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Using Genomic Analysis to Improve Lives: Govita Technologies Limited

thesiliconreview-dr-vince-gao-founder-govita-technologies-limited-2019The keys to our health, well-being and our most fundamental traits are locked in our genes. By advancing genetics and relevant research, people will be able to discern who is at greater risk of contracting what disease. It is with this understanding that preventative medicine will have a greater effect and would be in a better position to impact people’s lives.

Govita Technologies is a leading genetic research company that aims to improve lives and make a positive impact.Govita applies advanced genomic, metabolomics, bioinformatics and pathway intervention based technologies to make the applications of preventive medicine more proactive, personalized, and progressive. The company continues to expand testing contents with in-depth data mining, combining multi-omics and clinical phenotypic information to better understand what, why and how to improve human health and premature aging. Govita works to pre-empt disease and enrich lives.  

By associating the genetic, metabolic and phenotypic data, Govita can transform the information into clinically meaningful and useful insights, which enable the design of products for pathway-based proprietary intervention. Partnering with clinicians, Govita has been able to provide precise intervention options and personalized health plans so customers can have longer, healthier and happier lives.  

Govita’s Science

The human body has two different ages. The obvious one is chronological age or the number of years since a person was born. The other one is biological age, or the time-dependent age of the body’s functions and appearance.

Chronological and biological age correlate with each other, and so the signs of aging appear around a similar chronological age in most people. But often people exhibit signs of biological aging at very different rates. Some 70-year-olds run marathons, write great books and are as active and productive as their 40-year-old selves were, while many others of the same age can’t care for themselves well and suffer from serious diseases like diabetes mellitus, cancer, and dementia.

In recent years, scientists studying the molecular and cellular processes that govern these changes and their variation in individuals have identified nine interconnected “hallmarks of aging”. Determined by genetics, but modulated by environmental and lifestyle factors, each of these nine hallmarks contributes to the damage that occurs with age and ultimately drives age-associated pathologies.

Here are Govita’s products and services

Personal Traits

Understand your child starting from their genes. Eczema, acne, compulsive disorder, gluten sensitivity, asthma risks, these are common concerns for parents. A blueprint of an individual’s inherited trait helps to guide healthy lifestyles. Child development is a crucial stage of life, physically and mentally. A genetic test helps Govita to define genotypes, so you will learn how to maximize health care for your child. It is for sure an investment for life.

Healthy Growth

Health issues throughout life cause different degrees of distress for both parents and children. Early detection and prevention are the keys to avoiding the onset of diseases. Human genes reveal tendencies that affect physical and mental development, such as puberty, attention deficit inclinations, metabolism function, etc. This guides us to choose relevant nutrition and lifestyles for healthy development. Test results can be used for doctor’s consultation to take actions to prevent health problems.

Diet & Nutrition

Vitamins, minerals, and probiotics become more and more popular, but how do we know which one and how much we need? Is it a one size fits all? Genetic mutations affect nutritional metabolism, for example, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, hyperlipidemia risks, heavy metal detoxification ability, etc. Results can then serve as a personalized supplement prescription, using supplements in a smart way, giving the body exactly what it needs. In addition, this information could alert an individual for treatment of malnutrition and gluten sensitivity.

Mental Development

The ability of a child might not be obvious at a young age. Early identification of a child’s potential may help to optimize their development plan and reason to work hard on particular interests for their future career development. Knowing in advance that a child has lower social ability compared with the majority of children of the same age, give clues to parenting to revert nature with nurture. With cutting edge technology, inborn features of a person can be known for achieving maximum personal growth, living life to the full.

Athletic Ability

Sports are an important part of life. It helps maintain a healthy body and teaches young people to live life with a sporting spirit: resilience, teamwork, discipline, etc. From the gene assessment of endurance and power, parents could choose the type of sports that their children are more likely to excel in and to plan more effectively their fitness program to be elite athletes.

About The Founder and CEO of Govita, Vince Gao

Dr. Vince Gao serves as Chief Executive Officer and has more than 18 years of experience in leading life science R&D and business. Dr. Gao has a deep passion for using high-technology to improve people’s health and quality of life and increase the value of wellness services. Most recently he served as the Executive President of Health Division of BGI, the world largest genomics company, where he pioneered the MS-Seq test for inborn errors of metabolism won the Top 10 Innovative Product Award at the 2013 China International Innovation Expo and his multi-omics preventive health approach served thousands of clients. Prior to joining BGI, Dr. Gao spent over 14 years at a global leading life science company AB Sciex for a variety of executive roles, including Laboratory Director for Japan and China, China General Manager and Asia Pacific Senior Business Director driving over USD $100 million annual business and overseeing more than 100 staff.

Prior to joining AB Sciex, Dr. Gao served as the Senior Scientist of Drug Metabolism at AstraZeneca, a world-class pharmaceutical company, where he contributed significantly the development of an anti-breast cancer drug Arimidex of over USD $1 billion annual revenue. Prior to joining AstraZeneca, Dr. Gao served as Scientist at Hemagen, a US regenerative medicine company. Dr. Gao received his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Bioanalytical Chemistry from The Northeastern University in the US.

Dr. Gao is the member of American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Vice President of China International Talent Development Center Hong Kong Branch, Scientific Advisor of Beijing Union Hospital Clinical Laboratory, Senior Advisor of Shanghai Xuhui Hospital Clinical Laboratory, Visiting Professor of Hainan University, Scientific Advisor of Hainan Food and Drug Administration, Scientific Advisor and Honorary Director of Criminal Science Institute for Chongqing Public Security Bureau.

“Partnering with clinicians, we are able to provide precise intervention options and personalized health plans so that our customers have longer, healthier and happier lives.”