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Unrivaled Cloud Data Protection and Governance: CipherCloud Is the Leading Cloud Security Company

/thesiliconreview-pravin-kothari-ceo-ciphercloud-18CipherCloud is a leader in cloud security and governance enables companies to adopt the cloud while ensuring data protection, compliance, and control. CipherCloud delivers a comprehensive multi-cloud security platform that integrates advanced data protection, adaptive policy controls, monitoring, cloud risk analysis. The largest financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecommunication and government organizations across more than 25 countries have put their trust in CipherCloud.

CipherCloud was named by KuppingerCole as the Overall Leader in the CASB market and was named Cloud Computing Security Product of the Year by SC Magazine. CipherCloud has received investments from premier venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Transamerica Ventures, Delta Partners and T-Venture, the venture capital arm of Deutsche Telekom.

CipherCloud CASB+ (Cloud Access Security Broker)

The cloud-native CASB+ platform combines powerful CASB capabilities with CipherCloud’s award-winning, data protection technology to enable enterprises to rapidly deploy cloud-native security and compliance across any SaaS, PaaS or IaaS application.

CipherCloud CASB+ Benefits

  • Minimize Data Breach Risks with Powerful Data Protection: End-to-end data protection and other key features ensure unprotected data is never stored in cloud applications or platforms, minimizing the risk of data breach, financial loss, reputational and legal impact.
  • Improve GDPR Readiness - One Solution to Meet Global Compliance Requirements: The CipherCloud CASB+ architecture can address any mix of global compliance requirements and local privacy laws to simplify your cloud-based application adoption.
  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption: Move to cloud benefits faster by overcoming cloud security, data privacy, and compliance obstacles.
  • Increase Cloud Visibility: Discover cloud usage and related data movement and user activity to minimize data loss and compliance risk.
  • Prevent Forced 3rd Party Disclosures: Unique key management capabilities give you more control and improve compliance
  • Enhance Collaborative Governance: CASB+ provides a full solution for the collaborative sharing of data with 3rd parties, including full control over sensitive content and full monitoring and logging of activity.
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership: One centrally controlled easy-to-deploy cloud or hybrid platform to address all enterprise cloud requirements, providing end-to-end data protection, and minimizing the scope of compliance audits.

 CipherCloud Advanced Security Technology

CipherCloud is the CASB pioneer and continues to be recognized as the Innovation Leader. As security experts, it continually updates its solutions to seamlessly provide customers with the latest and most robust security solutions.

The Comprehensive CipherCloud Platform Includes:

  • Multi-Mode Protection: Protect sensitive data across the full Salesforce platform, including and AppExchange products
  • Active Encryption: Ensures persistent security and compliance for sensitive information while preserving the business-critical functionality of your applications. Only CipherCloud delivers end-to-end encryption for data in transit, in use, at rest and on mobile devices.
  • Mobile Data Protection: Expand ITSM Extends cloud data protection to the endpoint enabling secure access to encrypted files by authorized users on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices. While ensuring security for sensitive data with encryption and tokenization
  • Key Management: Keeps you in control of your data because you never share encryption keys. Flexible on-premises and hybrid deployment options integrate with enterprise key management tools.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Extends corporate DLP policies across cloud apps to prevent compliance violations. Take action with granular context-aware policies to block, quarantine, notify, block sharing, encrypt and more.
  • Tokenization: Meets strict data residency requirements by substituting randomly generated values for the original data, which never leaves your enterprise.
  • Activity Monitoring: Tracks user interactions across multiple clouds, assure compliance, and spots anomalies through detailed security dashboards and reports.
  • Malware Detection: Stops viruses from entering your network through the cloud with real-time scanning, cleaning, quarantining, and zero-day updates.

Leading Enterprise Customers: Comprehensive Cloud Security across Industries


As banks around the world modernize they seek the benefits of cloud applications but are often from blocked from using the cloud because of strict compliance requirements including global data privacy laws, GLBA, PCI, and the upcoming GDPR. No other CASB vendor can meet CipherCloud’s extensive experience enabling cloud adoption by leading banks globally – learn from the case studies below.

Financial Services

CipherCloud enables the financial services industry to benefit from cloud adoption while protecting sensitive information and meeting compliance requirements including PCI and GLBA. Learn how CipherCloud solutions are used by leading companies in investment, brokerage, credit services, insurance and more.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The cloud offers great benefits to the healthcare industry – improving accessibility and information sharing while reducing costs – but it also raises new risks to privacy and HIPAA  compliance. Learn how CipherCloud allows healthcare organizations, pharmaceuticals, and insurance providers to safely adopt the cloud while maintaining direct control over private health information.

Technology & Telecommunications

The high-tech and telco worlds have been leading adopters of cloud technology, yet concerns remain around security, protecting intellectual property, and compliance with industry regulations. Learn how CipherCloud enables technology companies to leverage the cloud while preventing valuable data from getting into the wrong hands.


Government agencies around the world are moving to the cloud to streamline operations, improve accessibility, and reduce costs. But they also have legal obligations to protect private data sensitive information. CipherCloud works with governments globally to enable cloud adoption without losing control over critical data.

The Man behind the Picture

Pravin Kothari, Founder, Chairman  & CEO: Pravin was awarded “2014 CEO of the Year” by InfoSecurity. Pravin was the Founder & CTO of Agiliance, a leading Security Risk Management company, and Co-founder & VP Engineering of ArcSight, a leading security company, which was acquired by HP for $1.6 billion. Previously, Pravin was Co-founder & Chief Architect at Impresse Corporation and also held technical leadership positions at Verity, Attachmate, and Tata Consultancy Services.

Pravin holds over a dozen patents in security technologies and is the inventor behind CipherCloud’s groundbreaking cloud encryption technology.