overseeing Digilant and Anagram in the US. IspDigital is a holding company managing investments in Acceso, Antevenio, Digilant, and Anagram.

David began his career in 1999 as part of the Corporate Development team at MPG (currently Havas Media). In 2003 he became Sales and Marketing Manager for MPG Spain, leading the commercial activity of the group in Spain. In 2005 he was appointed SVP of Network Development for MPG and was responsible for overseeing MPG’s operations in Southern Europe.

In late 2007 David became Managing Director of ISP. The ISP Group currently has nearly 800 employees and is present in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. David is currently a board member of Antevenio, Acceso, Digilant and In-Store Media, as well as other companies.

He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and an MBA from IESE Business School. He is currently based in Boston (US).

“Our unique data science approach “finds the new”; New users, new channels, new behaviors, and new ways to activate customers.”