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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2017

Unlock Your Data's Story: DataTorrent

thesiliconreview-guy-churchward-ceo-data-torrent-17Data fuels the new digital economy and drives business success. New technologies from sensors and smart devices, to social media and connected vehicles, generate vast volumes of high-velocity data in many different forms. Because data represents opportunity and all the upside that comes with it, businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of continuously analyzing data as it is captured and taking immediate action on the insights unlocked. To succeed in this data-driven economy, any business should switch from legacy infrastructure to a scalable, production-ready, easily operable platform.

With its industry-leading streaming data platform, DataTorrent empowers today’s businesses to harness the full potential and business impact of big data. It accomplishes this by preparing businesses to process, analyze, make decisions and take action on data-in-motion in real-time. Based in San Jose, California, the company was found by Phu Hoang (CSO) and Amol Kekre (CTO) both long-time ex-Yahoo! Veterans with vast Hadoop experience and comprehensive expertise managing big data for leading-edge applications and infrastructure at massive scale.

Sketch of DataTorrent

Data is everywhere and companies are constantly collecting an ever-increasing volume. Imagine the endless possibilities if companies can unlock them in real-time. Sky is the limit for such companies. DataTorrent provides the most scalable, fault-tolerant, and easily operable platform available today to deliver production-ready big data applications faster, with less risk, and at lower cost. Its customers range from small businesses to Fortune 10 organizations and is backed by industry-leading investors, including GE Capital, Morado Venture Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, August Capital, and Innov8.

Powered by the open-source engine Apache Apex, DataTorrent provides superior flexibility, agility, and cost control. The open-source advantage means the platform, its development, and its evolution is backed by the strength and collective wisdom of a collaborative community, one that’s always pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Product Portfolio

DataTorrent RTS: DataTorrent RTS is the industry’s only production-grade platform designed to ingest, transform, and analyze every data type as soon as it is generated in real-time. Powered by the open-source Apache Apex engine, DataTorrent RTS enables organizations to build and deploy real-time streaming data applications swiftly and easily, and lower overall cost of operations. With easy-to-use management and monitoring UI, real-time dashboards, automated fault-tolerance, and real-time predictive models, DataTorrent RTS provides a scalable solution for any company’s needs, allowing the company to focus on what’s really important for its customers and its business development. DataTorrent Enterprise platform can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. And, it’s backed with the enterprise-class support and expertise to make adoption and execution smooth.

Apache Apex: Apache Apex processes big data in-motion via a large-scale, high-throughput, low-latency, fault-tolerant platform with correct processing guarantee, one that’s also easily operated. An enterprise-grade Hadoop YARN native platform, Apache Apex with its unified stream processing architecture can be used for real-time and batch processing use cases. It also provides a simple API that enables users to write or re-use generic Java code to set up big-data applications.

Apache Apex provides some unique features that similar platforms currently don't offer, such as fine grained, incremental recovery to only reset the portion of a topology that is affected by a failure, support for elastic scaling based on the ability to acquire (and release) resources as needed as well as the ability to alter topology and operator properties on running applications.

Startup Accelerator: DataTorrent Startup Accelerator gives eligible companies a free license of the DataTorrent RTS Enterprise Platform enabling them to accelerate their big data application development and lower overall cost of operations – a tremendous value to companies with early promise and lean resources.

Rave Reviews from Customers

“DataTorrent RTS provided powerful iterative capabilities for our ingestion pipeline and allowed us to leverage existing Java development skillsets on the team.”

  • Himanshu Bari, Director of Product Management, ThreatMetrix

“DataTorrent RTS is powering PubMatic’s real-time Ad analytics platform enabling publishers to drive the highest value for their digital media assets. It also enables advertisers to provide consumers with a more personalized advertising experience across display, mobile and video.”

  • Sudhir Kulkarni, VP of Data & Analytics, PubMatic

“At Silver Spring we deploy and operate some of the largest, most data-intensive networks on earth, connecting more than 20 million Internet-of-Things devices on five continents. DataTorrent RTS is an integral component of our SilverLink™ Sensor Network solution and together we look forward to inspiring a legion of new developers to create even more powerful big data applications.”

  • Jeremy Johnson, Director of Product Management, Silver Spring

Meet the Key Executive

Guy Churchward, President and CEO:

“Our platform addresses the key challenges that have traditionally hampered businesses in the full utilization of big data technologies: time-to-production, ease-of-use, cost-of-ownership, and reliability at the enterprise level.”

“The solution we provide also protects Big Data assets with seamless recovery from crashes or data store unavailability. Its processing semantics ensure that the required data is replicated from the source to the destination with zero data loss, low latency, and optimal throughput.”